DOASCC – Chapter 40.1 – Divine Chicken

When Xie Ran was young, his parents used to take him to see a psychiatrist. At that time, the doctor suggested that he could try to raise small animals as a relationship-building exercise. But later as his parents thought about it, they became afraid of accidentally stimulating him to abuse animals or some other strange hobbies, so they gave up on this idea.

It was easy for Meng Feixuan to like small animals, as long as he added a command to his code. But instead of doing that, Xie Ran suggested to Meng Feixuan that he try to raise it himself.

When Xie Ran got offline, he thought about it more and wondered if he had been brainwashed by Meng Feixuan’s inexplicable self-confidence and was actually looking forward to the day when he as a low achiever could get a full score.

Before long, he received a phone call from Yin Luyan, who couldn’t wait to talk to him about his strange encounter in the game. “… Senior Brother, that Xie Dafang and his boyfriend are really amazing. You didn’t see what the Chicken King looked like at that time. OMG I really wanted to say Xie Dafang, so that’s how you do it, huh?”

Xie Ran casually responded, “Crack the program logic and break it from a logical point of view.” The gleeful Yin Luyan choked as a question mark slowly emerged above his head. “… Oh.” When he wanted to say something more, he heard Xie Ran coldly say, “It’s all right.”

As soon as Xie Ran hung up the phone, there was a loud “cluck-cluck- ” which was the sound of a chicken.

Xie Ran, “?”

Xie Ran, “Meng?”

“Sir!” Meng Feixuan’s light-hearted voice came from his mobile phone. “I just recorded an audio clip from Xiaojiu, which can be used as your alarm clock, so you can start chicken dancing later!” Xie Ran momentarily fell silent. “Xiaojiu?”

“Our chicken’s nickname.” Meng Feixuan justifiably explained to him. “A normal person system like me says that chickens can’t be named using eight characters, so I decided to call it Xiaojiu.”

He also didn’t forget to ask Xie Ran for advice. “What do you think, sir? Or do you want to call it little seven, little six, little five, or something like that? A larger number is fine, such as ninety-nine or something, but it would be difficult to call it. I don’t care about it since I have a system synthesis pronunciation, but for you, boss, calling it might not be so convenient…”

Xie Ran found that his system was indeed much more active than him in being a human being, even naming the chicken was taken over by him. “I will just listen to you.” Xie Ran interrupted him. “Just call him Jijiu… no chickens are allowed to be ringtones.” Not even his chicken.

The next time Xie Ran came online beside Meng Feixuan, there was another chicken with white feathers. Meng Feixuan was very rigorous in learning human behavior, especially downloading a lot of chicken-raising knowledge. So the players on East Third Street often saw Meng Feixuan feeding the chicken seriously, while taking it on walks.

People couldn’t help but wonder. There were a lot of people who raised pets in the game, but everyone was basically raising ones that could fight or had special attributes.

Meng Feixuan’s chicken, no matter from which angle, looked just like an ordinary chicken. Just like the quest that Chicken King might pass on… In addition, chickens in the game don’t need to be fed like they would in reality, so even players specializing in farming would generally use the system for the feeding function. Therefore, no one would spend time sprinkling rice for the chickens.

It had to be said, the world of the Big Bosses was very confusing. But the mystery of the chicken raised by the East Third Street Big Boss only caused a little discussion. Soon, everyone’s attention was drawn on to bigger news.

As soon as Xie Ran came online that day, he felt that the whole game atmosphere changed for the better. The emotions of all the players were visible to the naked eye and the world channel was unusually lively.

[Ah, the Martial Arts Conference has begun! Has everyone signed up?]

[Eh, with my strength it’s not worth it, so I won’t look for abuse!]

[The new feature is actually a homemade equipment system. Is this to strengthen the integration of ordinary players and casual players?]

[I looked at it and found that a lot of homemade equipment needs mining, ironing, weaving, and other skills, for crafters to make it!]

[The first commenter thought too much. Many crafters have already tried, but while it’s easy to make equipment, it’s hard to make good attributes. It’s also useless to strike iron since many rare materials are needed for repairs.]


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