After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 40.1

Arthur turned his head back in a second.

There was no squirming at all.

Yan Xueshan couldn’t help but sigh with the speed of his reaction. He was indeed the mecha master with the fastest operation skills in the whole Galaxy.

Arthur was already very good looking, but now with some sunshine behind him he looked even more brilliant. He looked expectantly, as if he was frustrated just by looking at Yan Xueshan.

Yan Xueshan thought again, ‘the little dog in the army would give people this look every time he tapped on his food bowl.’

Like he couldn’t wait any longer.

Yan Xueshan had never been sexually active, so he said unhurriedly, “Wait until I take a shower first?”

Arthur shyly asked, “Can we take a shower together? I will help you clean your back.”

Yan Xueshan moved his head like a snail as he slowly said, “That’s fine.”

It would give him time to do some work while he contemplates.

Yan Xueshan continued to take off his mecha suit. The hip and crotch section was particularly ill-fitting, so he needed to put extra effort just to put in on. Because there was too much meat on his buttocks, he had to pull down hard just to take it off.

He lowered his head and concentrated on taking off the mecha suit and heard a rustling sound from Arthur, who was standing right behind him.

It might’ve taken only a split second to look over when he heard the sound, but when he looked he found that Arthur had quickly finished taking off his clothes. He stood next to him like a model in an acting class.

Yan Xueshan: “!”

That was too fast, right?!

Arthur knew that Yan Xueshan was somewhat a clean freak and didn’t like dirty things, so he quickly took a shower before soaking in the bathtub.

Yan Xueshan stood in front of him, carefully cleaning himself, especially the things that would be used. He washed himself carefully with a serious expression, and then rinsed off the soap from his body before moving to the tub.

Originally, this villa was prepared for him by Arthur. Of course out of selfishness it also had a double bathtub. Yan Xueshan didn’t use it normally, since he was too lazy to take a bath. This was the first time he used it.

He was going to sit on the other side, but Arthur immediately opened his arms and said, “Sit in my arms, okay?”

He then added, “Lovers are like this.”

Yan Xueshan changed direction and sat in his arms.

It was a bit cramped.

Arthur let him lean into his arms, kissed his cheek and said, “Can you start taking the initiative now?”

“Don’t rush it yet.” Yan Xueshan frowned lightly and said gruffly, “Wait a minute . I’ll get a feel for it.”

Arthur obediently said, “Oh.” 

However, the person he liked the most was in his arms so he couldn’t resist moving. He quietly bowed his head and kissed Yan Xueshan’s shoulder, and then held his hand again, intertwining their fingers together.

Yan Xueshan asked, “Didn’t you say that I should take the initiative?”

Arthur had to withdraw his hand and said, “Okay, I will be obedient, you can touch me as much as you want.”

 Bear with it. Bear with it.

Seconds felt like years.

Yan Xueshan didn’t know what he was thinking, sat quietly and closed his eyes.

Arthur asked, “Are you ready? Can we start?”

Yan Xueshan shook his head.

Arthur’s heart was hesitant, but he quickly discarded this hesitation. Yan Xueshan has always been a man of his word, and always kept his promises.

He was a little bit uncomfortable, but he could endure it.

After another two minutes passed, Arthur asked again.

Yan Xueshan was mulling over the previous process and he asked Arthur, “Do you want me to make preparations? It would save some time.”

Arthur asked gleefully and ignorantly, “What preparations?” 

He didn’t understand.

Yan Xueshan said, “Like every time before, the preparations made before entering.”

Arthur felt a little hot just by thinking of Yan Xueshan doing it in front of him so he said expectantly, “Yes, yes.”

Yan Xueshan then turned around, looked at him with a very serious expression as if he was about to perform some medical procedure and held out his hand saying, “Open up a little.”

Arthur grabbed his hand in the water before he asked, “Master, you… what are you doing?”

Yan Xueshan: “?”

“Didn’t you ask me to take the initiative?”

Arthur didn’t smile anymore. He took a breath of cold air as he finally reacted belatedly, saying, “Not this kind of initiative.”

Yan Xueshan: “Then how do you want me to take initiative? Isn’t this the initiative?”

He said, somehow troubled, “It’s too difficult. I have a physical problem caused by my psyche. I really can’t stimulate sexual desire and get it up.”

Arthur: “…”

There was silence.

Arthur adjusted his tone, kissed Yan Xueshan’s confused brow, and said softly, “It’s my fault that I didn’t make it clear.

“I want you to sit on me.”

Yan Xueshan asked, “Why would I sit on you?”

Arthur leaned over, whispering in his ear, his lips close enough to kiss.

He said it so secretly, as if it was something to be ashamed of.

Even Yan Xueshan, who was never shy, felt a bit weird in his heart. He thought, should he be ashamed? However, he couldn’t feel such emotion.

He just spoke softer as he looked back at Arthur and nodded. “Okay.”

He didn’t feel shy.

On the contrary, he felt relieved.

Light shone down on them and unlike the first few times, they could see each other clearly.

Yan Xueshan was still not very good at it, so Arthur taught him by hand.

He has always been a good student who was good at learning so he quickly learned such a simple thing.

He just didn’t seem to get the hang of it.

Everything was slowly melting away for him as he started to get confused again. Behind him, for some reason, Arthur felt that he was too clumsy, unskilled, and impatient, so he picked him up.

Yan Xueshan took advantage of the situation and became lazy.

In the bathtub, the milk-white bath water softly rippled and swirled into a charming arc, wave after wave.

Now Yan Xueshan felt that he was becoming more and more unclear about his feelings for Arthur.

Still, at least one thing was clear for him, their bodies were still in tune with each other.

Even if he has a cold personality, it doesn’t seem to matter.

This was probably because he was physically fine.

The next day, when Yan Xueshan went to class, he remembered that he had forgotten to ask Arthur when they were getting married.

He wanted to ask for a long time now, but every time Arthur came, it would be delayed by something else.

Thinking about it, Yan Xueshan stopped in his tracks.

It seemed almost planned.



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