DOASCC – Chapter 42.1 – The Narrow Path

When Xie Ran finished applying for school, the Martial Arts Conference was coming to an end. The day when he logged into the game, Meng Feixuan reported, “Sir, the self made weapon has been completed.”

Xie Ran checked the equipment editing system and sure enough, the progress had reached 100%. He clicked on it and saw that the weapon was successfully made. “Okay.” Meng Feixuan snapped his fingers. “Now the technology of this game belongs to sir.”

Xie Ran did not deny it as he just put the weapon into his equipment. Then he unblocked the world channel and casually scanned the messages.

[Anyone transferring tickets for the Martial Arts Conference finals? Wait online, urgent.]

[Yes, private message transaction, optional location.]

[Damn, there is another dead hoarder hoarding tickets. This game is drugged, @admin03 Can you control it?]

Xie Ran suddenly remembered that today was the date of the final battle of the Martial Arts Conference. He did not participate in the competition since he was busy with his own affairs, so he basically did not pay attention to this matter. But he did not expect this matter to have already come to an end.

The game officials spent a lot of effort to do this tournament and found a lot of ways to make money, one of which was selling tickets. Players could buy tickets to watch different players’ games on the spot and according to the popularity of the fight, the price of the ticket might vary.

The final match tickets are undoubtedly the most difficult to grab, so it also attracted a huge number of hoarders to hoard tickets. Now all the tickets for good positions had sky-high prices. So there are a lot of curses on the World Channel.

Xie Ran looked at the battle strength list and sure enough, the top 10 were all celebrities from the original expert ranking. The holders of the two top positions were Jian Jingsheng and Bancheng Yanyu.

Jian Jingsheng used to be the top player on the ranking, but the gap with the next few was not so obvious. However, in this competition he pulled far ahead of them. His battle power points were also far ahead. Apparently, his strength had also increased substantially.

Meng Feixuan explained the current situation to him. “Jian Jingsheng received the true heritage of the Blade God’s heir.”

Xie Ran finally understood. Blade God’s heir was a BOSS level, so getting his true heritage was very difficult. Generally speaking, either the player had some strange encounter or they waited until their gameplay was upgraded. After the opening of the new maps, some of the Big Bosses would begin to accept disciples.

Seeing that Jian Jingsheng spent a lot of effort to take over the next Blade God Family and got the true heritage of the Blade God’s heir at this stage, he would naturally be able to overtake other experts significantly.

In addition to him, the second-placeholder, Bancheng Yanyu, was also quite popular. Since the Wind and Rain guild dug up the treasure according to the clues provided by the Chicken King, its development had gained momentum and they returned to one of the top five guilds.

Bancheng Yanyu, who once had a mediocre ranking on the expert list, also became determined to improve during this period of time. With the mysterious secret book given by the Chicken King, he was actually able to advance straight to second place on the battle power list, making everyone impressed.

“I occasionally go inside the Wind and Rain guild to watch them chat.” Meng Feixuan shared with Xie Ran. “Bancheng Yanyu said within the guild, that he could not live up to the trust passed on to him by God Fade, and was determined to realize the great revival of the Wind and Rain guild.”

Going inside someone’s guild to see people chat… His Ai was quite just. Xie Ran looked askance at Meng Feixuan, the teenager’s expression was so natural that he was momentarily unsure whether he should educate him. Xie Ran thought for a moment before he asked, “Only looked at Wind and Rain guild?”

“How can that be? Wind and Rain guild only has so much data.” Meng Feixuan waved his hand. “Of course I looked inside every guild, but all the parents are short on time, guild masters flirting with their wives all day, PK, killing monsters, or other strange things. The people’s spiritual world is not noble at all.” He said as he clasped his hands on his chest and sniffed. “Especially that Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, before they would scold me for half an hour every day, their quality is really too low!” Xie Ran caught the main point. “Before?” 

“Yeah.” Meng Feixuan hung his head, revealing a sinister smile. “Later I inserted a program in the NPCs of the Blade God Family, so as soon as they scolded me, the NPC would make them wear a green hat. Then they no longer dared to mention my or my husband’s name again.”

Xie Ran, “…” No wonder the people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion didn’t dare mention him or Meng Feixuan on the World Channel. In addition to being afraid of being slapped to death by Fang Muhao, he estimated that they would be afraid that halfway through the conversation, the NPCs would make them wear a green hat.

“Hee hee hee!” Meng Feixuan proudly leaned over his waist. “They all thought that even the NPCs knew about Jian Jingsheng being cuckolded, which triggered a strange buff. But no one dares to say it outside… count on them to be sensible, otherwise next time, I will directly put the green hat on Jian Jingsheng’s head.”

Xie Ran thought that even though he had not heard about it, news should still be going around the world. After thinking about it, he simply said, “Let’s go and see the final.”

“Yes, sir.” Meng Feixuan nodded. As soon as they finished speaking, a ‘clucking’ sound came from below his feet, as Xiaojiu tilted his slender chicken neck to look at them. “Do you want to go and see it too?” Meng Feixuan asked in surprise.

Xiaojiu flapped her wings and said, “Cluck–” Meng Feixuan looked at Xie Ran and spread his hand. “Xiaojiu’s cry is garbled, I can’t translate it.” Xie Ran just glanced at Xiaojiu as if he didn’t notice anything wrong and said, “Then let’s go together.”

The final venue of the Martial Arts Conference was located in Bright Moon City, in the Northwest Desert. Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan took Xiaojiu through the teleportation point to teleport straight outside Bright Moon City. Once they came out from the teleportation point, they could see the magnificent and tall walls of Bright Moon City. These walls also separate the two worlds. Inside the walls was the richest and most prosperous oasis city in the desert, while outside the walls were endless miles of yellow sand.

This city was also one of the two main cities in the game. Inside the city there was also a system sect where you could learn from various masters, while outside the city among the desert sand there were many rare wild monsters, which made it a good place for players to fight monsters and practice leveling.

In addition, the game also had many western merchants who would occasionally appear in the desert to do business. Before, Bancheng Yanyu wanted to give Xie Ran a luminous cup, which was collected from the western merchants here. Therefore, the city gate was always bustling and occasionally a crisp camel bell would ring. If the players followed the sound, they might find some good things.

Today, because of the Martial Arts Conference, the road leading into the city was even more bustling, making players stand almost shoulder-to-shoulder. In addition, the old camel bell was replaced by another sound.

“Tickets to buy, does anyone have tickets to sell?”

“The first Martial Arts Conference of Bright Moon River Lake where you can witness the birth of the first generation of martial arts leaders. Don’t miss it!”

“Inside ticket, no bargaining.”

“Take a chance and turn your bike into a motorcycle. There is still one hour before the final, so hurry up and bet!”

Then someone said, “Why are the odds so low for Jian Jingsheng? What’s the point of betting?”

“Isn’t that normal? Doesn’t everyone see his high battle points? The odds are set according to battle power…”

The main entrance was really crowded, so after Xie Ran took a glance, he frowned slightly, instantly having an idea of directly going offline. Meng Feixuan, noticing the situation, skillfully activated the navigation system and directly planned a new route. Pointing in another direction, he said, “Sir, let’s go there around the sandy area. There is a small door over there.”

The small door was a remote location which only a few veteran players who were not frequent visitors to Bright Moon City knew about. Also, the sand made it hard to walk, so very few pedestrians walked in the direction Meng Feixuan pointed.

Xie Ran nodded. Compared to a crowded place with people, walking on the sand seemed less uncomfortable. The two men walked around with a chicken and before long it became quieter.

“Turn left twenty meters ahead, then go straight ahead six hundred meters to reach the destination.” While walking, Meng Feixuan reported the route with a navigation voice package. “Crowd data has been detected in the front, please pay attention to avoid…”

Bright Moon City was a regular zigzag city, so at this time they walked to the corner of the city walls and were about to reach the small door. Just as they were about to turn the corner, they suddenly heard a familiar voice screaming, “I don’t care. We found this Dune Spirit Cat first, so why should we give it to him?”

Meng Feixuan suddenly said, “It turns out that the crowd was them.” Xie Ran looked up and saw two groups of his acquaintances standing in the desert in front of him. On one side were members of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion led by Jian Jingsheng and Fu Guang, while on the other side were people from the Wind and Rain guild. In front of them stood Bancheng Yanyu, exactly opposite of Jiang Jingsheng and Fu Guang, looking a little embarrassed. In the middle of the two groups of people was a sand Dune Spirit Cat that was shivering due to being surrounded.


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