After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 41.2

Now, the two people in question appeared at the same event in public.

Everyone was paying attention to their every move, trying to find clues.

It was subtle.

Arthur and Yan Xueshan’s seats were next to each other, with half a meter between them, which was neither far nor close.

Yan Xueshan had an expressionless face that made people suspect that it was synthesized by an AI. Even Arthur had a serious expression. The atmosphere between the two of them was inexplicably harmonious, but neither of them looked at each other so there was a proper sense of distance.

Only a few netizens were listening carefully to the content of the press conference. Most were  discussing the two of them:

[What is the relationship between these two people? Why does it look like they’re not familiar with each other?】

[They introduced him as the Blue Reaper. They didn’t even say his name, so maybe he’s really an AI?]

[Can an AI even participate in the competition? It wouldn’t be fair right?]

[Can someone just tell me if my Blue Reaper/Red Knight CP is real or not?  I thought he was a fake, but he seems real. Then, just when he seems real, he seems fake again.]

Some of Arthur’s fans found his answers to his choice of spouse in an old interview: black hair, black eyes, not too thin, and a little cold on the surface.

Wasn’t that just right?

He was referring to the man sitting next to him right now!

Yet, at the conference, those two people didn’t communicate with each other.

It couldn’t help but make people feel uneasy and a little suspicious.

[Although black hair and black eyes are rare, it doesn’t necessarily mean that person, right? In fact, this description is quite broad. 】

【That’s an interview from many years ago, so it might already be out of date. Maybe the two of them have already broken up?]

[Bullshit! It was only two months ago that Zhulong was photographed circling around Artemis.]

[That was also two months ago. Maybe they reconciled at that time, but now they broke up again? ]

[The more you care, the more you have to pretend you don’t care. So good, it’s good. Its really good hee hee.]

[Wow, I only talk about facts but you all just find a way to get the best out of the world.]

[It’s all guesswork, maybe the two of them are just ordinary colleagues. What kind of tactical move is circling around? You CP fans are really great at creating fantasies in your mind.]

There were also some heretical statements.

[Have you not noticed how Lan Zephyr has been looking at the Blue Reaper? That gaze, tsk tsk, is really hot. 】

[He’s not even close to the joke. It’s greasy, it’s very greasy to me.]

At this time, the press conference proceeded to the press questions session.

The reporters who got permission to participate could send questions to the person they wanted to ask. The question would pop-up in front of the Master Sergeant, and they would choose if they wanted to answer it.

Just as they finished speaking, Yan Xueshan viewed his screen. He looked up, and asked Lin Qi, “Is my system broken?”

Lin Qi came over to check and said, “It’s not broken, there’s just too many questions.”

All the questions he received filled the whole screen, making it almost explode. Lin Qi helped him deal with it and made it look much cleaner.

Sitting across the table, Lan Zephyr sat in a lazy manner, and whistled in a mocking manner at Yan Xueshan. “Yo, big star.”

Yan Xueshan just ignored him.

Arthur glanced at Lan Zephyr, turned his pen, and knocked it on the table.

Yan Xueshan clicked on an interview invitation from a media outlet he felt was the most formal and serious and said, “Hello.”

A male reporter appeared on the light screen, looking like he just won a jackpot. Unable to hide his excitement, he still tried to act calm as he flipped through his notebook in some panic, saying, “Thank you for accepting my interview. I’m a reporter for the Beidou News, and I’ve been responsible for reporting news about you all these years.”

Yan Xueshan nodded coldly. “Yeah.”

No matter what he did, Yan Xueshan would always take it seriously.

Even if he was attending an ordinary press conference, he had come prepared.

After all, it would be the first time he was interviewed by the public.

Yan Xueshan had already done his homework, asking the more experienced sniper Klitsch what they would normally ask and Klitsch gave him a collection of questions. For each one of them he had written professional answers so he wouldn’t get stuck and waste time when the time came.

With a notebook in his hand, he opened to the first page, ready to find the corresponding answer according to the keywords.

Then Yan Xueshan heard the reporter who specialized in military reports ask, “Excuse me, what is your relationship with Admiral Arthur? I mean, in private.”

Yan Xueshan: “?”

He lowered his head to look at the answers he had written in his notebook, somewhat troubled since there weren’t any questions like that there.

Yan Xueshan raised his head again and said in a straightforward, cold voice, “You aren’t behaving professionally by asking this question.”

The reporter blushed with shame. “Uh, right, sorry.”

At this point Arthur was still waiting for an interview beside him, noticed the commotion and looked at him.

Yan Xueshan, like he was answering a diplomatic matter, responded in a dignified manner. “Since you asked, I will answer directly.” 

Then he said openly, “We are in a relationship.”

After thinking about it, Yan Xueshan added, “Its relationship with the purpose of marriage.”

Admiral Arthur  was still not smiling and had the same expression on his face that was very majestic, but all the people in the interstellar world saw that his ears turned red all of a sudden.

Arthur loosened his tight cheeks and gazed at Yan Xueshan, his gaze filled with heat but still as sweet as sugar. He hesitatingly said, “… how could you just say it?”

Yan Xueshan turned his head to look at him. “I shouldn’t have said it? Is it against the rules?”

Arthur: “It’s not against the rules. It’s very reasonable and legal.”

Arthur thought to himself, although this reporter was arranged by him and he guessed that Yan Xueshan would answer like this, he still couldn’t calm down when he really heard him announce it in public.

He was satisfied that everything was going according to his plan.

He felt that after Yan Xueshan showed up today, his love rivals would increase by leaps and bounds again.

He had planned to propose at the finals, so he might as well just start with the news that the two of them were in love publicly now to avoid others coveting what was his.

Otherwise, with Yan Xueshan always cold and aloof, it was possible that something could go wrong.

Yan Xueshan said, “You answer your own interview.”

Arthur said “Oh” and turned his head away.

Anyway, now the entire galaxy knew that they were in love and there was no one more suitable for each other than him and Yan Xueshan!

For some reason he still felt a bit uneasy with so many ears pricked up, paying attention.

He couldn’t hear the questions, but he could still hear Yan Xueshan’s answers.

Yan Xueshan listened to the next question, pondered for a moment, and said, “Yes.”

“We’ve been dating for nine months and twenty-three days. In addition to the time we have known each other, theoretically, it has far exceeded that of the pre-marital exploration of a potential spouse.

“I just don’t know why he still hasn’t proposed to me yet.”

Arthur: “?!”


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