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“Brother Jingning, what should we do now?” Tan Yunguang looked anxiously at Kuang Jingning and said: “This time in order to hoard goods, I sold the stock given to me by my family, if my family knows about it, I would be really miserable…”

Bright Moon River Lake has been running for several years so the commercial system In the game was already very mature. There were many game studios and players who made money by reselling game supplies.

This time when Kuang Jingning noticed that Dynasty Smoke Pavillion and Raging Thundercloud Tower were able to buy out raw materials on the market they had the idea of jointly monopolizing the materials and medicines on market, due to the size of Bright Moon River Lake, it would become almost endless gold mine.

Therefore, Tan Yunguang was persuaded by Kuang Jingning to spend a lot of money and sold the stock allocated to him by his family, taking the risk.

They never thought that the market supply they saw was just an illusion created by Xie Dafang.

As a result they brought Xie Dafang supplies at high prices these days, letting Xie Dafang earn a lot of money while he still had a lot of inventory in his hands brought at low price which could keep the market price down for unknown time.

In this way, they almost lost all their money.

Kuang Jingning’s expression was very ugly, during this period of time, he had been watching the market carefully, thinking that he knew it like the palm of his hand. His plan was foolproof but he didn’t expect that Xie Dafang unexpectedly laid out the game early and hired NPCs to work for him.

Of course, he could not have even imagined that, he had been in contact with Xie Dafang for some period of time and knew that Xie Dafang family was ordinary so he had always been frugal in spending money in the game. He never imagined that he would actually mortgage the Zhulu mountain sect for a loan.

Mortgage! The Zhulu mountain sect!

Did that hermaphrodite Fang Muha know that he was mortgaged to borrow money? What about the BOSS dignity?!

Kuang Jingning could not help but suspect that Xie Dafang was not sincere during the period of time when he was dating him, he hid his true self so well that he didn’t even notice that Xie Dafang actually had such a business talent.

Noticing Kuang Jingning’s silence, Tan Yunguang suddenly gritted his teeth and gently pulled his sleeve: “Brother Jingning, you know that I invested so much money this time because of you…”

His gaze was so keen, that his meaning couldn’t be more obvious.

Kuang Jingning’s heart was suddenly filled with irritation and impatience but he couldn’t show it on his face. His own family was not rich so the money he could invest in the game was limited, this time he also intended to borrow Tan Yunguang’s funds to take a chance.

As for why Tan Yunguang was willing to obey him, he naturally knew but had been pretending not to understand.

He didn’t expect that Tan Yunguang would suddenly make it clear at this time.

Tan Yunguang lost so much money because of him, if he wanted to go further with him at this time, he really didn’t know how he could refuse him.

The most important thing was that he was not doing well in the game now so in the future he might need to use more of Tan Yunguang’s strength.

Tan Yunguang leaned very close at this time, Kuang Jingning glanced at him and felt a little dissatisfied. Tan Yunguang was naturally not like Xie Dafang and his demeanor was not similar to Yin Luyan, his business talent was also mediocre. Although he was rich, he was only rich.

But how many people in the world could be so much like Yin Luyan?

For a moment, Kuang Jingning made a mental calculation then smiled and met Tan Yunguang’s gaze: “Of course I know you are so good to me, how can I turn a blind eye to you?”

When the game was boiling, Xie Ran was not affected at all and took a stroll around East Third Street, collecting earnings by the way.

“Sir, the bank’s loan has been paid off, and the profit converted to real currency is nearly 6 million. There is also still a batch of materials and medicines in the warehouse ……” Meng Feixuan fluently reported to Xie Ran.

Xie Ran nodded: “Next, train NPC shopkeepers to adjust their sales strategies to ensure that the pricing power is in our hands.”

Meng Feixuan: “Yes.”

After reporting on his work, Meng Feixuan quickly switched to gossip mode and began to share forum trends to Xie Ran: “Sir, people on the forum call you the first-level CEO of East Third Street ….which is too unpleasant to hear, it feels like you will buy a Maserati tomorrow. You might as  well be called the financial tycoon of East Third Street or wolf of East Third Street.”

Xie Ran: “… You are not allowed to go to the forum to make any suggestions.”

Meng Feixuan: “How did you know that I had such a plan?”

Xie Ran’s reply was brief and concise: “You are my system.” No matter how evolved Meng Feixuan was, he still knew his core logic.

“Okay.” Meng Feixuan regrettably gave up.

Xie Ran looked at the time, it was still early so he didn’t need to rush back to turn in the quest so he just slowly walked on East Third Street.

East Third Street has a lot of pubs and teahouses, he spent leisure time there, it was also a bit similar to his time recording “Somewhere Else” but the main difference was that in the game sunshine was not as good as that in Old West City.

… Also in Old West City Meng Feixuan could only attack him with his voice, but now that Meng Feixuan had a solid body he could do additional things besides moving his mouth.

“Are you tired, sir?”Meng Feixuan grasped his shoulder: “You’ve been walking for so long, do you want to take a break?”

Xie Ran’s face was expressionless: “It should be easier if you let go of me.”

“But I think you and I should be in this position.” Meng Feixuan responded with situation analysis: “Generally speaking, I should be in your headphones which should be near your shoulder so if you think about it, it’s the only correct position!”

Xie Ran: “… When you’re in your headphones, it’s not that heavy. “

“Ah, you are not used to my weight as a person.” Meng Feixuan let go of him unhappily: “In that case, I think it’s better to be your AI so I can be more convenient for you to use.”

Xie Ran, seeing that he looked a little upset, paused for a moment and said: “There is nothing inconvenient about it… it’s just a little heavy.”

Meng Feixuan lit up: “How about I adjust my weight parameters?!”

Xie Ran was silent for a moment and couldn’t help but ask rhetorically: “Can’t you just not hang on to me?”

Meng Feixuan hesitated for a moment, and then regretfully lamented: ‘It’s too hard to be a human being.”

He looked a little lost, and his normally bright eyes lowered unconsciously.

This was not like his system so Xie Ran unconsciously reached out his hand and gently brushed the top of his soft hair: “Being a human being is difficult, life is still not as good as mine.”

He reached out and clasped Xie Ran hand, his gaze determined, “Sir, the emotional lessons can’t be stopped.”


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Boss Xie (lost in thought): Can I really graduate?

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