DOASCC – Chapter 17.2 – The Winner is Meng Feixuan

Fang Huiwang picked it up and tapped the strings twice, then hooked up his feet and sat on a nearby high chair, propping the guitar on his lap and began to play and sing.

He played the theme song of “Tomorrow’s Starlight” that he and Xie Ran participated in ten years ago with brisk, light and fast style who was full of youth energy,

As the music played, the video on the wall slowly spread.

The video was made from the “Tomorrow’s Starlight” clips competition and inside Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang were still the young people with a high-spirited appearance. They met at the primary election and made it all the way through, from shyness at first to brilliance later. Accompanied by applause, flowers, smiles and tears they finally made it to finals together.

Among them, the two of them got along with each other very well and images appeared that have been repeatedly reviewed by ‘Fang Ran’ CP fans. They lived in the same dormitory and trained dancing and singing together. Xie Ran bought snacks for Fang Huiwang who woke him up every day. Fang Huiwang also went to the canteen everyday to pick up Xie Ran breakfast…

These were all very everyday things, but because they happened daily they seemed extraordinarily real and touching.

Even tourists who don’t know the truth unconsciously smiled. It was so nice to be young.

The staff of the program group and the other two groups of guests could also not help feeling moved.

Originally, during this period of time, they felt that the relationship between Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang was very delicate. Their relationship was obviously strange and unlike the old friends who often contacted each other. Xie Ran’s attitude toward Fang Huiwang was discernible even with a naked eye and even less patient than toward the salted fishes.

Everyone was even wondering if they were just teaming up to cheat the appearance fee.

But Fang Huiwang’s performance and this video made them shake off their previous thoughts.

Those images were too real!

It was always hard to hide the heart of a teenager, even if it was just doing something very small together. Young Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang couldn’t hide the tender affection in their eyes when they looked at each other.

Chen Xiaoxuan and Meng Xixi who were younger had never experienced the era of ‘Fang Ran’ CP popularity, but when they saw these images they suddenly understood why the ‘Fang Ran’CP fans were so crazy about it for so long.

Why can CP fans which have been silent for a decade, be revived with just one stage appearance?

Between the lyrics, Fang Huiwang looked at Xie Ran and said: “Xiao Ran, today is the tenth anniversary of our debut. Do you remember?”

Xie Ran naturally remembered.

In the memory of the original body owner, Fang Huiwang was very thoughtful toward the original body owner. After deciding to join the program together, he went to the program group early to plan this  performance and give the original body owner a surprise.

It was also this scene that after the broadcast of the program completely detonated the enthusiasm of the ‘Fang Ran’CP fans and was known as the peak of ‘Fang Ran’CP.

But at that time, Fang Huiwang was already in a formal relationship with the original body owner.

Xie Ran originally thought that with the relationship between him and Fang Huiwang at present, the other party would cancel his plan. But he still carried it out.

He wanted to know, did Xie Ran really let go? Was he able to let go?

If he saw the images from ten years ago, and saw the little bits and pieces they had shared, would he still be able to remain indifferent, cold and treat him superficially?

When these images reappear one by one, Fang Huiwang who sang and played the theme song of that year, recalled the times when they were still together very clearly at this moment.

In the beginning his talent was not as outstanding as that of the other contestants and Xie Ran helped him every day. Often he had grown too tired to practice and would have given up if Xie Ran had not persuaded him. He would just sit against the wall of the dance practice room and smile softly as he watched him and said: “Then what are you going to do? I will definitely make my debut. “

At that time, he knew that Xie Ran would one day shine and become a superstar, and he would stand with Xie Ran.

Later, he really made his debut in a high position and got countless applause, flowers, fame and  wealth. But he also felt that love was not as important as these things.

During this period of time, he and Xie Ran lived together every day, and he finally realized intuitively that the teenager from his memory was already extremely powerful and he was left far behind.

He suddenly became unwilling again.

He couldn’t let it go so why should Xie Ran be able to do it?

The video gradually reached the end, and the image was frozen at the moment when they boarded the podium together. Fang Huiwang stopped his finger and the sound of the guitar stopped abruptly. His mood gradually became clear.

When memory becomes a figurative picture, its power also becomes more powerful.

At this moment, Fang Huiwang was really touched, and he could no longer feel angry about Xie Ran perfunctory and indifferent treatment.

After spending the best time of their lives together, he was the one who gave up on Xie Ran first so it was reasonable that Xie Ran wanted revenge.

He just needed to have enough patience to convince Xie Ran that he really regretted it,

Fang Huiwang put down his guitar and walked towards Xie Ran in front of everyone’s eyes. He had prepared lines that were more suitable for the show, but at this point, he left everything behind and spoke out in pure instinct: “Ran today is tenth anniversary of our debut, and when I found out that this date happened to be when we would be recording the show, I wanted to prepare a surprise for you. Ten years ago on this day, we debuted together and embarked on this road together. I never thought that after ten years we would once again be on the same show together…”

He spoke earnestly, making even onlookers moved.

Only the heart of the person in question did not fluctuate, and felt a bit stabby, as his AI was laughing loudly: “He’s off key! Sir, he’s out of tune!”

Fang Huiwang rambled on for a while, but found that Xie Ran had no reaction at all, no surprise, no affection; he was not even embarrassed or angry as he continued to maintain the usual condescending demeanor of boss Xie.

Fang Huiwan was in disbelief, and his whole heart suddenly panicked and sank bit by bit.

The object of the confession did not cooperate and his own seal-touched emotion gradually turned into embarrassment. Finally he could no longer go on.

He gritted his teeth and asked reluctantly: “Xiao Ran don’t you have anything to say?”

Xie Ran’s expression finally loosened as he thought for a moment: “Yes.”

Fang Huiwang’s heart was pleased and he hurriedly asked: “What?”

“You just ran out of tune.” Xie Ran said and then also really pointed out Fang Huiwang’s few singing problems: “… aren’t you working mostly as a singer now? I suggest you strengthen your business ability.”

Fang Huiwang:?

Others: ????

At the same time, the tourists in the sky garden suddenly burst into a cry of surprise.

Xie Ran’s always calm face also suddenly changed as he looked behind Fang Huiwang.

Fang Huiwang subconsciously turned around to look.

They saw that the light on the huge glass screen changed rapidly and all kinds of colors interlaced and finally converged to the center of the sky garden.

The wall of the New West Building uses the latest technology, in addition to the screen that could be used, they also had the most advanced holographic imaging function at present. However, it was rarely used because there was no corresponding holographic modeling technology.

At this time, in the center of the sky garden, in the gathering places of light, a bright and exquisite looking teenager gradually took shape. He had a slender body, black slightly curly hair and a guitar hanging on his shoulder. He smiled brightly toward Xie Ran and said it clear voice with a slight hint of metal: “So today is the tenth anniversary of Mr. Xie’s debut? Then I’ll sing a song for you too.”

He then said with one hand pointing to Fang Huiwang, proudly tilting his chin up as he was making a triumphant declaration: “I can sing better than him!”


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