After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 54.2 – Extra 3

The members of his newly formed Fourth Legion were becoming more and more “detestable” each day—utterly rebellious! They had gone beyond the limits!

He had chosen young officers he was familiar with, and each of them knew about his unrequited love for Yan Xueshan.

Now that the war was over, many of them were getting married, and the air was filled with joy. After getting married, of course, they’d inform their superior officer—him—and they would casually ask, “Is it true that you and Major Yan are about to tie the knot?”

Yan Xueshan had always kept to himself. People assumed he was keeping a low profile, and at first, few noticed that he had directly retired.

Arthur’s face became increasingly unsightly. Even if he could pretend before, he couldn’t anymore. This was a lesson learned. If he hadn’t insinuated rumors of a romantic relationship with Yan Xueshan, people wouldn’t have assumed they were truly involved.

Later on, news spread about Yan Xueshan’s retirement.

That was even worse. People looked at him as if they were afraid of hurting him. If someone accidentally mentioned Yan Xueshan, others would pull them aside and advise, “Don’t step on General Arthur’s landmines! Don’t you know Major Yan has abandoned the General?”

Arthur felt like he wanted to vomit blood.

Even Lynch ridiculed him for wearing an “abandoned husband” expression all the time.

Arthur was enduring and persevering, facing humiliation and burdens, wearing a weary face day and night as he worked tirelessly.

Finally! He had almost finished dealing with his official duties!

In those days, not only did he have to work, but he also had to spare time to check in and console Yan Xueshan. He couldn’t let the communication between them break down.

He knew better than anyone that Yan Xueshan wasn’t the type of person who would take the initiative to keep in touch with others. It had to be his side that took the initiative, or else after a long time, Yan Xueshan might really forget about him.

They could only be separated for so long.

Arthur clearly felt that Yan Xueshan had become much colder towards him.

While he had been somewhat indifferent before, now he was extremely aloof.

He sensed that his vacation was approaching, and he could finally go find Yan Xueshan. He took the initiative to bring up this matter with Yan Xueshan. The response he received was: [No need to come find me. I’m busy, no time to entertain you.]

He asked: [Busy with what? Farming? I can help you. Do you want the latest agricultural mecha? I’ll buy one and send it to you, Master.]

Yan Xueshan replied: [No, I’m busy with wedding preparations.]

How could he describe his feelings at that moment?

His mind seemed to turn into a resonating bell, struck heavily —

Buzzing, buzzing.

Then he fell into a state of mental daze.

Yan Xueshan was getting married? What’s going on? It had only been two or three months, right? He had found a partner and was getting married already?

Yan Xueshan never lied; if he said it, it must be true.

Why? They’ve been together for six years and he hasn’t even managed to make Yan Xueshan want to marry him?

As a result, now Yan Xueshan was going to marry someone who had only known him for three months at most? Who was that person? Is it a man or a woman? Alpha or beta?

For some reason, he felt that it had to be a woman, or else he would be even more resentful.

Why would Yan Xueshan marry someone else?

Why? Why ah?!!!

By the time he came back to his senses, Arthur realized that he was already drinking to drown his sorrows, and he had been drinking all night.

He drank himself into a stupor.

He woke up amidst a mess the next day. His mother brought him hangover soup, asking, “Did you have enough fun?”

Arthur looked around and saw papers strewn all over the floor—Yan Xueshan’s information.

His head was pounding, but he slowly remembered what had happened the previous night. With the comprehensive networked transportation system, he had asked about Yan Xueshan’s whereabouts throughout the night. He even managed to organize the information meticulously while being intoxicated, printing everything out, and covering the room with papers. He had written things with indelible ink pens on the paper, such as ‘Want to marry Yan Xueshan,’ ‘Yan Xueshan, will you marry me?’ ‘Why won’t you marry me?’ and other such terrifying and obsessive statements.

Arthur broke out in cold sweat at the sight. What kind of neurotic paranoid character would do something like this? It would be a villainous character in a movie or TV show!

Thankfully, he had drunk himself into a stupor. This wasn’t him.

His mother was even laughing.

Arthur asked, “What are you laughing at?”

His mother said, “Look in the mirror.”

Arthur glanced at the mirror and saw that his face was covered in black marks, which was quite comical. However, in the midst of his concern-induced chaos, how could he remain composed?

“Alright, alright, I won’t laugh at you anymore.” His mother said gently, “It’s just that feelings are beyond one’s control. There’s no need to feel ashamed or inadequate as an alpha. Feeling flustered for true love is completely normal. If you were indifferent, then it wouldn’t be love. Mom now kind of knows that you really like Yan Xueshan.”

Before the words even landed, his father’s voice chimed in. “If you like him, just go after him. Getting drunk and going crazy won’t bring him back. Do you need me to record your current state and send it to him? Let’s see if he’ll soften his heart to you because of your pitiful appearance.”

“That’s really uncalled for.”

Arthur’s relationship with his presidential father had always been strained. This had developed after his sister’s death and had never been fully repaired. The two of them looked at each other with mutual dislike. There had even been a few instances where his father had called him on a private line, only to be hung up on.

He might be the only one in the entire Galactic Federation’s military who dared to show such disrespect to the President.

However, on the eve of the final battle they had a proper conversation.

It lasted only three minutes in total, with two minutes in silence.

Then his great, selfless presidential father said, “Come back alive.”

He replied, “I’ll try.”

Actually, he knew that his father wasn’t truly willing to let his sister die. She was his favorite elder daughter, and he had even handcrafted her cradle. Before becoming the president, he had more free time and had personally attended her parent-teacher meetings.

Even now, the room where his sister had stayed before she passed away remained untouched, exactly the same as it had been over a decade ago.

Arthur also noticed that there were several more mecha models in his sister’s bookshelf display, all of them the latest models, covering a wide range.

Besides his father, who else would have given them to her?

His father walked up to him. Since taking office as President, his hair had quickly turned white. He hadn’t had time to exercise, and his physique had deteriorated somewhat. His entire presence looked aged, not just a mere two or three decades older, yet he still exuded an air of authority, standing tall and imposing.

His massive shadow enveloped Arthur entirely.

His father extended his hand to him, saying, “Get up. If you really want to marry him that badly, find a way to make him marry you! Why not just propose directly?”

Arthur blushed. “Isn’t that a bit too direct?”

He took his father’s hand, using it as a support to stand up from the ground. From this moment on, it seemed as if a subtle inheritance of fatherly love passed between them through that handshake, and Arthur felt much more at ease.

His father reverted back to being the President, instructing him like he was assigning a task. “You must marry the Federation’s top sniper, and bring him back. If you need any assistance, you can call me anytime. I’ll grant you all privileges up to S-rank and give you the green light for anything below B-rank restrictions without requiring applications.

“If you need any special approvals, we can negotiate everything. Make sure you succeed in getting married!”

Arthur: “…”

Any positive feelings Arthur had developed toward his father in that moment instantly vanished. Just as he expected, his dad was still his dad, the workaholic driven by the national cause.

If it weren’t for his overwhelming affection for Yan Xueshan, he would have really stood up against him.

The first privilege President Gentlesworth von Felix gave him was: “Alright, I allow you to temporarily set aside your current tasks and delegate them to your subordinates. I’m granting you a 15-day vacation. Here are your tickets.

“Go wash your face, change your clothes, and pack your belongings. You depart in an hour. Go find Yan Xueshan.”

Gentlesworth von Felix patted his shoulder. As a president and as a father, he earnestly said, “The marriage application form is already filled out. Take it with you. There’s no better match for someone as outstanding as Yan Xueshan. Firstly, your mother and I approve of your relationship and marriage here in advance.

“Hurry up and go. If you can’t get him to agree to marry you, then don’t bother coming back.”

Serious yet absurd.

Thinking about it, Arthur burst into laughter.

The disheveled Arthur had already regained his spirits. He saluted his father, half-jokingly and half-seriously saying, “Understood, Father. Even if I have to pester and deceive, I’ll do my best to marry Yan Xueshan! If I fail, so be it!”


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