DOASCC – Chapter 11 – Comprehensive Suspension

For a while, the atmosphere at the scene seemed to freeze into silence.

After a while, Fang Huiwang was the first to come back to his senses. He was the highest earner here, and he was also significantly ahead of the others, so he thought he could take advantage of the opportunity to make a wave for himself in the broadcast.

But as a result, his income was not worth mentioning in comparison with Xie Ran’s.

Fang Huiwang almost vomited blood in his heart and coughed lightly to cover up his embarrassment: “So this is the way it is….. Xiao Ran is really lucky.”

“This is not luck, this is data.” Xie Ran said in a light voice. “The financial market is also an information market, and decisions depend on data analysis, not luck.”

Fang Huiwang choked again.

He felt intellectually offended.

Others also looked at Xie Ran with suspicion, suspecting that he was just bragging.

It was possible to select profitable stocks by analysis, but there must be some luck included to raise it to 30% in a day. Otherwise Xie Ran would have shone brilliantly in the financial world long ago. How could he wait for the recording of the program to show his skills with a thousand dollars?

They muttered in their hearts, but in the case of Xie Ran, not to his face. 

It would only make them look sour.

Even though they really felt sour.

“It takes work to make money in the stock market.” Zhu Chuanjia saw that the atmosphere was a little awkward, so he had no choice but to play the game dryly. “Xiao Ran also spent a lot of energy today, did he?”

“It’s all right.” Xie Ran downplayed it.

The information analysis and processing was an everyday thing for him, not to mention the presence of Meng Feixuan.

Meng Feixuan had quantum level computing power, all unencrypted information in this world was almost transparent to him.

So he really didn’t have to make much effort.

It just so happened that the publicist of the program group came to ask the director in charge of shooting Xie Ran for today’s videos and photos, ready to publish some on Weibo for fans.

The director’s original expression was very complicated and at this time it became even more complex. If you teased it carefully, there was a hint of painful taste as he said with difficulty: “I’m afraid there are no suitable photos for Weibo from.… today’s shooting of Xie Ran.”

The publicist did not understand. “Why?”

The director simply showed the content of today’s shooting directly: “See it for yourself.”

Meng Xixi was relatively close to them so she heard their conversation. Wen Yan also stood curiously and looked over,  saying: “What did brother Ran do today? Why can’t it be published on Weibo?”

Today, all of them worked in the scenic spot and their itinerary was clear to everyone. Only Xie Ran acted alone and there was no mobile phone contact, so they really did not know what he did today.

Hearing Meng Xixi’s words, the other guests’ eyes lit up and their curiosity hung up.

Xie Ran’s itinerary could not be published on Weibo? Was he not as happy as they thought before?

They could not help but feel a trace of embarrassed expectations, but it is not ill-intentioned, simply stimulated by Xie Ran’s profit. As competitors, it was inevitable that they wanted to find a little psychological balance.

“Show us too.” Zhu Chuanjia joked. “Why did xiao Ran come back so late? Did he do something bad?”

With seniors taking the lead, others followed and squeezed to the side of the camera, craning their necks to see.

Generally this type of situation was not allowed during the recording process as the content of the filming should be properly kept secret from the guests. But at this time, the director and the rest of the crew did not stop them for some unknown reason. They not only did not stop them but also took the initiative to offer them a better position as they said: “You might look but only a little.”

In this way everyone smoothly saw Xie Ran’s itinerary today.

Then, several guests once again fell into silence.

The director only showed a few clips for them to see, but through these few clips, they could still clearly see the trajectory of Xie Ran’s activities today.

From the video, it seemed that Xie Ran got up early in the morning, first calmly went to eat breakfast, then went to the hotel’s indoor pool and swam for a while.

After the workout, Xie Ran slowly went to the private beach to sunbathe.

The sea view of Old West City was very beautiful, and in the video picture, the sparkling sea was boundless as it was connected to the blue sky. The crescent-shaped white beach looked soft and clean, dotted with carefully managed artificial green plants and colorful huge beach umbrellas.

In the shadow cast by the beach umbrella, Xie Ran, wearing sunglasses, laid on the recliner so calmly that he seemed to have fallen asleep. On the small round table next to the recliner, was juice and some delicate snacks.

Blue sky, beach, model-like youth, the whole picture was perfect as a travel advertisement.

Xie Ran spent a leisurely morning in this way, and ate a sumptuous lunch in the hotel’s cafeteria at noon.

In the afternoon, he finally changed into a slightly more formal shirt, with a long, thin trench coat of excellent texture but not too ostentatious; he naturally produced an aura that could not be ignored.

Just when everyone thought he was finally going to start his business, they saw him get into a taxi again and calmly head to a very famous local art museum in Old West City to see an exhibition of works by new artists that were recently on display.

Everyone: “……”

On the way, the director who followed him could help asking: “Ran, don’t you have to take care of your stocks?”

Xie Ran closed his eyes and rested his head: “No.”

From then on, the director never said anything again.

Until then, the five wage earners finally understood why the director was so active in showing them Xie Ran’s itinerary.

He was clearly stimulated by Xie Ran and deliberately wanted to take revenge on society!

The publicist also finally knew why it was not suitable to post on Weibo. Xie Ran’s quality of life and other stars’ differences was too big, if the word got out, the fans of the other five stars would scold him to the sky.

“Don’t look at it, don’t look at it, take it away!” Jiang Wei choked and returned to his seat.

Zhu Chuanjia also pressed his chest: “I regret now, I regret it very much, why was I so curious?!”

Xie Ran was even more happy that they thought!

Meng Xixi and Chen Xiaoxuan looked at each other’s tired and dusty appearance and just wanted to hug each other and cry.

After this blow, everyone was not in the mood for another meeting.

The income was hoisted by Xie Ran, not to mention his itinerary…. If they continued this topic, they would only find themselves at a loss for words.

“Let’s eat first.” Jiang Wei heartily said, thinking of the big picture: “After eating, we still have to carry out our next task.”

But now they have to pay for their own meals, so Jiang Wei and Zhu Chuanjia just ordered the cheapest set meal in the hotel.

The girl’s group were even more ruthless, because of their low qualifications, they cared about Ruiyan’s advertising resources even more, so in order to save some money, they directly bought noodles from the convenience store, and just asked the hotel for hot water.

In such a simple atmosphere, Xie Ran once again seemed out of place.

He ordered the hotel’s most expensive set meal at the price of one hundred dollars. It was half of other people’s day salary. Just by the smell, it could show its extraordinary value.

Others: TnT

All of a sudden, they felt that the things in their hands were not so fragrant.

But the hardest it was for Fang Huiwang.

He and Xie Ran were obviously in the same group, but their meal standards were in sharp contrast, which was completely different from the style of other two groups.

But he was not qualified to have an opinion.

At this time, Meng Xixi also noticed this, and without thinking about it, she blurted out: “Hmm… if you look at what brother Fang and brother Ren eat, you really can’t see that you two of them are a team.”

Fang Huiwang: “…”

Just shut up!




After the meal, the program recording entered the last part of the day– room selection.

Starting from today, in addition to paying their own room fees, guests would also gather at the mission site on time every morning. Those who arrived earliest would be rewarded with a certain amount of money and those who were late would have money deducted. The program group would also not provide transportation, so guests would have to bear their own transportation expenses.

In this way, how to choose a house to maximize their profit became a new lesson.

The program group offered a total of three room types with different prices for everyone to choose from. The cheapest was the convenient hotel, which only cost 100$ per night, but the living environment was poor and it was also the farthest from the meeting place.

The medium option was the bed and breakfast, which cost 150$ per night, the living environment and distance were relatively moderate.

The last one was the five star hotel where they were all living in now. Needless to say, it was very luxurious. It was close to the location of the mission, but of course, the price was the most expensive and cost 400$ per night.

The room type could be repeatedly selected without competition, so the guests just needed to discuss it within their groups.

Chen Xiaoxuan looked back at Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang with envy and said: “It’s so good for you. Brother Ran earned so much today, so I am sure that you will not have to worry about it and you can just directly win.”

Fang Huiwang, at this time also became ecstatic. He was in the same group as Xie Ran!

Although Xie Ran’s income today completely overshadowed his limelight and embarrassed him for a time, it was undeniable that their total funding was now so far ahead of the other two groups.

Next, as long as nothing big happened, their group would almost certainly win.

Fang Huiwang looked at Xie Ran gently as if he was looking at Ruiyan’s advertising contract: “Xiao Ran, we don’t have to save much now, so why don’t we just stay in bed and breakfast?”

Xie Ran glanced at him: “Whatever you want.”

Fang Huiwang’s mouth’s corners could not help tilting up: “Good…”

But as soon as he spoke, he heard Xie Ran continue to say, “I will continue to live here.”

Fang Huiwang’s smile froze as he said: “What?”

The other two groups of guests were also surprised to hear it.

You know, since the launch of ‘Somewhere Else’, no one had ever chosen the last type of housing. Even if some people did not try to win at the end, they still simply could not afford the price with their meagre expenses and working income.

Because they would stay at the hotel for five nights, four hundred a night for five nights would be two thousand…

Even if Xie Ran earned more than 1000 today, staying at a five star hotel was just too extravagant. It simply erased the lead they just gained.

Therefore, from the beginning, people never thought that Xie Ran would choose a five-star hotel.

Fang Huiwang who was put on the spot said: “No, it’s too expensive here…”

Xie Ran was unmoved: “You can choose somewhere else. I’ll spend my own money.”

In the end, Fang Huiwang shut up completely.

Others: “…”

Just after one day, Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang split up again.

In the headset, Meng Feixuan coldly hummed: “This hot chicken, eating soft rice, can not understand.”

Xie Ran: “…”

He has learned with his system, a lot of new knowledge once again.


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