DOASCC – Chapter 40.2 – Divine Chicken

After the Treasured Chess Game was completed, Bright Moon River Lake’s game server was upgraded and the new function, a self-made equipment system, was opened.

Bright Moon River Lake has always had the self-made equipment function, but in the past, the system provided ready-made equipment models so players only needed to collect materials and synthesize them into objects.

The upgraded system, however, allowed players to design their own equipment and weapons, which undoubtedly became a huge attraction to players. Especially for players who have pursued specific equipment for its appearance, some of them even found designers to design their equipment.

Some people even rubbed their hands, ready to make the most shocking weapon in the whole game in one stroke and make a lot of money. Then everyone was hit hard.

It was soon discovered that the new feature might look great, but it wasn’t easy to  produce top-notch equipment and many rare materials were required for customization, in addition to basic skills such as smelting and crafting. But even with the above conditions, there was a high probability of failure.

As for the beautiful appearance that everyone imagined… not even basic function was guaranteed, not to mention specific shape. There was no doubt that the planning administrator was again on the front page of the forum on that day. “The new function…” After listening to Meng Feixuan’s report, Xie Ran became thoughtful. “… can be used to test our research results.” 

Bright Moon River Lake’s game technology was more advanced than the holographic technology of Xie Ran’s original world, so during this period of time he played the game while researching the core technology of the whole game with Meng Feixuan’s assistance. He was just thinking about how to test his research results without alerting the game company, when the game company released this new function, making it a good opportunity for him. Just like dozing off, only to bump into a soft pillow.

After talking about the self-made equipment system, Meng Feixuan continued to report on other news. “This morning, Yang Xianyun sent out invitations, inviting all Bright Moon River Lake players to participate in the Martial Arts Conference to select the leader of the martial arts alliance.”

This was another major event, even after the competition of the Treasured Chess Game. The lord of Bright Moon City, Yang Xianyun had sent invitations to the entire population of players to hold a Martial Arts Conference to select the leader of the martial arts alliance.

In simple terms, it was actually an official PK contest for all in game experts. All players could register to participate and the one who obtained the final victory would become the official first expert of Bright Moon River Lake and obtain the title of ‘Martial Supreme’ and the ‘Command of Jianghu’ attribute, as well as other attributes and generous rewards.

This event undoubtedly brought even more excitement to the players than the homemade weapon system. The whole server PK competition with an official certification as the first expert of the Jianghu, the title of martial artist supreme, the attribute to command the Jianghu, etc., no matter which point, there was no doubt that it was a great attraction for every player in the game.

For a while, all major places were crowded with players practicing. Secret books, weapons, materials, and other hard currency prices once again soared.

Xie Ran asked Meng Feixuan, “Have you arranged all the preparations I asked you to do before?” Meng Feixuan nodded. “The layout has been completed, with the preliminary calculations at the end of the Martial Arts Conference. The size of our profit should be between five to six million.”

As early as when the Treasured Chess Game was completed and Yang Xiangyun came out of seclusion, the system released the news that Xie Ran had already started to arrange the new market layout and sure enough, once the official news came out, material prices shot up again. But Xie Ran just nodded and added, “Wait until the second half of the Martial Arts Conference to clear out all the hoarded materials.”

Meng Feixuan used his own system to analyze it, so just nodded in understanding. “I know.” According to the game’s operation logic, after the end of the Martial Arts Conference, the system should normally open new maps. Material drop rates would also be changed, making existing material prices difficult to maintain. In addition, after their previous actions, the game company should pay attention to Xie Ran’s control over the entire materials market and will naturally make some adjustments to balance the game, so it could no longer be monopolized.

While talking about work, the two men walked into the dealer’s store, just in time to hear a player who was buying something slap his thighs and exclaim, “Look at the expert ranking, Bancheng Yanyu’s ranking has risen to second place!” One of his companions gave a “Huh, really?”

Bancheng Yanyu who was the Wind and Rain guild’s guild leader had a great reputation, but his martial arts ranking was never outstanding. He often hovered outside the top twenty, which was also another reason why Yunru and other people have been dissatisfied with him. At this time Bancheng Yanyu suddenly jumped to second place, second only to Jian Jingsheng who ranked first.

[???? How come Bancheng Yanyu is suddenly second? Did he get stimulated by the Martial Arts Conference?]

[I know, I heard from my friends at the Wind and Rain guild that when he did the Chicken King mission he received a secret book of martial arts from a mysterious sect!]

[Wait, wasn’t it just two days ago that the Wind and Rain guild dug out a batch of treasure and that Chicken King gave Bancheng Yanyu clues on how to find it?!]

[That’s right! People scolded the Chicken King just two days ago! How come the Chicken King not only gave the clue, but also gave the secret book?!! ]

[People familiar with the matter told everyone that not only were the clues and secret skills book given, but that the Chicken King also gave a gem. But compared to the previous two, the gem was not too important!]

[What? This is not the Chicken King I know !!!!]

[???????? What kind of chicken did Bancheng Yanyu give to the Chicken King? Such a good strategy!]

[Are you sure it’s the chicken? It’s not like there weren’t people who gave the Chicken King good spiritual chickens before, but nobody received so many things!]

[I feel that since Yunru left, the Wind and Rain guild’s luck became better? The treasure was dug up and Bancheng Yanyu is now second on the leaderboard. This is simply the rhythm of re-emergence!]

The two players in the store also discussed the matter intensely. “Did the Chicken King take a bribe? What kind of chicken did Bancheng Yanyu give him?” His friend was also confused. “To get so many things, it must be some rare and precious chicken, right?”

Meng Feixuan hastily covered Xie Ran’s ears as he said seriously, “Sir, you better listen to the chicken. He is more civilized than him.”

Xie Ran, “…” Just as he finished, the chicken’s loud and clear “cluck, cluck, cluck -” could be heard. “These two with the chicken!” The players were startled and one of them subconsciously took a step back, panicking as his calf hit a large hen.

“Cluck, cluck, cluck.” The hen cried out again. The man looked down and found that it was a common white pheasant chicken that could be found in the suburbs, making his face become dark. “Why is there a chicken here?” Meng Feixuan took his hand off Xie Ran’s ears. “I’m raising it.”

The man took a look at the East Third Street Big Boss and immediately swallowed back the swear words that were on the edge of his mouth and just said resentfully, “Why not tie it with a rope?” Meng Feixuan, somewhat puzzled, answered seriously. “Because our chickens don’t bite people.”

Jijiu’s data was under his monitoring, so it was very different from an ordinary chicken. Xie Ran looked speechlessly at Meng Feixuan. His system probably didn’t know how infuriating that statement was. He glanced at the two men and added a rare and patient explanation for Meng Feixuan. “It really doesn’t bite.”

The man, “…” It was worthy of the acting husband of the East Third Street Big Boss. He really has no quality! He was so angry!!!


The author has something to say: 

Meng: Telling the truth-seeking

Boss Xie: (Although he knows why passers-by are angry, he inadvertently increases their anger because he can’t empathize with them.)

Chicken: Don’t say it. Just thank you. 


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