DOASCC – Chapter 17.1 – The Winner is Meng Feixuan

During the last two days of recording for ‘Somewhere Else’ the whole show showed an unprecedented atmosphere of harmony and friendship.

The senior group and girls group gave up their struggle completely, not because they didn’t work hard, but because the opponent was too strong.

Also that opponent doesn’t seem to work very hard at all.

The salted fish hugged their heads and cried bitterly.

However, after giving up on the competition, several guests were very happy. Because they no longer had to think about how to save money, they could drink and eat wherever they wanted. They were also filled with love and peace as they were doing tasks. After the closing of the Chinese restaurant, they would go shopping and watch movies in the nearby shopping mall which really turned the show directly into a tourist program.

The staff of the program group was also speechless.

As we all know, although their show had been playing in the name of tourism but the real gimmick was seeing how these gorgeous stars endured hardships.

For this reason, they have spent a lot of money into each season’s winning prize, and this season it was the resources of Ruiyan.

Generally the more you get to the final moment, the more intense the competition between the guests becomes. Even a team with no hope of winning would continue to show an unyielding posture in front of the camera in order to make a positive impression in the audience’s mind.

Never had guests given up so early and so completely.

They even happily spent all their funds.

The crew – hands that were carrying the camera trembled slightly.

Despite this, no one felt that there was anything wrong with what the guests did, after all, their opponent was Boss Xie.

Admitting defeat to Boss Xie, how could this be even called admitting defeat!

It’s called being a person who knows its limits!

Even the director, who has always been fond of making trouble, gave up trying to give chicken soup to the salty guests, and now hated giving up on Xie Ran.

Xie Ran not only persuaded Peter to consider buying the rights to ‘Somewhere Else’ with a few words, but also helped to solve the problems the team encountered in the negotiations with the Old West City TV station. He also unexpectedly negotiated favorable terms for the team, showing his amazing business negotiation skills.

On the last day, the Chinese food promotion task was finally over and Xie Ran won without any surprise. The program group did not even have to do the final tally because the other guests had already spent all their money.

When the program group presented the large KT board with the prize content to Xie Ran group, Zhu Chuanjia make a fast voice over: “The wind blows the egg shell ~ as the money is scattered, people become happy ~”

It was really saddening.

After the mission was finally over, the program team finally restored it’s human nature and arranged a relaxed and luxurious trip on the last night, inviting all guests to dine at the new West Building for dinner at a huge cost.

As the most advanced commercial building in the Old West City, not only was the interior of the building equipped with the most advanced equipment systems, the exterior walls were also made from the latest optical materials so the whole exterior wall was like a giant screen, showing a variety of images and information to pedestrians and tourists every day.

Xie Ran had already been to the New West Building once when doing the photo assignment, but last time he was at the top floor. This time the program team arranged a high-end Western restaurant located in the middle of the building. The Western restaurant was adjacent to the open air sky garden with seats in a semicircle. It also faced the towering glass wall  next to the garden fence where you could also enjoy the night view of the Old West City while eating.

After dinner, entering the emotional part at the end of the program, the director said: “The program is coming to an end. Let’s talk about how we feel about this trip.”

In the past few seasons, guests would always review their hard work over the week and then summarize and sublimate them. One by one they wanted to be the spokesmen of positive energy.

Therefore, this part of the show was also jokingly called the acting skill reward by netizens.

But this time everyone lost interest in their performance and looked like salted fish while sighing one after another.

Zhu Chuanjia said solemnly: “Through this activity I understand what is meant by ‘nothing in the world is difficult, as long as you are willing to give up’!”

Meng Xixi was a little more realistic: “I think it’s not promising to save money. It’s better to spend it and enjoy it!”

Chen Xiaoxuan nodded in agreement: “That’s right Boss Xie taught us a truth: money is earned, not saved.”

Zhu Chuanjia added: “You think I didn’t understand this truth before? First of all, you have to have the earning power of Boss Xie…”

Chen Xiaoxuan flattened her mouth and changed her mind sourly: “Without this ability, it is better to save money obediently.”

Jiang Wei looked at Xie Ran eagerly: “This time I deeply realized that it is important to choose the right teammates in addition to fighting for himself.”

Zhu Chuanjia jumped at the side and choked: “What the hell are you implying?”

The crew couldn’t bear to look at it anymore and silently moved the camera to Xie Ran: “What about you, Mr. Xie? What do you think about this time?”

Xie Ran put down the coffee in his hand , thought for a moment, and said seriously: “The old west city is quite suitable for vacation so I will come here again in the future.”

Everyone: “……”

Boss Xie was giving vacation tips?

Finally, the camera lens fell on Fang Huiwang: “Now it’s brother Fang’s turn to say something.”

“This time –” Fang Huiwang smiled slightly, his voice becoming soft: “I was really happy to be able to record the program with Xiao Ran and travel together. Although there was a lot of friction during this time it also reminded me of a lot of things that happened before.”

His eyes were like water, gently dripping towards Xie Ran: “Xiao Ran do remember what day it is today?”

The previous flow of conversation was actually just laying the groundwork and now Fang Huiwang was focusing on the main point that was also tonight’s highlight.

As his voice fell, the huge glass wall they faced suddenly lit up and made all guests in the sky garden turn their heads.

The glass wall turned into a huge screen, and a beautifully edited video began to play on the screen.

At the same time, the staff handed over a guitar.


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