DOASCC – Chapter 23.2 – The Real Boss

Fang Huiwang was very smart so if it was not for Xie Ran high-level skills, maybe the one standing on the top of the entertainment industry would not be Xie Ran studio but Yewang studio.

But now it seems that it was inevitable that Fang Huiwang was just making a fool of himself.

Soon, the last episode of “Somewhere Else” aired, and on the night of the broadcast, the topic of “Meng Feixuan first performance”directly exploded into the hot search.

Snowball TV took advantage of the cooperation between Xie Ran Studio and Seeking Technology, when Meng Feixuan was in the limelight, and directly cut Meng Feixuan performance in the sky garden into the main movie.

Meng Feixuan performance was naturally impeccable.

The stage technique he displayed could only be described as stunning.

The performance was quickly cut out separately by fans, and the number of online broadcasts continued to rise. The netizens hailed it as a milestone in virtual idols performance.

The day after the program was broadcasted Xie Ran Studio officially released Meng Feixuan’s first digital EP and the first MV, featuring Meng Feixuan song performed in the program.

Professionally produced EP and MV were naturally more perfect than live performances in the program. On the day that Ep was put on the shelves, sales directly broke the domestic digital EP sales record, reaching the top and winning the annual championship. The share price of Seeking Technology also rose accordingly.

Netizens joked one after another that fortunately Seeking Technology had won Meng Feixuan strategic cooperation right earlier, otherwise by now, it was certain that prices would have risen again and it was not certain that they would be able to compete with other companies.

Gossip forum.

Title: Revelation! Xie Ran rejected the double advertisement for Ruiyan!

Title: Wasn’t this season’s “Somewhere Else” winning prize Ruiyan double advertisement? The friend of this landlord works in an advertising company, and told me that the advertisement for Ruiyan had already been filmed, but only with Fang Huiwang. There was no sign of Xie Ran and it was said that Xie Ran rejected it.

1L: Rejecting the advertisement for Ruiyan??? So awesome?

2L: Although given the value of Boss Xie today, Ruiyan is really nothing to him.

5L: 2L brother, your words are too bad. Although Xie Ran does not lack an advertisement, it is necessary to reject such a good cake as Ruiyan? He is not still on the notice and there is never enough money.

10L: Reasonable doubt, did Xie Ran really did not want to be tied to Fang Huiwang so badly and killed the Cp himself?]

11L: Emmmmm others kill CP in order to gain resources, but Mr. Xie rejects resources to kill CP himself, it can be seen that he really wants to get rid of Fang Huiwang.

44L: Ha ha, why is the poster so sure that it was Xie Ran who rejected the resources of Ruiyan?

48L: 44L brother this is a very high level question. It is known that Xie Ran rejected  the double advertisement for Ruiyan, and it is also known that Xie Ran overcame his teammate with the number of fans, popularity and word of mouth. In this case, do you think Ruiyan would take initiative to choose this teammate instead of Xie Ran?

100L: hee hee, Fang Huiwang is dabbling in Xie Ran’s cake, is there still a doubt? If Fang Huiwang fans are not satisfied with it, they should tell him to work harder.

221L: Crap, crap, crap! Everyone look at the news, Fang Huiwang took the endorsement of Ruiyan, not the one given by Snowball Tv this time but became a real spokesperson!

222L:???? Really?





@ Lang Lang Entertainment: Ruiyan Automotive Public Relations Department released the latest news that they will invite @FangHuiwang who won the Ruiyan Advertising Award in “Somewhere Else” to act as a brand image spokesman. This is also Fang Huiwang second official endorsement after Lan Si this year. In addition, according to Ruiyan insiders, this endorsement was also won and negotiated by Fang Huiwang himself.

There was no doubt that this news has once again set off a new round of carnival on the Internet.

During this period of time, because of Xie Ran’s growing fan base and rising popularity, Fang Huiwang’s fans felt extremely suffocated.

Especially after the end of “Somewhere Else”, Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang  won the final victory, but Xie Ran withdrew from the double advertisement of Ruiyan, which triggered countless speculations. Netizens felt that Xie Ran did not give them any face while others were laughing at Fang Huiwang for taking cake without any mercy.

The fans don’t even have room to comment, because the advertisement of Ruiyan really belonged to Xie Ran and was a good opportunity. Fang Huiwang’s situation was not very good now so fans could not ask his studio to reject resources of Ruiyan.

No one expected that Fang Huiwang would actually take the spokesperson title of Ruiyan! This was something that not many even first-line stars in the circle may be able to get but Fang Huiwang personally negotiated it!

This time, passersby also had to admit that Fang Huiwang really has some ability.

Fang Huiwang’s fans felt a great sense of relief and not only made a concerted effort to put the relevant topics on the hot search but also these suffocated fans went to various forums to top up posts that once ridiculed Fang Huiwang.

Naturally they did not forget to scold Xie Ran by the way.

[It was said before that my brother came out just to take over someone else’s cake. But someone took an advertisement in the program, and then quit. Now my brother has become a spokesperson and he even negotiated it himself. Does anyone still say that my brother is stealing cake from that person?!?]

[I have wanted to scold people for a long time, some people finally gained some popularity and now want to brag shamelessly! ! My hard working brother is imitating him ? ? I just want to ask if he deserves it? He is trying his best to shape his image as an elite president, but who doesn’t know that his Stardust endorsement  was won by Shihi? My brother negotiated and won endorsement of both Lan Si and Ruitan by himself. Based on this point alone, I would like to ask, where is Xie Ran’s ability  better than my brother’s?]

[I’ve already said, my brother never barks, it’s all about showing strength right in your face!]

Yewang studio

Kuang Youfang watched the wind change on the Internet and slowly became relieved. During this period of time, he suffered ten times more than these fans.

He really didn’t expect it, no matter what they did, they were still easily compared to Xie Ran.  Fortunately, before Meng Feixuan’s live broadcast, they used Nangong to get funding from Tianyin idol Studio to extend their lives, otherwise Yewang Studio would have now needed to directly declare bankruptcy.

But the current situation was far from what they expected at the beginning. Tianyin idol Studio was directly closed under the influence of the Nangong project and Nangong was directly abandoned. But the rights of his operation were still in Tianyin idol Studio hands so there was also no chance to sell it to others.

With the broadcast of “Somewhere Else”, Fang Huiwang’s popularity continued to be squeezed by Xie Ran which was a very dangerous situation for a studio that was going downhill.

Fortunately, Fang Huiwang won the endorsement of Ruiyan, although he paid a lot for it, but in this circle, if he wanted to go ahead, he would not sell anything.

The only thing that he still did not understand was Fang Huiwang’s approach.

Kuang Youfang looked back and smiled: “The contradiction between you and Xie Ran is well known so the value of CP has come to an end. Now that you have two frontline endorsements in hand, there is no need for us to fight Xie Ran to death anymore.”

Before he could finish his words he was interrupted by Fang Huiwang: “I must beat him.”

“As I said before only I can decided if Xie Ran can untangle from me.” Fang Huiwang’s eyes were gloomy as he said with a cold smile: “Xie Ran did not want to shoot a double commercial with me and tried to step down on me. But what about now? What can he do to me?”

Kuang Youfang was about to persuade him again when suddenly his cell phone message box lit up, he picked it up and took a look. His face suddenly changed drastically.

Xie Ran has become a shareholder of Ruiyan!!!”


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