After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 42.1

Later, according to the Galactic Federation Interstellar Network big data statistics, when Yan Xueshan said that he and Arthur were in an official relationship, online posts began to appear with headlines like [Sad news!]. The flow of posts such as [I could tell they were having an affair] instantly shot up to a small peak, nearly twice as much as the discussion of the press conference itself.

Originally, people thought this was already the peak. The main guess was whether these two were together or not. There was also no doubt that their CP fans, who were going crazy even in public, discussed the possibility.


When Yan Xueshan said “I just don’t know why he still hasn’t proposed to me yet,” their popularity on the Internet reached a new peak.

There were even a lot of absurd posts, such as: [Is there a relationship problem? No wonder there is something strange between the two of them. Maybe I still have a chance?]. The replies to this post scolded him jokingly. 

While some people were just joking and booing, other people who saw this didn’t. Most of them were people who already had the opportunity to meet Yan Xueshan and knew that the relationship between Arthur and Yan Xueshan wasn’t as the netizens speculated. In fact, they got together because of a blind date and the right conditions. Since they have been together for a while, it was inevitable that they would have some idea.

After all, it seemed that his former suitors lost at the beginning because their external conditions weren’t as good as Arthur in Yan Xueshan’s eyes.

Since Arthur was his partner it wasn’t difficult for him to package himself as the most suitable for Yan Xueshan.

They thought they were planning a wedding, but he still hasn’t even proposed? What was Arthur waiting for? Could it be that something happened?

Arthur was in daze.

The President, who was watching the live broadcast, saw that his son seemed to be calm but was obviously panicking inside. He couldn’t help laughing as he spoke to his wife. “What a useless boy. Not like me at all.”

The First Lady smiled and said, “I see no difference.”

The President firmly said, “No, he’s not. He’s not even half as tough as I am. Also, he’s so stupid.”

The First Lady winked and said, “Really? Do you remember who, after hearing me say I was pregnant at the dinner table, was so shocked and confused that he said he already knew, making me a little angry? As a result, that person, after he finished eating, ran to the warehouse and began to make a cradle bed by hand. In the evening, the next day I was still in high spirits when you came to ask me what color I wanted you to paint the cradle bed?”

President: “…”

At that moment when the interstellar network data converged and dispersed, to Arthur, it was like the whole world had stood still.

In his mind, like lighting a lamp, he went frame by frame through all the marriage proposal scenes he had imagined so far.

At first, he was eager to propose the day after Yan Xueshan said yes to him.

However, Yan Xueshan was the best in the world for him and worthy of Arthur giving him only his very best.

He felt that he shouldn’t propose hastily.

What kind of words would he say?

He wanted to propose to Yan Xueshan in the grandest and most romantic scene.

In fact, there was originally a good time to do so, and that was during the festival after the decisive battle. There were several people who came to tease him privately. “Why don’t you just propose to your partner directly? I think there is an 80% chance that he will agree. Hahahahaha.”

Love can make you the bravest but also the most uneasy.

No one knew Yan Xueshan better than he did.

If he was rejected by Yan Xueshan, he was afraid there would be no second time.

 He didn’t want to marry Yan Xueshan after he retired from the military. He wanted to marry Yan Xueshan long before that. No, maybe from the moment he saw Yan Xueshan, he felt the love vibrating in his soul.

At that moment, in his conscious mind, it was like a sky full of stars, and filled with fireworks.

Bang bang bang.


– “I just don’t know why he still hasn’t proposed to me yet.”

This sentence was heard by all Master Sergeants present.

The Gan Hui and Ulysses couple smiled at each other without comment after hearing it.

Klitsch looked at the sky silently, pretending not to hear.

Zhi Shu frowned tightly, expressing his distaste for the disgusting behavior of the two.

Lan Sha smiled, but since it was a public place, she just raised her eyebrows and smiled without saying a word.

Lan Zephyr scoffed. “Wimping out. Are you proposing or not? If you don’t propose, I’m proposing now!”

Yan Xueshan turned to him and said sternly, “A marriage proposal should be a reward, not a lottery. In a relationship, it’s impolite to court someone who doesn’t want to marry you.”

Lan Zephyr: “…”


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