DOASCC – Chapter 3 – Company President Speech

Fang Huiwang, holding back his anger, stepped on the throttle all the way home. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a room full of balloons, flowers and decorated lanterns, as well as pre-prepared champagne and carefully wrapped gifts on the living room table.

All of these were specially prepared for Xie Ran, but Xie Ran unexpectedly said that he would not come home with him.

Was Xie Ran aware of something? Or did he really just go back on his word and didn’t want to get back together?

Thinking of this possibility, the strange feeling of anxiety urged up again, making Fang Huiwang shake his head subconsciously, trying to get rid of the uneasiness.

Just then, his cell phone suddenly rang. It was his agent and his studio partner, Kuang Youfang.

It was almost two o’clock in the morning. Fang Huiwang frowning pressed to answer: “What’s the matter calling so late?”

“What’s the matter with you and Xie Ran?” Kuang Youfang’s voice sounded angry: “Didn’t you say you could handle him? Is that how it’s done? “

Fang Huiwang sounded puzzled: “What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you seen the hot search?” Kuang Youfang almost laughed. “Xie Ran is really capable, exploding twice just in one night. Hot search can not be removed, well, you haven’t had this much interest in you for a long time so we should brush the data for you.”

“Take a look at it for yourself. I’ll have a meeting with the public relations department to see how to deal with it.”

Kuang Youfang hurriedly hung up the phone. Fang Huiwang opened the Weibo and saw that Weibo, which had been lively all night, had another hot search “pop” in the middle of the night.

This hot search was called: Xie Ran did not get emotional.

Fang Huiwang, seeing just the title, had a bad feeling and hurriedly clicked in.

The front page was full of tidbits of him and Xie Ran in the backstage interview video of Snowball Satellite TV, and there was a large number of netizens’ comments under each video.

[It is not for me to say but it is too obvious that Fang Huiwang plastered him!]

[hahahaha ha ha ha ha ha, it’s a pity that Xie Ran did not cooperate and disgust was written all over his face, right?]

[Xie Ran: don’t touch me!!!!】

[Shit, Xie Ran is not usually like this, Fang Huiwang made him act like this!]

[2333 Xie Ran’s blood was sucked dry ten years ago, so he learned how to be smart this time!!]

[It seems that Fang Huiwang was really angry when he looked back, still wanting to stir the CP pot when he is already so old.]

[If the sunspots are sick, cure it quickly! Do you think Brother Fang can only be praised by people who have no EQ in diss, even though he is polite???]

[Am I the only one who thinks that Xie Ran’s unemotional appearance is very interesting? It is more attractive than his usual gentle persona!]

[You are not alone! I also think Xie Ran’s cold appearance has more personality!]

Fang Huiwang slid down the page as there were similar comments at the bottom of almost all the videos. Although some people thought that Xie Ran did not give him enough face, even more people thought that if Fang Huiwang and Xie Ran really wanted to be friends, how could they not interact with each other for ten years?

Obviously Xie Ran’s answer was more in line with the real situation. Everyone was tired of the stars’ hypocrisy and politeness in front of the camera, so they liked seeing Xie Ran’s reality.

Fang Huiwang’s fans tried to criticize and comment, but they failed to control the large number of passers-by. Instead, they just caused a lot of ridicule.

The more Fang Huiwang looked, the darker his face became, and finally, he couldn’t resist slamming his phone onto the table with a heavy pop.

On the table, there were also his carefully prepared gifts and champagne which became a bright joke at this moment.

“Xie Ran!” Fang Huiwang roared with red eyes and lifted the table with both hands.

The champagne bottle shattered in response to the sound, and the light golden liquid splashed all over the floor.

He stood in the mess for a moment, trying to catch his breath before bending down and picking up his phone with broken screen, dialing Kuang Youfang’s number: “I have an idea.”

Kuang Youfang: “What is the idea?”

Fang Huiwang said with a sneer: “Advance the release time of Nangong to the same day as Xie Ran’s studio.”

“Are you sure?” Kuang Youfang was a little surprised, “Doing so will directly hit Xie Ran’s face…”

He smiled vaguely. “Haven’t you always been obsessed with Xie Ran? Aren’t you afraid that Xie Ran will hate you?”

Fang Huiwang was silent for a moment and then sneered: “I can tell what is the most important.”

“Yes, that’s what I admire most about you, unsentimental.” Kuang Youfang gave a compliment: “I will arrange it.”



The next morning, Xie Ran was working in front of the computer when his mobile phone next to him rang. The caller ID was that of the original body owner’s agent, Guan Shunan.

Xie Ran pressed to answer: “Talk.”

Agent Guan Shunan on the other end of the phone was slightly stunned for a moment, suddenly feeling that Xie Ran’s aura suddenly became much stronger.

It was obviously just a short word, but for no reason, it made her feel a rush of pressure.

But she soon came to her senses: “Xiao Ran, have you seen the news?”

“No.” Xie Ran asked: “What happened?”

“Then take a quick look. Yewang Studio has just announced that they are also going to launch a virtual idol and they scheduled their launch on the same day as us….”

While Guan Shunan was talking, Xie Ran already opened Weibo on the computer. Sure enough, the first most popular search was the news that Yewang Studio had just announced the launch of the virtual idol Nangong.

The world where the original owner lived, discovered holographic imaging technology a few years ago. With the maturity of holographic technology, the entertainment industry had also been further developed, including the rise of two-dimensional virtual idols.

In line with this trend, many technology companies and entertainment companies launched their own virtual idols, creating a lot of topic flow.

It just so happened that a friend of the original body owner took advantage of the rise of virtual idols and brought a team from a large science and technology center to work on his own. Because of the shortage of funds, he found the original body owner for investment. Coupled with the original body owner’s resources in the entertainment industry, it was only natural that the developed virtual idol was also attached to Xie Ran’s studio as an artist.

Two days ago, Xie Ran’s studio announced that it would hold a conference on the first weekend of the new year to officially launch their first virtual idol.

Many fans of Xie Ran were very enthusiastic ,so as soon as the news was announced, it became a hot search and everyone looked forward to what his virtual idol would look like.

Unfortunately, according to the memory of the original owner received by Xie Ran, the result of this project was really not very good.

In the memory of the original owner, the level of the virtual idol they launched this time was average, which was not much different from already existing virtual idols on the market, but Xie Ran’s name attracted some attention after the launch because of his own popularity.

But not long after, Yewang Studio also launched their virtual idol Nangong.

At that time, the original owner and Fang Huiwang had already gotten back together and the interaction between the two was very good. It was the time when their CP was at the hottest. Nangong directly was tied to Xie Ran’s studio virtual idol and made its debut.

Nangong made a splash, and then brought a large amount of technology investment to Yewang Studio, which also completed the initial capital transformation.

Xie Ran studio’s virtual idol, due to poor operation in the later stage, quickly left the stage after the initial CP fever was already forgotten.

It was precisely because of this memory that Xie Ran got up to work early this morning.

The original owner knew nothing about technology and could be called a black hole in terms of investment, which led him to have no other career after his acting career was destroyed and had to retire in disgrace.

But Xie Ran would not allow the same thing to happen to him.

He was somewhat surprised that Yewang Studio actually advanced the release time of Nangong. It seemed that they were reluctant to give up the heat of CP. But this time, Xie Ran did not cooperate with Fang Huiwang like the original owner, and Yewang Studio had to operate by itself.

But he had to say that their wave of operations was still very effective.

Hot search “Yewang Studio, Nangong” was full of noisy netizens queuing up to eat melons.

[Woooo, Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang were on the same stage last night but today he already announced that he is going to fight against Xie Ran. Everyone taste it, taste it carefully!] 

[Is Fang Huiwang looking for revenge for Xie Ran’s ruthlessness last night? Tut-tut, is this a ‘from love to hate‘ thing? doge]

[This is so frustrating! They made their debut together 10 years ago, but ten years later, they are going to launch virtual idols at the same time, and follow suit. If this is not love?!】

[It’s true, always in sync with each other, kswlkswl!!!】

[I’m convinced by CP fans, this tm can be knocked ????]

[If the launch is on the same day, isn’t it a direct head-to-head confrontation? Would the loser be punished publicly? Wow, really fall in love and kill each other!] 

[Is it a virtual idol again? Are you bored? There are dozens of virtual idols launched a month, now even star studios are involved. But do they have the technology? It’s better to pick up one or two more scripts if they have the free time.]




“Xiao Ran, I know you can’t let go of Fang Huiwang, and I accept that you have to cooperate with him, but even your virtual idol needed to be scheduled to be released on the same day? Are you afraid that you are not tying him tightly enough?” The tone of Guan Shunan’s voice was clearly dissatisfied.

Xie Ran was good at everything, but he was too emotional, and no matter whether Fang Huiwang was really sincere or false about Xie Ran, anyone with a discerning eye could see what he was doing.

If Xie Ran did not care even about this, she would be very disappointed.

“You and Fang Huiwang now take a different route, firing CP to bring you the benefits have limited effect. Having one by accident is okay but how much of an impact on you……”

Guan Shunan was interrupted by Xie Ran before she could finish: “This has nothing to do with me.”

“Ah?” Guan Shunan froze for a moment. She originally thought that Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang’s old love rekindled and Fang Huiwang must have discussed this operation with Xie Ran so she only felt bitterness trying to persuade Xie Ran.

She was a little surprised, “Nothing to do with you?”


“Then what does Yewang Studio mean?” Guan Shunan suddenly got angry: “Quickly contact Fang Huiwang and ask him to reschedule.”

“Why do you want him to reschedule?” Xie Ran said quietly: “Isn’t it a good thing that the heat is so high?”

“It’s not worth being tied up with Fang Huiwang for this heat.” Guan Shunan sighed and said her real concern: “I heard that Nangong that Yewang Studio is promoting this time is a joint production with Black Star team.”

The two studios released virtual idols together, if Xie Ran’s studio could overpower the other, it would…

But Black Star team was currently the best-run virtual idol agency in China, and several virtual idols that were currently popular were all produced by them.

Guan Shunan didn’t think they could beat Black Star’s products. In this case, releasing together would only allow the other party to use them to gain the upper hand.

Guan Shunan continued to advise: “Xiao Ran, they obviously came prepared this time, otherwise how would they dare to deliberately set the time on the same day as us…”

“Well, they are very brave.” Xie Ran’s voice was emotionless as he only looked down at the computer screen in front of him, which was full of technical information.

He spent the morning summarizing and analyzing the virtual idol technology of this world and coupled with the memory of the original owner, he already has a general understanding of the existing technology.

Although this world had broken through holographic technology and the corresponding development of other technologies was similar to that of his original world, but some aspects were still slightly behind.

But his company in the original world happened to be in the cutting-edge technology industry.

Unfortunately, he had no assistant in this world, otherwise he might not have to do it by himself.

“Hmmm?” Guan Shunan was confused by Xie Ran’s reaction: “Xiao Ran, what are you talking about?”

Xie Ran turned off the computer and leaned against the back of his chair. He thought that if his assistants were there, he would probably say–

Xie Ran smiled vaguely and said, “The weather is getting colder. Let them go bankrupt.”

It was quite appropriate.

Guan Shunan: “….??”

What kind of company president’s speech was this?


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