DOASCC – Chapter 38.2 – Troubles Lie Ahead

In addition, that person was also Yin Luyan’s real life school senior brother. It was said that he had achieved both character and academic excellence and was very popular with other school students.

Yin Luyan also worshiped this brother very much so after entering the game he didn’t hesitate to follow him.

Jian Jingsheng still remembered that when he first entered the game, he was looking for opportunities to spend time with Yin Luyan, but almost every time he met, Yin Luyan would excitedly tell him about god Fade’s heroic deeds.

God Fade with his own efforts founded the guild, Wind and Rain Guild became the first player guild in the entire service to have its own headquarter, god Fade was able to defat a wilderness BOSS, god Fade was the first to win a hundred consecutive PK games, he was unbeatable top of player ranking. God Fade even obtained first place in real examinations and won national scholarships, etc.

If Jian Jingsheng was not very clear that Yin Luyan was really really straight and has a stable girlfriend, he would really wonder whether Yin Luyan was secretly in love with god Fade. Due to this, his dislike of god Fade also reached its peak, it was also because he no longer wanted to hear Yin Luyan praise god Fade that the contact between Jian Jingsheng and Yin Luyan in game became less frequent.

But it wasn’t long before there was infighting in the Wind and Rain Guild which was caused by the fact that the vice guild master Yunru was bent on expanding his power and frequently provoked disputes in the game.

At this time, it was still the early days of the game so the game ecology was relatively barbaric. Most players who started playing the game at that time were also competitive, including the members of the Wind and Rain Guild. Including Yunru who was conquered by the ability of god Fade and decided to join Wind and Rain Guild and like many other members expected that god Fade would lead them to supremacy.

Unfortunately, god Fade was only interested in the game itself and had no intention of expanding his power or fighting for the power. Which undoubtedly disappointed those who followed him because of his strength. Especially Yunru, who clashed with him many times in the guild.

God Fade’s final solution also surprised everyone. He didn’t care for the fact that he was already the first on the player ranking list and just directly passed the position of guild master to Bancheng Yanyu before directly canceling his account. A legendary figure thus left the Bright Moon River Lake.

After Bancheng Yanyu took over Wind and Rain Guild, he in fact managed it quite well. Many old players who knew god Fade said he was the most like god Fade himself, but for Yunru it was obviously far from enough.

In his mind even god Fade was not qualified to lead the Wind and Rain Guild, Bancheng Yanyu strength was also not as good as god Fade and he was also not on the top position of the player ranking.

Jian Jingsheng only pretended not to hear the name that made him unhappy as he spoke to Yunru: “Anyway, this place has been the residence of the Wind and Rain Guild for so many years. Bancheng Yanyu is my friend so if you make a move I will not stand idly and just watch.”

 Bancheng Yanyu didn’t seem to expect that Jian Jingsheng would really come forward, but even though he was grateful, he was also a little embarrassed: “Brother Jing, you really don’t need to help me like this.”

Jian Jingsheng just smiled at him softly: “Like I said, you are my friend.”

“Brother Jing, why don’t you just forget it.” Fu Guang tugged at Jian Jingsheng sleeve, his heart filled with some doubts, he could vaguely feel that Jian Jingsheng behavior at this time was really a bit abnormal. In order to develop Dynasty Smoke Pavillon, he always paid attention to relationships in Bright Moon River Lake and before they also tried to join forces with Yunru: “This is private affairs of Wind and Rain Guild we don’t have the position to interfere.”

Jian Jingsheng patted the back of his hand and obediently held his hand, looking at him affectionately he whispered: “ Yanyu is our friend, it is only appropriate to help, don’t you think?”

Fu Guang who was held and stared felt his face become hot, then he dizzily nodded: “I understand, I will listen to you.”

Jian Jingsheng then looked at Yunru: “Yunru, bring it on.”

Yunru’s expression became threatening as he spoke: “Jian Jingsheng think carefully, although your Dynasty Smoke Pavilion has many people, I am not a small guild either.  Are you sure you want to take part in this conflict?”

“You’re wrong, it’s not just the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion that wants to take part.” Jian Jingsheng smiled slightly and threw a real bomb: “There is also Blade God family.”

The moment he said this, there was a shout of surprise at the scene.

Yunru also remembered the news flashing on the World Channel earlier and asked in surprise: “Did you really capture the Blade God family?”

Jian Jingsheng was very satisfied with this reaction. He has been subdued for too long this time. The game forums talked about him as a green vegetarian so he really wanted to wash away this layer of humiliation. Taking down the system sect was undoubtedly the best proof.

Bancheng Yanyu also showed surprise: “Brother Jian, have you really captured the Blade god Family?”

Bancheng Yanyu’s reaction was what Jian Jingsheng valued the most. Back when god Fade was still in the game, he had always wanted to outdo god Fade and snatch Yin Luyan’s attention away from him.

Unfortunately, he was always repressed by god Fade, and it was only after god Fade’s account cancellation that Dynasty Smoke Pavilion grew stronger and stronger and reached the top of the ranking. But in the eyes of many players, this was just a cheap way to pick up what God Fade left behind.

The old players, especially those from the Wind and Rain Guild, always liked to talk about god Fade this, god Fade that, he was still on their lips. This was also one of the reasons why Dynasty Smoke Pavilion has not been dealing with the Wind and Rain Guild and wanted to suppress it .

Although Yin Luyan did not say so, Jian Jingsheng was very clear that even though this person sold his account he would always be invincible. As long as he has not defeated god Fade himself, in Yin Luoyan’s heart, he will never be able to compare to him.

But it was different now, he led Dynasty Smoke Pavilion to attack the Blade god family. From then on, the descendants of the Blade god had to obey his orders. These things were things that even god Fade didn’t do so if he help Yin Luoyan guard Wind and Rain Guild premises, he didn’t believe that Yin Luoyan woudln’t look at him differently.

Sure enough, after confirming that Dynasty Smoke Pavilion really captured the Blade God family, Bancheng Yanyu said with some admiration in his eyes: “Brother Jian is really powerful.”

Yunru didn’t seems to expect this so he immediately became angrier when he realized it, and looked into the eyes of Bancheng Yanyu with even more resentment: “Bancheng Yanyu, you have seen what Dynasty Smoke Pavilion can do, if Wind and Rain Guild did not split into two, we would certainly be able to do it to. You are the true sinner of the Wind and Rain Guild!”

When Yunru finished speaking he turned to Jian Jingsheng: “Alright now you have the backing of the Blade God Family, I and Raging Thundercloud Tower can not afford to mess with you, but if it’s Wind and Rain Guild people themselves that want us to take over you would have nothing to say, right?”

Jian Jingsheng has not spoken yet but Bancheng Yanyu had already frowned, vaguely sensing that something was wrong: “What do you mean by that?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he saw Yunru snap his fingers, making several Wind and Rain Guild experts standing behind Bancheng Yanyu walk into Yunru’s direction.

Bancheng Yanyu glared at them: “What are you doing?”

Those people stood beside Yunru and smiled towards him, “Sorry, guild master we want to follow Yunru and have a better future.”

These people were the old members of Wind and Rain Guild and were also the core figures of the senior management of the guild so the impact of their rebellion on the spot was undoubtedly huge, the only thing heard at the scene was: “Wow…” as everyone looked at each other.

These people all had some prestige in the Wind and Rain Guild so when they took the stand, their followers immediately wavered. With such a chain reaction, even those who firmly followed Wind and Rain Guild also began to think of quitting. Not only did they want to defect, but they inevitably doubted whether the companions around them also had similar ideas and would stab them in the battle.

Bancheng Yanyu did not expect Yunru to come out with such a trick so he looked angrily at the defectors: “Even if you take away the headquarters today, I will not back down.”

Behind him, those who still faithfully followed him also stepped forward, each with a sad and solemn look since this matter came to this point the result was already very obvious.

Yanyu originally had a good strength, but the several people who had just betrayed them on the spot were the backbone of the Wind and Rain Guild. Now that there was doubt in the minds of the other people, the balance was titled to Yunru.

But even so, they still have to fight to the end, even if they all die several times and lose a few levels they still have to make the other side pay the price.

Yunru was not surprised to see this, Bancheng Yanyu had always been this kind of person. Otherwise it would not have come to this situation, but anyway he had already won.

He looked at Jian Jingsheng: “Jian Jingsheng as you have seen, this is also the wish of Wind and Rain Guild members so are you sure that you still want to help Bancheng Yanyu?”

Jian Jingsheng couldn’t help showing some hesitation, the current scene was quite a surprise for him.

If Wind and Rain Guild and Raging Thundercloud Tower power were equally divided, he would naturally help Bancheng Yanyu without any hesitation and become his savior who helped him protect his guild headquarters.

But now many core members of Wind and Rain Guild stood on Yunru’s side so the chances might not be very good. Even if he helped Yin Luyan defend it this time, Yunru could launch another attack later. He couldn’t help Yin Luyan all the time.

Since Yunru started suppressing Bancheng Yanyu’s power it was only a matter of time before he would take over Wind and Rain Guild headquarter. In that case it was not wise to make trouble with him.

Jian Jingsheng’s mind turned, in a moment of uncertainty.

Bancheng Yanyu was a smart person so he also understood their current situation. With a sigh he took the initiative to say to Jian Jingsheng: “Brother Jian, thank you for being willing to help me, but you also have to take into account the thoughts of the other people of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion. Don’t make it difficult for your member because of this…”

What he said was honorable and beautiful so although Jian Jingsheng felt sorry about it he took the offered way out: “ Yanyu,  I’m really sorry. If I were alone, I would have gone through fire and water for you, it’s a pity that…”

Bancheng Yanyu just waved his hands: “It doesn’t matter.”

“Jian Jingsheng you are a really smart person,” Yunru eyes showed appreciation: “No wonder you were able to take over Blade God Family. I will repeat what I said before, if Bancheng Yanyu had half of your brain it wouldn’t end like this”

Jian Jingsheng solemnly said: “Yunru,  I can’t intervene, but you have to promise, not to hurt Bancheng Yanyu.”

Yunru raised his eyebrow: “Alright I give you this face, I will not kill him today.”


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