DOASCC – Chapter 12.2 – The Aesthetic Logic of AI

Apparently, his system had learned messy things on the internet again.

Judging from the posture of Meng Feixuan skillfully proposing a map, he was likely to visit many places.

Xie Ran pretended not to hear it, but Meng Feixuan seemed to be dissatisfied and continued: “Sir your photo is perfect but it has no soul.”

Xie Ran silently said, “Didn’t you guide me?”

“It’s me.” Meng Feixuan was upright: “But I am AI, AI has no soul.”

Justified, Xie Ran could not refute him for a moment.

“But you can still salvage it.” Meng Feixuan said just to be precise, Xie Ran was indeed being rescued and the atomic group consciousness needed Xie Ran to return to it’s original world.

Meng Feixuan’s ability to understand the feelings of Xie Ran was also saved in his core code: “Sir, why don’t I tell you the city story of the old west city, maybe it can help you understand the group feelings of art creators of this city.”

Xie Ran did not deny it as he just walked to the parapet and looked into the distance: “Go ahead.”

“Then I’ll start with the place you’re looking at now.” Meng Feixuan said and halfway, suddenly coughed lightly. “Sir, please hold the camera up to the place you are looking at, or do you want to know the story of this floor of the New West Building?”

Meng Feixuan watched everything with the camera. Without taking a picture, Xie Ran took out the camera with lens pointing to the ground.

Xie Ran laughed as he held the camera up again. Meng Feixuan said: “Well, now we are looking at the same scenery. First of all, let’s take a look at the leftmost street. Do you see it?”

As if worried that Xie Ran would not be able to see clearly, the camera automatically enlarged the street on the left and adjusted.

“This is it,” Meng Feixuan said in a slightly disgusted tone: “The resolution of this spicy chicken lens is not high enough. Why don’t I find the surveillance on that street and send you a few pictures?”

Xie Ran: “…you don’t have to.”

“Then it’s good, bah!” Meng Feixuan gave up just to say unhurriedly: “This street is the old West City Chinatown, where the earliest generation of Chinese overseas laborers were cheated in the early 20th century…”

Xie Ran, in rare relaxation, leaned slightly against the half-high glass guardrail with one hand in his pocket of his pants and another casually holding the camera, the lens seemed to be aimlessly pointed to the distance.

The wind of the old west city carried the humidity of a seaside city, the sky was bright blue. Meng Feixuan took control of the camera lens to look into different corners of the city and share the view with Xie Ran.

Generally speaking, in this segment, guests would walk around more, one to find the inspiration and another, for the program group to have more material so they could have more shots.

It was the first time for the program group to encounter Xie Ran who stood in one place for half a day without moving.

What’s more,, after standing for most of the day, he finally handed over the camera to the staff with only one photo he took at the beginning.

At the same time, staff and Fang Huiwang: “….”

If you looked at the picture taken by Xie Ran, the angle composition was not bad. But the problem was that this kind of overhead view was everywhere online and not even considered outstanding. Belonging to the type that the netizens would cross away after a glance.

Xie Ran did not care much about their attitude, but Meng Feixuan coldly snorted: “Sir, I caught their expressions from the camera…… they look down on you!”

Xie Ran: “…is that so?”

“These people’s eyesight is really bad.” Meng Feixun cursed: “Although you don’t have a soul, you can still beat them with technology!”

Xie Ran couldn’t tell for a moment whether Meng Feixuan was praising him or blackening him.




In the evening, the three groups of guests completed their tasks and once again returned to the hotel for a meeting to tally everyone’s current funding to facilitate the adjustment of their respective next task strategies.

There was no doubt that Xie Ran was still recklessly taking a taxi back.

Fang Huiwang was already numb.

Girls group sisters were overjoyed, Chen Xiaoxuan beautifully calculated: “Our accommodation last night only cost a hundred, food was also cheap and today because we were the earliest to arrive, we received the bonus…”

She calculated, and finally found that in one day, adding accommodation, they spent 60 dollars per person and they found that they were left with about two thousand three hundred.

The senior group didn’t get a bonus, so after accommodation, they were left with funds of 2200 dollars.

The balance of funds after spending by the sisters of the girls group was 100 US dollars higher than that of the senior group!

Jiang Wei sighed: “It seems that this bonus was still very important.”

Zhu Chuanjia decided to find a balance from Xie Ran and asked him: “Xiao Ran, how much did you spend today?”

Before Xie Ran could answer, Fang Huiwang let out a light breath and said with some chagrin: “Don’t mention it, Xiao Ran alone spent two hundred and thirty.”

Jiang Wei hurriedly counted: “That plus four hundred room fees, you spent more than six hundred today. In this way, you still have more than 3000 of funds left.”

Although three thousand was still a little ahead of them, after paying today’s room fee, this advantage would be gone.

Meng Xixi, who was very straightforward, did not even try to hide her inner joy and immediately said expectantly: “It seems that our group has a chance to win.”

“You miscalculated.” Xie Ran suddenly said: “I still made a profit of two thousand today.”

The other two groups of guests who were secretly delighted turned around and gave a “!!!” and even Zhu Chuanjia was baffled: “Where did you make the profit?”

“The stock market.” Xie Ran said simply: “Today’s margin was seventeen, five times the leverage, the stock rose twenty-three points.”

With yesterday’s profit, Xie Ran spent a lot but the margin was also 700 dollars more than yesterday and the final profit of about 2000 dollars.

He earned more than yesterday.

Jiang Wei’s expression almost cracked: “You’re still speculating?”

Xie Ran: “I remember that it doesn’t break the rules.”

Jiang Wei: “……”

It was not against the rules but they also did not expect it. After all, others were relying on labor to make money and were doing tasks when they did not have to work. However, Xie Ran was not affected at all, doing tasks while still making money.”

In a day, he earned two thousand dollars.

They recalled that when they calculated their profits, they were accurate to the single digit and they felt really sad.

“Please have a meal, sir.” It just so happened that the waiter brought Xie Ran his dinner.

It was still the most expensive meal of the hotel.

Zhu Chuanjia comforted himself by pressing his chest: “It’s all right. Xiao Ran spent another $100 on dinner so we still have a chance.”

Xie Ran looked up at him: “This is from the hotel manager.”

Zhu Chuanjia exclaimed as if he had been stepped on the tail: “Why did he give you such an expensive meal?”

Xie Ran thought for a moment: “Maybe it’s because I pay him 200 dollars a day.”

Everyone else: ???

So, Xie Ran pays people more than they earn?

Everyone blacked out because of the shock. 



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