DOASCC – Chapter 27.2 – Epilogue – Returning To The Entertainment Industry

For idols whose transformation failed, this actually meant the end of their acting career. No matter how hard he would struggle, at best he could only survive.

The acting world was the most realistic court of fame and fortune, and now he couldn’t even get an invitation card for the Jinzhou Awards.

Fang Huiwang wanted to escape, but he couldn’t help looking at Xie Ran.

He used to hate Xie Ran but at this moment when Xie Ran came out in high profile in front of the live camera, it finally dawned on him that the person he should hate the most was actually himself.

It was his greed, cowardice and stupidity that brought him to this point.

At this time, Xie Ran said on the stage that he would fully return to the entertainment industry.

Fang Huiwang saw him reveal a rare, slightly gentle smile, making his whole body pause. Suddenly, he felt that Xie Ran returned to the person he was familiar with for a moment, but when he took a closer look, it was completely different.

Looking back, Fang Huiwang’s heart suddenly became empty, as if a hand grabbed his heart and pinched it fiercely, then let go and disappeared without a trace.

He vaguely realized that from now on, he and Xie Ran will really never have any intersection again.

Just like heaven and earth, clouds and mud.

The next day, Xie Ran Studio released a statement to the public, Xie Ran officially withdrew from the board of directors of Seeking technology and Ruiyan automobile and will no longer participate in the project decision-making and technically support the two companies. He will only participate in the dividend as an ordinary shareholder.

Xie Ran himself will also return to the entertainment industry and devote himself to acting work.

This decision wasn’t too unexpected for everyone, in fact, from a year ago, after Xie Ran accepted the role in Wang Zhong movie he began to arrange his work in the two companies and gradually withdraw from the core circle.

By now, the artificial intelligence virtual idol technology of Seeking Technology had been on track, basically realizing the self-evolution of idols and successively launching the second and third generations of intelligent idols.

On the contrary, Meng Feixuan who had once been popular, began to retire in a low profile after launching two records, leaving only an eternal legend in the history of the development of virtual idols.

Ruiyan car driverless technology had also achieved a breakthrough , and would be put to use in the near future.

Xie Ran no longer needed to undertake practical work and just had to wait for the dividend. The soaring share prices of the two companies were enough for Xie Ran to sponsor movies for himself in the entertainment industry.

Having said that, when everyone saw the headlines uniformly released by the media, they felt speechless and choked at the same time——

《After changing our country’s technology landscape, the father of AI, Xie Ran once again won Jinzhou Awards and then decided to fully return to entertainment industry!》

Netizens: […………]

People ask themselves why they still have tears in their eyes, shouldn’t they be used to Xie Ran’s actions already?

When Xie Ran opened his eyes he found that he had crossed over to another parallel world, and to another person also named Xie Ran. At the same time he also received the original body owner’s memories.

In his freshman year, the top game company in this world launched a holographic online game called “Bright Moon River Lake”.

Unlike the holographic projection of the previous world that Xie Ran crossed into, the holographic technology of this world went much further and could directly access the human sensory nerves, truly realizing the virtual reality in the human mind.

The “Bright Moon River Lake” was an ancient style game that claimed to restore 100% of the real human sensory experience and truly realize virtual reality. The game took place on a magnificent map, with rich characters, story background and task clues. Players could fight monsters and level up, practice martial arts and build guilds. In the game you could experience the meaning of life in ancient times.

As soon as the game was launched, it became popular all over the country, and almost everyone who could afford the game chip was playing it.

The original body owner was a casual player of this game, his game ID was called Xie Dafang. Originally, he only toured mountains and rivers in the game to relax his body and mind, until he met Kuang Jingning whose game ID was Jian Jingsheng.

Kuang Jingning was the leader of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, the second largest player guild in the game. He was also the number one player on the player ranking. Coupled with his handsome appearance and prestige, Kuang Jingning was very popular among players and one of most famous players in “Bright Moon River Lake”

Surprisingly, Kuang Jingning, who was quite clean in the game and declined many suitors, fell in love with the original body owner at first sight and launched a crazy pursuit. The original body owner was  moved by Kuang Jingning sincerity and soon fell in love with gum. In the game he became the partner of Kuang Jingning and they soon became the most famous couple in “Bright Moon River Lake” game.

The two people’s feelings grew deeper and finally developed from the game to reality.  Unfortunately, on his way for their meeting the original body owner was accidentally involved in a car accident and became half paralyzed. The original body owner was devastated by this and almost gave up but unexpectedly, Kuang Jingning did not mind this. He took good care of him and promised to never leave so the original body owner felt extremely touched, the two of them finally got together in reality too.

Kuang Jingning and the original body owner lived together lovingly for nearly ten years. In these ten years thank to original body owner, Kuang Jingning’s career has only become better and better and he become new business tycoon. They were also the industry model husband and wife, especially Kuang Jingning’s love for disabled original body owner was praised by the outside world.

But when the original body owner was extremely glad to have met Kuang Jingning and thought that he would spend his life calmly and happily with him, Kuang Jingning suddenly changed his attitude toward him and started to be cold and violent towards him. It turned out that he had started to forcefully pursue Yin Luyan, the original body owner’s fellow student from college.

It was only at this point that the original body owner found out that the person who Kuang Jingning had always liked was Yin Luyan, but because Yin Luyan was a straight man and came from a wealthy family, he felt that he was not worthy of Yin Luyan so he just kept him in the depth of his heart.

The original body owner whom Kuang Jingning met in “Bright Moon River Lake” game had a very similar temperament to Yin Luyan, so he took him as Yin Luyan’s substitute and began to pursue him.

The original body owner was just an unknown casual player in the “Bright Moon River Lake” game, he also didn’t mind that he got accidentally disabled in a car accident because he never liked him from the start. For many years he only treated the original body owner as the substitute for another person, so he did not need the original owner to be excellent or outstanding as long as the original body owner was similar to that person.

When Kuang Jingning became rich and famous, coincidentally Yin Luyan’s family got into an accident and their family fortune began to decline. Kuang Jingning finally decided to stop suppressing his hidden feeling of more than ten years and completely abandoned the “substitute” and instead forcefully tried to get the “real” person.

In the end, Yin Luyan was forced to submit to the situation for the sake of his family. But in order to maintain his external image, Kuang Jingning did not free the original body owner but confined him in a villa in the suburb. Frustrated, the original body owner hugged him and rolled down the stairs together with him when he came to see him. Kuang Jingning was therefore disabled for life, and the original body owner ended his life where he was deceived by lies.

Obviously, the original body owner was full of reluctance and obsession about his life, so his strong fluctuation of the atomic group of consciousness once again attracted Xie Ran who was in a superposition state.

Xie Ran crossed over just when the original body owner was about to marry the first player of the game Jian Jingsheng.

At this time, the original body owner and Kuang Jingning had not yet met but they fell in love with each other in the game so Kuang Jingning formally asked the original body owner hand in marriage. Of course, the original owner did not know why Kuang Jingning proposed to him until the truth was revealed. In fact, it was Yin Luoyan proposing to his girlfriend in reality at this time that stimulated him.

But Kuang Jingning in front of the original owner concealed himself very well and showed only touching deep love. He not only proposed but using his identity as leader of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion he issued wedding invitations. Almost all the celebrities of the best player list were invited to the scene, giving the original body owner a grand wedding.

But now it was Xie Ran who was in the game.

His mind gradually cleared up so he could finally distinguish the situation he was in at this moment.

He was wearing a red wedding dress and was standing in the union premises of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, one of the most magnificent and imposing buildings in the”Bright Moon River Lake” game where his and Jian Jingsheng’s wedding was about to take place.

He looked around and saw that the lobby and the courtyard outside were crowded with players who had come to watch the ceremony. The crowd was very lively and all players were well-equipped. They were all celebrities from the player ranking list, expensive congratulatory gifts were piled up from the front door to the courtyard, showing off Jian Jingsheng’s good connections.

Now, everyone was looking at today’s protagonists, Jian Jingsheng and Xie Ran who stood in the middle of the auditorium, preparing to witness this sensational wedding.

Jian Jingsheng stood right in front of Xie Ran, smiling at him as he said softly: “Little Da, it’s time for us to pay our respects.”

The original body owner game ID was Xie Dafang.

Xie Ran slightly raised his eyes and looked at him for a moment before saying in a light tone: “I’m ready to go offline.”

Smiling face of Jian Jingsheng suddenly stiffened:?


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