DOASCC – Chapter 39.1 – Chicken King Mission

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Title: disturbing people in love might end you killed! Yan Xiaowu and Yang Xianyun bloodshed Raging Thundercloud Tower…

Content: Everyone saw the news? Yunru originally brought the Raging Thundercloud Tower members to the Wind and Rain Guild headquarters wanting to steal their headquarters. But as result because someone wrote about it on the world channel it disturbed the relationship between the husband and wife of the East Third Street, causing Xie Dafang in anger summon Yan Xiaowu and Yang Xianyun who washed in Raging Thundercloud Tower in blood and made it disband overnight.

1L: ???????

4L: No, isn’t Xie Dafang and his wife too domineering? Because of the news on the World Channel they would wipe out the whole guild? ? ?

15L: Whether the bully is going overboard or not, it’s true that the Raging Thundercloud Tower guild has been destroyed. I happened to be doing a quest nearby at that time so when I saw the news, I went over to watch the commotion, I was lucky enough to… No, it should be unfortunate enough to witness the whole process. Damn, Raging Thundercloud Tower was too miserable and they were even on the ranking of famous guilds. But as a guild they had no strength to fight back, after being confronted by Yan Xiaowu and Yang Xianyun the whole scene was extremely tragic.

20L: That’s for sure. Yan Xiaowu and Yang Xianyun are both big bosses right? In the Blade God family there is only one big boss called Sword God but Dynasty Smoke Pavilion still needed to find a lot of outside help to take them down.

21L: The worst thing is that Yan Xiaowu and Yang Xianyun also said that anyone who is part of Raging Thundercloud Tower would not be able to receive missions from them in the future. We all know how important this quest is for the next martial arts conference so many people quit Raging Thundercloud Tower on the spot.

Everyone should know what happened next, Raging Thundercloud Tower couldn’t do anything and directly disbanded.

Seriously, I’ve been playing this game for so long but it was my first time seeing a guild that disbanded like this and this was such a large guild!

30L: Wasn’t there too much of a twist? Bancheng Yanyu became the biggest winner! Are you sure that the big boss from East Third Street was not hired by Wind and Rain Guild?

42L: A member of the Wind and Rain Guild here, who is also confused and decided to follow this post. I swear we really don’t know what happened! Yunru, that thieving dog, unexpectedly bought out so many of our senior guild members. These people not only betrayed our guild but they also set the rhythm making us feel at that time it was really over.

You might not believe it even if I say it but at that time I was so angry I wanted to cancel my account immediately after I died in battle. Who would like such a stupid game… but after what happened never I never had time to think about it again.

54L: A moody old man of the Wind and Rain Guild passed by and nodded in praise for brother 42L. The ending of these traitors was very bad which was very cool.

BTW, in fact Bancheng Yanyu’s family is also very rich but he doesn’t bother doing this kinds of things, using money to buy people over is really not worth it.

67L: There didn’t seem to be a small episode mentioned till now, in fact Jian Jingsheng was also there at that time, saying that he rushed over to help Bancheng Yanyu. But later because few elder guild members defected, Jian Jingsheng probably found it too difficult to deal with and gave up.

73L: Emmmmmm, although Jian Jingsheng has no obligation to help Bancheng Yanyu, giving up on it because it’s not cost-effective is not quite right. Isn’t it said that Bancheng Yanyu is acquainted with Jian Jingsheng in reality?

88L: You just found ah, in fact, Jian Jingsheng has always been very good in relationships. Of course, it can also be said that he has a high emotional intelligence, otherwise he would not be able to bring Dynasty Smoke Pavillon to number one position in the whole service.

100L: After finishing eating melon seeds, what shocked me the most was that Xie Dafang could summon Yan Xiaowu and Yang Xianyun! What level is he at? I’m really curious!

In addition, the love affair between him and his little wolf dog boyfriend, if people disagree they would be slaughtered… It’s really an all-around love.

Yunru tried to steal the residence of Wind and Rain Guild but as a result his whole sect  was washed in blood and forced to disband because of suspiciously disturbing the love affair between Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan. This news spread all over the game and even became a popular topic on a few social platforms.

This incident was too unexpected for everyone, that even Yunru himself who was killed by Yang Xianyun didn’t quite understand what was happening.

By the time he reacted, all Raging Thundercloud Tower members had already withdrawn from the guild, and were even eventually forced to disband because the number of members was below the minimum number required by the system.

Wind and Rain Guild players did not know much more than him, especially Bancheng Yanyu who was ready to fight to death but didn’t even have the opportunity to do it.

True – they still won.

After this battle, Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuang’s image in the other players’ minds became more and more unpredictable.

This kind of unfathomableness was also reflected in the fact that Xie Dafang was once just a mediocre casual player who made rapid progress in the game level after abandoning Jian Jingsheng. In a short time his name scampered from tens of thousands to top hundred in the player list, being listed side by side by other game celebrities. He was also the only casual player in the top 100 ranking list.

The leveling method of this game was similar to other games. It was all about fighting monsters and doing quests. Casual players generally didn’t fight monsters or went to dangerous dungeons so their leveling up basically all relied on doing quests. Xie Dafang didn’t change but his speed of leveling up was really curious, in the end how many quests did he do?

When the whole service doubted their lives because of Xie Dafang, the person concerned was not affected at all. Xie Ran was still doing quests in the game in a step-by-step manner.

“Sir, we’re going to East Third Street to collect the payment today.” Meng Feixuan professionally reported their itinerary, “By the way, we will also go to the nearby pharmacy to turn in the quest.”

“Mm-hmm.” Xie Ran nodded.

As the general dealer of East Third Street, he could actually arrange for the NPC from Zhulu mountain sect to collect payments but since this game was not challenging for him and there was nothing for him to do he could collect payment in leisure, and complete quests by the way.

After Meng Feixuan finished arranging the schedule he immediately switched from work state to his daily state and said joyfully, “Sir, I think I’ve upgraded!”

Xie Ran:?

“Last time after you told me about the effect of images on emotions, I spent a night seriously thinking about it with my core code and I think I finally got it!” Meng Feixuan took a paper out of nowhere: “Look”

Xie Ran took and spread out the rice paper, this seemed to be a watercolor painting portraying the sunset by the sea. It was mostly orange and red with round unset floating on the sea, because the whole painting’s brush strokes were distorted, it looked like something painted by a child.

“I drew this by hand and didn’t generated it by the system.” Meng Feixuan waved his hand proudly and emphasized: ” With this hand!”

“Hmm.” Xie Ran nodded and commented, “It’s at the level of a five-year-old.”

He pointed to two lines of black ink on the paper that seemed to have been accidentally made: “This can be wiped off with a brush dipped in water and then covered with a new color…”

“Why wipe it off?” Meng Feixuan was confused as he spoke: “This is me and my husband!”

“……” Xie Ran folded up the drawing paper without changing his expression and praised his AI: “It’s not bad.”

“It’s you who taught me well!” Meng Feixuan also praised him: “I did not expect that although I mastered theory, practice would be so much different.”

Looking earnest like a class teacher he said: “Sir, you have to learn both of them.”

Xie Ran just pretended to not hear him.

While talking the two of them arrive at East Third Street.

This place was still as lively as ever but now many people darted away when they saw the two of them show up.

You couldn’t blame them since in the whole service it was rumored that because Xie Dafang’s love affair was disturbed he washed the whole Raging Thundercloud Tower in blood – or just sent too many messages on the World Channel.


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