DOASCC – Chapter 42.2 – The Narrow Path

This Dune Spirit Cat was a special spirit beast of the Bright Moon City area. While small and very cute in appearance, it also had strong combat power and attribute bonuses. This made it popular among players, but the number of Dune Spirit Cats were few, so they were very rare and not easy to capture. Therefore, their price in the game was not low.

Bancheng Yanyu came to Bright Moon City today to participate in the Martial Arts Conference duel and it just so happened that his guild members found the Dune Spirit Cat nearby, so they brought people from the guild to capture it. Unexpectedly, when they were half done, Fu Guang suddenly brought people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion saying that they found the Dune Spirit Cat first.

Although it was common to rob players in games, it was usually only done by low-quality players and very few people would do such things in the name of a guild. Let alone a big guild ranked first, robbing another big guild.

The people from the Wind and Rain guild were stunned. It was originally just a Dune Spirit Cat. Although it was rare, it didn’t matter if it was gone, but they couldn’t bear to be robbed by the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion guild so openly. If it got out, the Wind and Rain guild wouldn’t have any face left to stay in Bright Moon River Lake.

Bancheng Yanyu was even more stunned. Speaking of him and Fu Guang, they knew each other in reality and seeing that Jian Jingsheng took care of him, their relationship could be considered good. Fu Guang suddenly acting like this was really something he couldn’t understand.

The two sides quarreled on the spot and when they were about to start fighting, Jian Jingsheng who received the news rushed over and reprimanded Fu Guang on the spot. As a result, after Fu Guang was reprimanded by Jian Jingsheng, he immediately became even more aggressive and accused Bancheng Yanyu of stealing.

Bancheng Yanyu listened for a while to understand what was going on. It turned out that during this period of time, Jian Jingsheng’s care towards him was hidden from Fu Guang. But as a result, Fu Guang inadvertently found out about this matter two days ago, which made him very uncomfortable. He felt that Jian Jingsheng paid too much attention to another man and suspected that Jian Jingsheng took things from the guild to help Bancheng Yanyu.

It just so happened that Fu Guang came today to Bright moon city to see Jian Jingsheng, when he received the news of the Dune Spirit Cat, so he brought people over to capture it. However, coming across people from the Wind and Rain guild, he suspected that Jian Jingsheng also saw the news and passed it to Bancheng Yanyu, which was the beginning of the trouble with the Wind and Rain guild.

Fu Guang didn’t look good and his eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Jian Jingsheng. “Why are you so kind to him?” Don’t think I don’t know, you secretly gave him the Xuan Iron produced by the Blade God Family or the secret book of internal strength. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made it to second place!”

“Have you had enough?” After being questioned by Fu Guang in public, Jian Jingsheng’s face immediately sank. “Bancheng Yanyu is our friend. What’s wrong with helping him? Why are you so narrow-minded? ” After being yelled at, Fu Guang immediately cowered a little. He also lowered his voice, but he was still very unreconciled. “You didn’t treat me like this before…”

This was the real reason why he was bitter about Bancheng Yanyu. Not because he saw how much Jian Jingsheng gave Bancheng Yanyu, but because Jian Jingsheng’s attitude towards him was becoming more and more perfunctory.

Fu Guang was very sensitive in this respect, but at this time, Dynasty Smoke Pavilion occupied a monopoly on the output of the Blade God Family and gradually was able to see some income. Because Jian Jingsheng became independent economically, Fu Guang no longer had the courage to lose his temper with him.

Fu Guang did not feel a sense of security, so when he found out that Jian Jingsheng was inexplicably attentive towards Bancheng Yanyu, his heart naturally became very uncomfortable. If it wasn’t for the fact that Bancheng Yanyu was straight, he would have made trouble a long time ago and not waited until now. But this time he finally lost it.

Unfortunately, Jian Jingsheng did not feel guilty because of his words. Instead, he showed an expression of disappointment and sighed. “You were not like this before.” Fu Guang immediately became anxious. “Brother Jian, how can you think like this?” He had a hard time getting together with Jian Jingsheng, so he didn’t want to make him angry and break up because of it.

“You didn’t get me into trouble before.” Jian Jingsheng stared at Fu Guang. “Be good. If you still take me to heart, apologize to Bancheng Yanyu and let’s forget about this matter.”

“I…” Fu Guang’s eyes were slightly red. He was a little overwhelmed as he bit his lip. Losing his usual high and mighty attitude, he turned soft in front of Jian Jingsheng and turned around to apologize. Bancheng Yanyu was so embarrassed that his toes curled. He didn’t know how he became a thorn in the heart of a small couple for no reason.

During this period of time, Jian Jingsheng frequently appeared, helping him in his fight when he was leveling up. But since Bancheng Yanyu was straight, he didn’t think too much about it. It was the same when Jian Jingsheng later gave him some Blade God Family special Xuan iron and the two internal skills which were rare items in the game, just in time for the Martial Arts Conference and the opening of the self-made equipment system. Since the internal needs of the Wind and Rain guild were not small, Bancheng Yanyu accepted it.

Seeing Fu Guang’s eyes turn red, he quickly coughed lightly and waved his hand saying, “No, no, no. Fu Guang didn’t do anything.” After thinking about it for a moment, he explained to Fu Guang. “You must have misunderstood. Brother Jian didn’t give me those things for nothing. I also exchanged things with him from the Wind and Rain guild’s warehouse and paid for the rest. So I bought it…”

“How can that be the same?” Fu Guang obviously did not accept his explanation and interrupted. “There are not enough Xuan iron and internal skill books for the members of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, so why should they be sold to you? Besides, how much is the market price of Xuan Iron now and how much did brother Jian sell it to you for? Isn’t it just brother Jian treating you… are you such good friends to take advantage of him?”

Bancheng Yanyu, “…” Sh*t, he really didn’t know. Jian Jingsheng has been telling him that the Blade God Family was not short of Xuan iron and that since this thing should not be sitting around, they could be sold to a friend. He also named the price, so he didn’t check the market value. What he exchanged with Jian Jingsheng…

Why did Jian Jingsheng do this? Straight man Bancheng Yanyu facing queer Fu Guang’s questioning, had not yet realized that he was made someone else’s mistress as he slowly revealed a confused look.

Just then, a series of loud chicken clucking suddenly came from the side, breaking the awkward atmosphere at the scene. The two groups of people turned their heads to look over and saw two people and a chicken appearing from the corner of the city wall, about to pass by as if nothing had happened.

The faces of the people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion instantly changed, especially Jian Jingsheng. His face was so green as if it was able to drip vegetable juice, giving Xie Ran a deadly stare.

But Bancheng Yanyu’s eyes lit up as he immediately rushed over in three steps, shouting in surprise. “Brother Dafang, Brother Meng, long time no see. Are you also here to watch the final duel in Bright Moon City?” Xie Ran stopped in his tracks and nodded slightly, “Yes.”

“Me, too. Let’s go to town together. I know a path.” Bancheng Yanyu suddenly no longer paid attention to the Dune Spirit Cat and just looked back saying, “Brother Jian, Fu Guang, sorry to make you guys misunderstand. I will pay attention to it in the future. This Dune Spirit Cat is yours. I will leave first.”

He had no intention of entangling any further with them, but Fu Guang who suddenly found a new excuse for an attack immediately said, “Well, it’s shameless that you and Xie Dafang are working together, but actually dare to ask for our Dynasty Smoke Pavilion for things. So shameless!”

Several people present from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion were Fu Guang’s confidants, so they all helped him one after another. “Bancheng Yanyu, you take the benefits of our Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, but still deal with Xie Dafang. How can you still talk about morality in Bright Moon River Lake?”

“What kind of person do you take our guild master for?”

Jian Jingsheng, who had just helped Bancheng Yanyu, did not open his mouth at this time and just looked at him. During this period of time, he has been very attentive to Bancheng Yanyu just to prove that Xie Dafang was not as good as Bancheng Yanyu. He also wanted Bancheng Yanyu to see that he was different from the past. He now has status, fame, and strength, and could give Yanyu everything he needed. But even after he did so much after Xie Dafang appeared, Bancheng Yanyu jumped on him! Right in front of him!!!

Seeing Jian Jingsheng not speak, the people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion tacitly approved and Fu Guang was especially happy. He thought that since Jian Jingsheng discovered that there was contact between Bancheng Yanyu and Xie Dafang he should quickly take this opportunity to start a fire. “Brother Jian, as you can see Yin Luyan obviously knows what type of relationship you and Xie Dafang has, but still deals with him. This person doesn’t deserve to be your friend…”

Bancheng Yanyu was still a little embarrassed about Fu Guang, but when he heard this he suddenly got angry and immediately raised his head to reprimand loudly. “Fu Guang, you can scold me, but you can’t scold brother Dafang!”

“This Dune Spirit Cat is yours and in the future, I don’t want to have anything to do with your Dynasty Smoke Pavilion. But brother Dafang has nothing to do with this matter, so don’t take this opportunity to diss him!” Bancheng Yanyu’s words completely ignited Jian Jingsheng’s anger.

Jian Jingsheng looked at Bancheng Yanyu and then at Xie Dafang, his eyes full of cold intent. “Xie Dafang, the grudge between us has not yet been properly settled. If you have the guts, you can compete with me so that our grudge can be eliminated.”

He stood proudly, looking at Xie Ran with eyes full of fighting spirit. Now that he had received the true heritage of the Blade God Heir and was at the top of the battle power list, the green hat on his head could finally be taken off. Even the person he liked was now running after Xie Dafang. It’s ridiculous!

In fact, Xie Ran who just wanted to take a detour was already very impatient, so he just sniffed faintly as he glanced at Jian Jingsheng for a moment, before indifferently spitting out words. “Not interested.” Jian Jingsheng, “…” Jian Jingsheng’s eyes slightly narrowed as he deliberately tried to provoke him. “Are you afraid?”

“Definitely scared!” A member of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion next to him immediately fanned the flames. “He didn’t even dare to register for the Martial Arts Conference because he was afraid of being found out that he wasn’t an expert at all, right?”

The people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion didn’t dare to mess with Xie Dafang, because they were afraid of Fang Muhao, the Big Boss. But from the beginning of the Martial Arts Conference, Jian Jingsheng led the combat strength ranking, while Xie Dafang didn’t even sign up…

Gradually everyone began to suspect that Xie Dafang was not a hidden expert as was speculated on the forum. A true hidden expert may not be able to endure a lifetime of living like a casual player.

With his previous tumultuous operation of handling most of the NPCs on East Third Street, it was estimated that he knew some unknown method to control Fang Muhao.

But now that Jian Jingsheng was leading the combat strength ranking, they were naturally no longer afraid of Xie Dafang. Even If Xie Dafang called Fang Muhao, Jian Jingsheng could also call out the Blade God Heir. As for Xie Dafang himself, he would still be at their mercy.

The people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion were also bullied by Meng Feixiang before, so now they had the rare opportunity to express their anger. They all looked at Xie Ran with glee.

Someone else said, “Isn’t it bullying to let Jian Jingsheng do his job? Why don’t you just let him go? Xie Dafang you won’t even dare to fight me, right?”

Bancheng Yanyu became anxious and was about to speak when he heard the teenager standing next to Xie Dafang suddenly let out a cold laugh. “Just you?” Meng Feixuan took a step forward to protect Xie Dafang as he arrogantly looked at the person who spoke, he pointed a finger at Xiaojiu. “Believe it or not, but if I sprinkle rice on the ground, my chicken can defeat you.”

Wind and Rain guild, “…”

Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, “…”

Damn it, Meng Feixuan who was of very low quality, was really good at mocking people. The man who got insulted became furious, drew his weapon and threatened. “I think you’re not going to shed a tear until you see the coffin–“

“Rebound!”  Meng Feixuan skillfully cursed back, while no one knew from where he pulled out a handful of rice and threw it in the direction of the swearing person. “Xiaojiu, punch!”

“Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck–” the white chicken puckered up and rushed towards the man in a fighter jet pose, with a lot of momentum.

The man… ?

The others… ????

Half an hour later. World channel.

[Extra Extra! Just now, Tsubaki flute of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion was pecked to death by a white chicken right outside Bright Moon City!]

[Additionally, the white chicken is the one raised by Xie Dafang.]

[? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? What?]

[Tsubaki Flute?? Isn’t Tsubaki Flute on the top 100 expert list?]

[What the hell? Isn’t that white chicken just an ordinary chicken?]

[Can an ordinary chicken peck Tsubaki Flute to death? I guess it’s a hidden rare variant of the white chicken.]

[This makes sense. No wonder Xie Dafang and his boyfriend were raising a chicken online. It was not an ordinary chicken.]

[Damn, Dynasty Smoke Pavilion is so funny. They can’t beat Fang Muhao, but even Xie Dafang’s chicken can peck them to death…]

[I will pay money to buy white chickens. Charge as much as you want!]

[… Shit, even the price of chicken has gone up.]


The author has something to say: 

Xiaojiu: the fighting chicken among chickens.

Dynasty Smoke Pavilion: Tigers also cry. 

Boss Xie: Today was also a day without needing to take action.


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