DOASCC – Chapter 39.2 – Chicken King Mission

So if you accidentally disturb them face to face, won’t you be killed until you retire?

It was really scary when these two people stood together.

In a teahouse on East Third Street, Yunyu sat near the door drinking tea and thinking about things. When suddenly a shadow fell in front of him.

Looking up, he saw it was Jian Jingsheng.

“Luyan, what a coincidence to see you here.” Jian Jingsheng greeted him with a smile and sat down across from him in a familiar manner.

Bancheng Yanyu was a little surprised, but he still greeted him and said: “What a coincidence, why are you here?”

“Dynasty Smoke Pavilion now has a lot of equipment and secret books so we plan to rent a shop on East Third Street. Today I came to see the place: “ Jian Jingsheng said casually.

 “Ah, Brother Jian is really amazing.” Bancheng Yanyu praised: “I heard that many top equipment and secret books are now in hands of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon, making them out of reach for other guilds.”

“It’s just good luck.” Jian Jingsheng’s eyes looked at him burningly: “I know that Wind and Rain guild situation is not very good now so if you need my help feel free to ask me, no need to be polite.”

He was a little unwilling when he said this.

Originally, Dynasty Smoke Pavillon successful capture of the Blade God Family should have been a sensational event that made him proud, but Xie Dafang bloodshed of the Raging Thundercloud Tower instantly drew all the attention and discussion away.

He had wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to show himself in front of Yin Luyan but in the end, it was all in vain.

Fortunately, now that Dynasty Smoke Pavilion has finally become the first guild in “Bright Moon River Lake” and successfully took over Blade God family it brought them a lot of benefit. In addition to the fame which was used to attract more new members, the Sword god boss in their guild had the  advantage over other guilds in fighting monsters and doing quests, which also brought more equipment, secret books and other games hard currency.

With this, Jian Jingsheng’s reputation and status in the game rose making his desire for Yin Luyan, also became restless all of a sudden

He desperately wanted to let Yin Luyan see his achievements, wanting to let Yin Luyan worship him like he used to worship God Fade. With the authentic Yin Luyan next to him, Xie Defang was nothing.

“Uh…” Bancheng Yanyu smiled a little embarrassedly when he heard his words, remembering the situation on the day Yunru wanted to take over Wind and Rain guild headquarter he could understand Jian Jingsheng choice that day. In fact Jian Jingsheng’s intention at that time was already quite remarkable but in the end it was only intentions.

Bancheng Yanyu politely said, “Thank you, but I don’t need help for the time being.”

He was not putting on the front, Wind and Rain guild has been hit hard by this and the situation was indeed very bad, making them fall out directly from top five guild. But in his view it was also not a bad thing, Wind and Rain guild internal problems had been happening for a long time already so this fight was just a matter of time. But after this fight they got rid of the internal unrest, so although their whole guild was much smaller now the atmosphere was much better than before.

Of course, this was all thanks to Xie Dafang helping them keep their guild headquarters.

But Jian Jingsheng did not give up on this point, in fact he came prepared today. His eyes moved from Bancheng Yanyu’s face to the bamboo cage with a white chicken in it.

Jian Jingsheng said: “Are you doing the Chicken King quest?”

Bancheng Yanyu nodded in a little helpless way: “Just been rejected.”

This was a notoriously difficult quest in the game. Chicken King was actually a disciple of the mysterious desert sect who would come to buy ingredients on East Third Street every seven days and give the quest of collecting chickens to players at the same time, so he was called Chicken King.

This quest didn’t sound difficult, but the main problem was that Chicken King has a very dark personality and liked to torment the player. He only gave the quest to players with specific color, male or female and even if you meet all his requirements at the time, he might still not necessarily want it. In short, it all depended on his mood whether he would give you the quest or not.

In addition, he only appeared once a week so some players tried to complete his quest for a couple of months, making Chicken King known in the whole Bright Moon River Lake as the most annoying NPC.

Of course, the reward for completing the quest was usually not bad. Chicken king would give a good grade secret weapon and if he was in a good mood, sometimes he would even give some hidden clues of a mysterious sect.

It was Bancheng Yanyu second time being rejected.

“Coincidentally, I happened to catch a magic chicken on Penglai Island two days ago. I will give him to you.” Jian Jingsheng took out an extraordinary-looking chicken from his game backpack and handed it to Bancheng Yanyu: “If you use it for the quest, you will be able to complete it.”

Chicken King had a dark personality but the trick to quickly passing his quest was giving him rare spiritual chicken but it wasn’t easy to encounter them, and it was even more difficult to catch them.

In fact, Jian Jingsheng has long known that Bancheng Yanyu was doing the quest of chicken king. Now that he has the capability to have eyes around and get clues about spirit beast, catching it was just a moment for him.

There would also be even more opportunities in the future.

Bancheng Yanyu looked at the spirit chicken in surprise for a moment but still subconsciously said: “How can I take it……”

“It’s okay ……” Jian Jingsheng was about to speak when Bancheng Yanyu eyes suddenly lit up as he shouted: “Brother Xie, Brother Meng!”

Jian Jingsheng’s expression changed as he looked up.

He saw that the players on the street were avoiding a specific group, automatically opening a space around them so Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuang standing at the center were visible at a glance.

“Great, I finally met you.” Bancheng Yanyu walked forward happily.

As a matter of fact, in addition to doing the chicken king’s quest he was trying to meet the two of them today.

“Thanks to you two that day, Wind and Rain guild was able to hold on to its headquarters.” Bancheng Yanyu said while taking out a fine box from his backpack and handing it over: “There is nothing I can do to repay your great kindness but this is a luminous cup I got someone to collect at the seaside. Please accept it brother Xie, in the future, if you will have any use for Wind and Rain guild please feel free to let me know.”

The luminous cup was a top-level artifact in the game, it could only be found on the seaside but it was very rare while having a very good attribute bonus. Bancheng Yanyu in order to get this luminous cup takes quite a lot of effort.

But Xie Ran just glanced at it and shook his head: “No, keep it.”

Bancheng Yanyu became a little anxious then: “Brother Xie, please do not be polite ……”

At this time, the sound of “giggling” came from the place where he was sitting. Xie Ran hearing the sound looked slightly moved as he thoughtfully turned his head to ask Meng Feixuan: “Perhaps, I can try to raise animals again?”

Meng Feixuan asked with a profound expression: “Does it work?”

Xie Ran: “Not sure, need to try to know.”

Meng Feixuang thought for a moment before showing a resolute expression: “Okay, for the sake of husband, I’m going to rise to the occasion and practice what it’s like to raise animals!”

Xie Ran: “……” does not need to be upgraded at any time.

“Is that chicken yours?” Xie Ran asked Bancheng Yanyu.

Bancheng Yanyu subconsciously nodded.

“Can I have it?” Xie Ran asked: “I can buy ……”

“No no, you can take it as you wish.” Bancheng Yanyu very much liked to give Xie Dafang something, although he was a little confused why anyone would want an ordinary chicken in the game.

Was the boss’ life so ordinary and boring?

He trotted back to pick up the chicken cage and noticed that Jian Jingsheng still sat at the same place the two of them looked at each other.

Bancheng Yanyu could not help but glance at his face.

Jian Jingsheng: !!!!!

He knows what Bancheng Yanyu eyes mean, green! His hair was still green! !!!

“Haha.” Bancheng Yanyu awkwardly laughed: “Excuse me, Brother Jian, I have something to do here. We’ll talk next time.”

He then returned to Xie Dafang who after receiving the chicken coop was about to hand it over to Meng Feixuan when he suddenly paused and asked: “Is this a quest prop?”

“Yes.”  Bancheng Yanyu scratched his head: “But the Chicken King has refused to accept it.”

Xie Ran then glanced at Meng Feixuan and without waiting for him to speak, Meng Feixuan snapped his fingers in understanding, “Sir, I can do this.”

After saying that Meng Feixuan reached out and casually stopped a NPC on the road: “You, go and call the chicken king over.”

As soon as NPC saw that there were the big bosses of East Side Street he immediately bowed and nodded: “OK, Mr. Meng, just a moment.”

Bancheng Yanyu: ?

Bancheng Yanyu was still confused when that same NPC quickly brought Chicken King over, the chicken king who still not knew that he was targeted by them, looked at Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan with some wariness as he asked: “Boss Xie, master Meng, what are you looking for me for?”

Xie Ran mentioned the chicken cage as he looked at Bancheng Yanyu: “I heard that you want chickens?”

Meng Feixuan, standing by his side with sneer, crossed his arms saying: “Think clearly before you answer.”

“……” The chicken king shook a little as he looked at the chicken cage and then at the Bancheng Yanyu, before finally turning his gaze to Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan and saying with some shame: “It’s what I want, it’s what I want.”

Then he smiled awkwardly at the Bancheng Yanyu: “Young warrior, sorry, I did not see it clearly in the morning, this chicken is very good, I want it.”

Bancheng Yanyu: “……?”

He looked back at Xie Dafang in shock, he had previously heard that Xie Dafang had become a big boss of East Third Street since he had monopolized the in-game material market, but he didn’t know that he had become domineering to this extent.

Even the chicken king trembled when he looked at him.

At the same time, he also knew why Xie Dafang’s level rose so fast, with his position while doing a quest, how could it not rise fast?

The chicken king, who has always taken pleasure in making things difficult for players, took out a secret book from his backpack and handed it to Bancheng Yanyu and began to go through the usual process: “Young warrior, your chicken is very good, I’ll use a lost secret book from my sect to exchange with you ……”

Bancheng Yanyu looked at the secret book in amazement, it was actually a high level skill book, exactly what he needed to upgrade at the moment. You might not know but it was not easy to make a breakthrough for a player of his level.

He was excited to receive the secret book, but Meng Feixuan frowned, seeming very dissatisfied: “Why are you so stingy, giving just one book?”

The chicken king shuddered and quickly took out a gemstone from his pocket: “Also this gemstone, it can be set on top of the weapon ……”

The gem glowed faintly, at glance you could tell that its properties were extraordinary.

Meng Feixuan clasped his chest: ”Anything more?”

Chicken King: “……”

The Chicken King looked at the chicken cage without tears. This chicken was just an ordinary chicken, with nothing special except for its beautiful color and sturdy build.

The chicken king trembled: “Then I will give this young warrior another clue to the treasure map ……”

Before Bancheng Yanyu regained his senses, the quest of the chicken king that had given him a headache for more than half a month, was completed. Not only that, he also received a very generous reward. It was already enough to show off the top secret book in his hand that he received from the Chicken king.

But he… Bancheng Yanyu looked at the top secret book in his backpack, the gem and the clue to the treasure map…

No wonder, Xie Dafang didn’t want his luminous cup. He was afraid that he could get a dozen luminous cups a day just for his tasks.

Chicken King tearfully finished the quest and then stretched out his trembling hand to lift the chicken cage: “This lowly one has already finished his purchase today so I won’t bother boss Xie and Master Meng anymore.”

Xie Ran, however, lifted the chicken cage: “Give me this chicken.”

Chicken King: “…”

Bancheng Yanyu: “…”

Still sitting in the tea house Jian Jingsheng: “…” The chicken in his hand also stretched its neck and gave a cackle, but no one looked at it from beginning to end.


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