After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 41.1

For a long time, the true identity of the Federation’s first Sniper Sergeant, the Blue Reaper, has been a mystery. Whether he was a male or female, alpha or beta, his appearance, even his approximate age was kept a strict secret within the military.

Even so, his fans still appeared one after another and constructed their own personal fantasies from the cold data given by the officials.

In accordance with the style of the Artemis mecha, people created various images for him, but there was never unity among them.

Yet, when he suddenly appeared, people’s first impression was:

Yes, that’s right, that’s how the elegant, calm and powerful First Sniper should look like.

Fans imagined that he would be a beautiful person, but they didn’t expect him to be this beautiful.

His face was neither too young, nor too mature.

The moment he appeared, countless people’s first thought was: Hurry up and take a screenshot!

After they took the screenshot, they planned to send it to their friends for discussion, but when they opened the chat group, their friends would have already sent a photo and were screaming in unison.

In the Starlight Forum, the largest gathering of mecha enthusiasts in the galaxy, a hot discussion post quickly appeared, titled: [No, I still suspect that he is an AI with a computer-generated appearance! ! ! ]

There was many echoes in the reply:

[Agreed, he appeared to freeze and be stuck in place when he first appeared, it must be because the program is not debugged properly!】

[Otherwise how could such an amazing mecha pilot also be so handsome? Wouldn’t it just be him taking advantage of all the good things? Where would the justice be?]

[That’s right, that’s right, his expression is so stiff. Look carefully and slow down the video about 10 times. He doesn’t look like a normal person. 】

【If there is such a person, why has he never appeared before? He has a better and more stable record than the recognized sniper genius, Klitsch. This is not scientific!]

[Serious discussion, serious analysis: The possibility that the Blue Reaper isn’t human; My analysis is as follows: 1, ……]

Still, there were people who retorted.

[Why can’t a real person look like this? I think it looks very real ah!]

[This is how the Blue Reaper look like in my heart]

[He looks like a sniper, what’s wrong? A sniper is a sniper! ]

[I have always disagreed with the so-called Blue Reaper AI theory. Just what kind of nonsense is that? You don’t believe there might be geniuses among geniuses in the world!?]

Song Chao was frozen for a long time.

He blushed and couldn’t speak. His chest was swelling with a fierce emotion that was about to burst.

Uncle Qiao was eating fries from his plate and was also silent for a moment. Then he just continued to eat as he turned to his wife and said, “Honey, this is Little Yan from next door.”

“I can see that.”

“Then the blond guy in front is probably Arthur, who worked on his farm last time.”

Song Chao asked incredulously, “Is that really Yan Xueshan?”

Uncle Qiao spread his hands as he smilingly said, “Yes! Right, I know him quite well. This appearance, it can only be him. His looks are very peculiar and can only be described as rare.”

He scratched his head. “By the way, what did you just say this was the launch for? What are these people doing?”

In other ordinary forums, a few of the Blue Reaper’s fan groups were still not quite back to normal yet. Everyone was so excited, as if they were about to ascend to immortality in one step.

Polly was lying on her bed watching the live broadcast, her smile stuck to her lips and her cheeks hurt from smiling.

Everyone was fascinated.

【Ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! ! ! ! ! 】

[Goddess, hehe, my goddess, hehe]

[He actually showed up! I thought he still wouldn’t show up.]

[Looking like this, I think, is already a kind of victory. 】

[Oooooooooooo, you guys don’t know, but I am crying right now. My imagination was so lacking, he looks even better in person than even in my most outrageous imaginations!]

[I sat up in shock even as I am dying of illness! I’m getting up now to paint! ! ]

[Damn! Look at the Official Personal Approval Rating vote! The votes for the Blue Reaper rose by 120 million in just a few minutes! This face is everything, I am so happy!]

Polly felt elated. She was so proud of having this kind of idol that she even muttered, “You guys only look at his face, you don’t know that he is even more beautiful on the inside than the outside.

What was Yan Xueshan doing at the launch?

He only said,  “Hello, I’m Artemis’ pilot,” and then didn’t say anything else. He just sat quietly in the background.

As a sniper, he was a very patient person. He was thirteen years old when he went hunting in the mountains with his adoptive father and he could spend two hours without moving just to hunt his desired target.

During his service days, he refused outright to show up for any activities outside of work. Now, since he decided to accept the invitation, he needed to do the job well.

It didn’t mean anything special to him, it was just a job.

So now came another question.

Arthur and Yan Xueshan were recognized as the best Divisional Partners in the universe and people decided that the two of them had a good relationship. It was even speculated that the object of Arthur’s one sided love was the Blue Reaper, but there was no evidence.

On the surface, everyone still kowtowed to the two of them just as war buddies.

So, do the two of them have a relationship beyond friendship?


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