DOASCC – Chapter 25.2 – Coming out

Yewang Studio

“The company’s media index rose by forty-seven percent this week, and the word-of-mouth index is also rising. “ Kuang Youfang showed the data report to Fang Huiwang.

This data was naturally much less than in Fang Huiwang’s peak, but in terms of their current situation, it was not bad. At very least, it’s much better than what he expected at the beginning.

“Recently there are two more idol dramas and a movie script sent over, the idol drama lineup is good ……”

“Don’t take idol dramas for now.” Fang Huiwang interrupted Kuang Youfang and suddenly asked again, “What’s the situation of Xie Ran now?”

Kuang Youfang smiled silently, Fang Huiwang was now more hardworking and stronger than before, but at the same time, he had developed a morbid concern for Xie Ran which was not a good thing in his opinion.

After a while, Kuang Youfang regained his mind and said as if nothing had happened: “He has a very bad reputation now, public opinion generally believes that he has crossed the line and betrayed the trust.”

Of course, these comments also have a contribution to their studio.

Fang Huiwang was not happy and just sneered: “So what if the popularity is bad, he does not need to care about the good or bad reputation among netizens at present. He just can’t take roles or take part in shows… but he also does not lack the exposure.”

“……” Kuang Youfang was relieved just now but now reality hit him in the face.

Xie Ran no longer needed to rely on the entertainment industry to eat, as long as it was not something serious that would trigger a national boycott the simple public opinion could not affect him in any way.

Moreover, with Xie Ran’s current high and mighty behavior, it was hard to say if he would even look at these comments on the internet.

Kuang Youfang tried to calm himself down as he said: “One more thing. In the last two days, there have been a lot of water army accounts on the Internet that revealed that Xie Ran is a gay.”

Fang Huiwang’s expression only slightly rippled as he asked: “Who published the story?”

“Not sure.” Kuang Youfang shook his head: “But everyone speculated that it might be Jia Shiqing’s revenge.”

Fang Huiwang just sneered: “It could only be him.”

Jia Shiqing and Xie Ran had known each other for many years, so it was not surprising that he knew that Xie Ran was gay. Now that he hated Xie Ran so much, it was normal that he spread it.

“However, water army accounts have just empty revelations, there is no evidence so few people believe it on the internet.”Kuang Youfang said: “On the contrary, there are more people who laugh at Jia Shiqing and think that Jia Shiqing wants to use this news to divert his scandal.”

Fang Huiwang was not surprised: “Xie Ran has had no scandal for so many years and he still wants to splash dirty water without any evidence. It seems that Jia Shiqing is really anxious.”

His tone became more and more sarcastic: “It’s a wonder if Xie Ran will spare him even one look.”

“Uh ……” Kuang Youfang paused for a moment, looking slightly strange: “Xie Ran studio just released the news, Xie Ran will open a live broadcast tonight to explain about this matter.”

Fang Huiwang:?

Xie Ran was not as well as the outside world thought. As the president of  Zhuzi Technology, his personal image represented the company image to a certain extent so he still needed to cooperate with the Public Relations Department to promote it from time to time.

Now even if he didn’t consider  the artist’s image, as a partner of Seeking technology and Ruiyan automobile, he needed to consider these two companies.

In fact, if the staff of the other side had not turned off the live broadcast in Jia Shiqing’s studio that day, he would have explained directly on the scene without giving it an opportunity to ferment on the Internet.

Even when he missed that opportunity, online public opinion was still within an acceptable range and it was not necessary to hold a special press conference.

…… If Guan Shunan hadn’t threatened to hang herself in front of his apartment if he didn’t have PR, he would have chosen to let the storm pass naturally.

In the evening, Xie Ran appeared on time in the live broadcast.

Since the morning, the live broadcast attracted a large number of netizens and anti fans so as soon as he appeared, people couldn’t wait to mock him.

[The Knife president is here to wash white, let’s see what he will do!]

[Boss Xie: How can I be called knife president doge]

[Do anti-fans have some disease? Xiao Ran was just telling the truth, it was Jia Shiqing’s own moral failure. How could you call him a knife?]

[Fan no one argues about Jia Shiqing’s moral corruption, but does he have any conflict with Xie Ran who was his friend?]

Guan Shunan specially invited the host with high degree professionalism who turned a blind eye to the comment in the chat and calmly exchanged pleasantries with Xie Ran before getting to the point: “ Boss Xie, recently there has been a discussion on the Internet about why you came forward to reveal Mr. Jia Shiqing cheating. I wonder if you can explain why?”

Xie Ran took the microphone and went straight to the point: “Just watch the screenshot.”

As he spoke, the live broadcast screen became a split screen again and began to scroll a screenshot of the WeChat conversation. Which was the account of Jia Shiqing and a paparazzi, clearly showing the content and time of the conversation between Jia Shiqing and the paparazzi.

In the screenshot, Jia Shiqing received the news that he had been filmed and actively contacted the paparazzi to try to replace his scandal with Xie Ran’s own, just before Xie Ran revealed his scandal.

At the top of the screenshot, there was also a video sent by paparazzi to Jia Shiqing, which was the one Xie Ran published.

Xie Ran was concise and to the point so everyone did not study his source of information in detail. When they saw the screenshots, they only thought it was some insider who couldn’t bear watching it and secretly recorded it and sent it to Xie Ran.

Instead, it was the amount of real information in the video screen that stunned everyone.

[???? It was actually Jia Shiqing who made the first move! !]

[Fu*k, Jia Shiqing is too shameless !!!! Luckily, Boss Xie found out about it first, otherwise he would have been very unlucky now! !]

[Well done boss Xie, betrayal should not be repaid with virtue! This is how it should be, support boss Xie who gets justice for himself!]

[Sorry, boss Xie! I really thought you stabbed your friend before! I will never believe in the words on the Internet again!]

Xie Ran’s clarification was concise and powerful, he did not even need to bother with words as he was directly laying out the evidence, the comment section immediately changed direction.

Guan Shunan breathed a sigh of relief. Thank god, she no longer needed to hang herself at the door of Xie Ran apartment.

At the same time, Fang Huiwang who was watching Xie Ran live in his studio sneered: “Not bad for you.”

There was no need to make elaborate set up or disdain and bother anyone. You just needed to speak facts.

But the real truth? Who would dare to say it?

In the comment section there were also a few “ Fang x Ran CP” fans:

[Boss Xie, I’m sorry? Even if Xie Ran stepped on Jia Shiqing, how about the fact that he went overboard and suppressed his former colleague who worked and debuted together with him?]

[You can clarify the matter of Jia Shiqing but do you dare to clarify the matter of Fang Huiwang?]

The host very skillfully ignored those few comments and continued with a smile: “Mr. Xie has explained the reasons very clearly, I believe the netizens also reached a conclusion in their hearts …… Right recently some marketing accounts on the internet spread rumors about Mr. Xie sexual orientation, Mr. Xie are you going to issue a statement about it?”

“It’s not a rumor.” Xie Ran looked toward the camera and said: “I am indeed gay.”

Xie Ran had never liked anyone so he was not sure about his own sexual orientation.

He said this statement for the original body owner.

This sentence, to live broadcast and even the entire entertainment industry, was shocked.

Guan Shunan:!!!!!!

Comment section:[!!!!!!!]

The off-screen Fang Huiwang was so shocked that he almost smashed his phone.


The author has something to say: Boss Xie is fearless.


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