DOASCC – Chapter 41.2 – Learn To Play Yellow

[?????Xie Dafang didn’t sign up? Why didn’t he sign up with the Mark sword? Isn’t he the best in the world?]

[Although, Xie Dafang is just a casual player!]

[Yes. It has always been said that he is the number one expert in Bright Moon River Lake and he was analyzed blindly by the forum. But no one has ever seen Xie Dafang fight.]

[Poisonous, what the hell is Xie Dafang doing?]

Xie Ran was operating the equipment editing system when he suddenly heard Meng Feixuan sneer. He glanced at the channel and instantly: “……”

But he wasn’t actually very surprised in the end. After all, his system’s good nature was very strong. Xie Ran asked, “Bored?”

“A little.” Meng Feixuan looked at the movement of Xie Ran’s hands and sighed. “Sir has already cracked the program, making this game completely unchallenging. I’ve experienced almost everything that could be experienced and you won’t let me ride you… it’s a little boring.”

Xie Ran raised his eyebrow, interrupting him. “What do you mean by ride… me?”

“Here ah…” Meng Feixuan set his chin on Xie Ran’s shoulder, using his own ears to rub his ear. “Ah, the human body is too heavy… My husband and I should have been like this. I’ll go up and…”

“Don’t make any noise.” Xie Ran’s ear was tickled as he stretched out his hand to poke Meng Feixuan’s head.

“When I was not a human, boss wasn’t disgusted.” Meng Feixuan sighed sadly as his faint breath brushed by Xie Ran’s ear. Just as Xie Ran turned his head sideways, Meng Feixuan’s lips brushed against his cheek and eventually touched the corner of Xie Ran’s lips.

Xie Ran only felt like his cheeks were gently touched by a feather, becoming slightly itchy. But in the next second, his lips were caught off guard and pressed together. The teenager’s delicate and beautiful face was close, while his warm lips were warm due to the human body’s regular temperature. Xie Ran felt as if something swept over his heart, causing him to tremble slightly.

Xie Ran was in a trance for a moment and paused subconsciously. The hand that was supposed to stop Meng Feixuan paused in the air. In the next second, Meng Feixuan’s bright eyes stared in amazement and then almost instinctively, his hands stretched to wrap around Xie Ran’s waist, as his lips pressed harder against Xie Ran. Then he obediently nibbled two times!

Xie Ran: ?

Xie Ran finally came back to his senses and reached out to push Meng Feixuan’s head away. Meng Feixuan moved away, but he was still pouting as he said, “Do it again sir.”

“No.” Xie Ran indifferently refused. “This is not something you should learn.”

“No, I think that’s what I should learn!” Meng Feixuan already had his own ideas, as his eyes burst with a sudden light of enlightenment. “So kissing feels like this. So is this called pleasure? No wonder so many people on the Internet like to engage in dirty things!” He looked at Xie Ran with a crazy implication in his eyes and even smacked his lips. “Sir, this game is so fun, I think I can play it for another year!”

Xie Ran looked at him with an expressionless face. Meng Feixuan’s gaze was firm and he was full of expectation as he proposed, “Sir, let’s do dirty things! As written in our CP text. I have ideas for many kinds of poses…” His system was really good at learning.

Xie Ran did not wait for Meng Feixuan to finish speaking and just suddenly reached out to pinch Meng Feixuan’s chin. He couldn’t let himself be bullied, so he planted a heavy kiss on the teenager’s lips.

Meng Feixuan’s modeling data could be described as precise, so even a slight tremble of his blood vessels were accurately reproduced. The nerve data was also stimulated by the realistic sensory experience. Then due to a frantic overflow, the teenager’s throat involuntarily did a swallowing action, as if he had become agitated.

In Xie Ran’s eyes, if this was a real world, Meng Feixuan’s reaction would probably be more intense, but he was not sure whether Meng Feixuan could understand what the responses simulated by these data represented. While he was thinking, he felt his waist suddenly hugged… Meng Feixuan hugged him, bringing their bodies even closer together.

Meng Feixuan’s hands moved along Xie Ran’s back and a light gasp could be heard in his voice. “Sir, do you like it? It was all written in the yellow text…” Oh, so he learned from that. As Meng Feixuan spoke, his hand slipped down to Xie Ran’s tailbone.

Xie Ran, “…” His system seemed to have absorbed too much knowledge in the online world. When Xie Ran discovered this, he became instinctively agitated. He suppressed his own gasp and reached behind him with one hand to grab Meng Feixuan. His eyes were dark as he said in a deep voice, “That’s it. I won’t teach you any more.”

“Ah?” Meng Feixuan’s actions were suddenly interrupted, so he immediately became dissatisfied and slightly confused. “Just now was teaching?”

“Mm.” Xie Ran responded, “Remember the feeling of kissing?” Meng Feixuan looked at Xie Ran for a while before nodding, slightly disappointed. “Remember.” After a while, he asked reluctantly, “Then can we review it often in the future?”

Xie Ran, “…” After another moment he added, “Sir, I really think we can continue to learn down the line. My size is also very good. I also have the standard length of yellow text, eighteen centimeters! I will not let you down!”

The teenager’s voice was full of the seriousness of a good natured student. If his words were not full of hidden meaning, he would probably be more persuasive. “Didn’t you write the censorship program for yourself?” Xie Ran was at a loss for words. “Why are there so many yellow messages?”

Meng Feixuan innocently said, “I just blocked the swear words. Ah, it didn’t block the yellow text.” Xie Ran mercilessly gave instructions. “Block it altogether.” Meng Feixuan became aggrieved. “But I won’t be able to use the thesaurus of Jinjiang Literature City.”

Players in the whole game server were concerned about the progress of the Martial Arts Conference making the game full of people every day, but Xie Ran’s time in the game was shortened.

The original body owner’s academic performance was very good, making him win the National Award every year during his university days. In his junior year, a tutor recommended him to go to a famous foreign university for further study. According to the original body owner’s memories, he was already prepared for it; but because he was paralyzed by a car accident in his rush to meet Kuang Jingning, the matter ended with nothing. Later, when he married Kuang Jingning and led a stable life, he gave up the matter completely.

Xie Ran was not sure whether this was the original body owner’s obsession, but since the original body owner wanted this opportunity in his memory, he also put it on his agenda.

During this period he needed to keep up with the examination, applications, and communication with the tutor while handing in a lot of documents, although this wasn’t a problem for Xie Ran. Handing in a lot of documents was easy with Meng Feixuan’s help, but he himself also needed to run to a lot of places, taking quite a lot of time, which made him have a lot less time during the day. Because of this, he simply blocked the world channel and when he was online, he focused only on studying the hand-made equipment system.

In the midst of this, Meng Feixuan would find him several times foolishly wanting to ‘review,’ causing Xie Ran to have a headache. He also didn’t know what Meng Feixuan learned from the internet, but after being rejected, he went to bully the chicken.

“Xiaojiu, go. Today the Chicken King came to East Third Street to collect chickens. Go and fight with these chickens. If you can’t win one against 10, don’t come back.” Meng Feixuan herded the white hen outside.

Xiaojiu, “Cluck, cluck, cluck -” shivering.

Xie Ran, “Don’t make things difficult for Xiaojiu.”

Since the news spread that Bancheng Yanyu got an unparalleled reward from the hands of the Chicken King, everyone’s enthusiasm for the Chicken King’s mission rose steeply, making all chickens handed in more powerful than the other. But of course, no one received the same treatment as Bancheng Yanyu so far.

Meng Feixuan asking Xiaojiu to fight this divine chicken, was probably because he thought too highly of Xiaojiu or too little of the Chicken King.

“But the yellow text was written in this way. When you are dissatisfied with your desire, you have to take it out on the people around you.” Meng Feixuan explained seriously. “So I decided to vent my anger on the Chicken King!”

“…” Xie Ran thought for a moment, “Do you want to consider going to the Chicken King for a review?”

“Wow, what kind of AI do you think I am?” Meng Feixuan looked at Xie Ran in shock as if he had been insulted. “Sir, am I that kind of casual system in your eyes?” Xie Ran did not expect him to react this way, so he felt a little strange for a moment before he said, “I thought you just wanted to experience human feelings?”

“That’s right!” Meng Feixuan sighed and stared at Xie Ran seriously. “But I don’t want to have anything to do with anyone else, not even an NPC. My core program was written by my husband and my husband is signed all over my core program. How can you think of me as human… Artificial Intelligence like this.”

Xie Ran originally just casually mentioned it, but seeing how Meng Feixuan seriously rebutted it, a trace of indescribable feeling was born in his heart. He naturally remembered that Meng Feixuan was the work he was the most proud of, so the moment he finished, he signed his name in his core program.

“Okay, I get it.” Xie Ran subconsciously smiled. “I won’t mention anyone else in the future.” Meng Feixuan immediately hit the snake with the stick. “So when can we review?” Xie Ran asked, “Have you not deleted the yellow thesaurus yet?”

Meng Feixuan paused for a moment and pretended that nothing had happened as he chased after Xiaojiu. “Let’s go and get into trouble with the Chicken King.”

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Chicken King: ? ? ? Just what did I do wrong?

Don’t ask… ask for beautiful love.


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