DOASCC – Chapter 32.1 – The First Master Of “Bright Moon River Lake”

When Fang Muhao appeared, the players at the scene were confused not knowing why this big boss would suddenly appear.

When they saw him bowing respectfully to Xie Dafang and asking him to: “Give orders”, a large number of question marks popped up in the hearts of the entire audience.


What was going on?

Aren’t Fang Muhao very narrow minded and would often become furious and hit people because of players thoughtless words? Why was he suddenly so…. respectful to Xie Dafang?

When did game developers secretly changed Fang Muhao’s persona without informing everyone!

Among them, some keen players found the wow point and looked a little confused: “Wait a  minute, I seemed to just heard Fang Muhao call Xie Dafang boss?”

Before anyone could react, they saw Meng Feixuan pointing in the direction of Jian Jingsheng and saying to Fang Muhao: “These people are here to pick a fight, deal with them.”

Fang Muhao nodded and meticulously answered “Yes”, then turned around and looked at the people from the Dynasty Smoke Pavillon, returning to his usual arrogant appearance and saying: “How dare you disrespect our master, you don’t seem to take our Zhulu mountain Sect into consideration.”

This time everyone finally heard clearly, but didn’t understand the meaning of his words.

Or rather, they couldn’t believe it.

The people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion became even more disoriented and Fu Guang eyes were almost out of his sockets. No longer caring if he would offend Fang Muhao, he asked: “What did you say? Who is the master of your sect?”

Fang Muhao turned slightly sideways and respectfully indicated to the direction of Xie Ran, saying solemnly: “Naturally, it’s Boss. Xie.”

Fu Guang: “…”

Others: “…”

Boss Xie?

Fang Muhao was an NPC so his communication with players still followed certain logic, such as this time, his program allowed him rare patience to explain to the players: “Boss Xie has taken over Zhulu mountain Sect last night and from now on he is Zhulu mountain Sect master. No matter who dares to find trouble with our Zhulu mountain Sect we….”

Fang Muhao slightly narrowed his eyes and smiled wickedly: “Although you didn’t go too far you still must be punished.”

Meng Feixuan eyes warmed up as he hurriedly said to Xie Ran: “Look sir, this it that expression, wicked smile!”

Xie Ran looked at Meng Feixuan, a young men with bright, handsome and vigorous face and said: “This expression is not suitable for you, delete it.”

Meng Feixuan smiled resentfully: “Oh.”

At this time, everyone finally understood the situation, disbelief on the whole street seemed as if it exploded as everyone face couldn’t hide the shock.

“What the hell? Xie Dafang took over the Zhulu mountain sect? ? ?”

“Isn’t the Zhulu mountain sect the system sect? Why can it be taken over by players? ?”

“Did the dog * developer secretly changed the setting again without telling us?”

“No, I’d rather know how Xie Dafang took over Zhulu mountain sect? Fang Muhao is as arrogant as usual so why would he listen to him?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that I envy him. Fang Muhao attitude toward me is obviously not like this ……”

Because the amount of information was too much, people did not know what to complain about first since it all sound unscientific and unreasonable.

It has been several years since the “Bright Moon River Lake” servers started and this was the first time they heard about system sect being taken over by the player.

The people from Dynasty Smoke Pavillon were dumbfounded, they originally thought that after issuing the wanted notice, no one in the “Bright Moon River Lake” would dare to deal with Xie Dafang so Xie Dafang was forced to hide in Zhulu mountain sect.

They would have never thought in the a million years that Xie Dafang wouldn’t need anyone to help him at all.

Who could tell that Xie Dafang could suddenly become the sect leader of Zhulu mountain sect overnight?

In a system sect a group of NPC had to unexpectedly listen to casual player Xie Dafang order, who could have even dreamed of this development?

The people of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon were so surprised and anxious that they lost their sense of propriety for a while and had no idea how to deal with it.

Xie Ran however was not even the least bit interested in the next development as he just glanced lightly at Fang Muhao and said in a light voice: “I’ll leave first, you’ll see how to deal with it.”

“Yes, Boss Xie.” Fang Muhao answered, and then cleverly stood aside to make way for Xie Ran.

The two guards at the side of the gate immediately brought the two horses over: “Boss Xie, please get on the horse.”

People of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon: “…”


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