After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 34

All the students in the class noticed that the little Polly, who seemed to dislike everyone, was very happy recently, and would suddenly smile even when sitting alone.

Her attitude towards her classmate Yan Xueshan improved greatly, but this wasn’t surprising. Anyone who has their life saved should be as grateful as she was.

However, there was no time for everyone to discuss the little things that happened in school right now.

After all, the hot topic now was the reappearance of the Blue Reaper!

The return of the Blue Reaper caused heated discussions.

In the next two months, he began to appear frequently.

The Military Department took pictures of Zhulong carrying Artemis as it flew back to base and posted it on the internet. In just a dozen seconds, without any captions, dubbing or subtitles, it soared to the top of the galaxy conversation list.

To be honest, the Blue Reaper and Red Knight pair, from the top of the record, made the entire Galactic Federation think they were a good match.

It wasn’t about being a man or a woman or ABO.

A good match was a good match, no matter what gender they were.

In the Blue Reaper Galaxy Support Club, the Vega branch, a small group discussion was in full swing:

[Group Friends 3]: But what do you mean the Federal Government released this video?

[Group Friends 1]: It’s very subtle. They released many videos about these partners before, but Artemis has never sat on the Zhulong before.

[Group Friends 2]: There was also a video about the Zhulong flying Artemis around .

Polly silently opened the group chat and watched.

When she saw this, she was already churning inside, biting her lower lip. Her face twisted with excitement, trying desperately to hold back the joy that was about to gush out.

She had the secret pleasure of knowing in advance, and thought gleefully: Haha, you don’t know, right? They are getting married!

Unfortunately, she couldn’t tell anyone.

[Group Friends 4]: Shit, if they don’t come out to deny it, I will suspect them of being sweet on each other!

[Group Friends 1]: Tell me, the Blue Reaper disappeared for almost a year… could it be that they were pregnant and going to have a baby? The timing is just right. Maybe they are already married.

Give birth to a child?

Polly choked and couldn’t hold it anymore as she hurried to help dispel the rumors.

Why are these people making rumors all day long?!

[Polly]: No, it might be due to other reasons.

[Group Friends 1]: What other reason could it be?

[Polly]: …. Anyway, it’s not because of childbirth.

[Group Friends 2]: Damn! I think it makes sense!

[Group Friends 3]: How powerful their child would be! Almighty in melee and long-distance combat? The newborn baby must be so cute! It’s not even winning at the starting line, it’s being born in a mecha!

[Groupie 5]: Support this statement! Support! Support!

Dear God.

The group of friends ignored her and continued to discuss the Blue Reaper.

In fact these people didn’t know the true gender of the Blue Reaper.

So in the list of [Male Most People Wanted to Marry] and [Female Most People Wanted to Marry], the Blue Reaper was on top of both Top Ten listings, making him the person to marry by both women and men.

Even if he was genderless, everyone would applaud and say, “Isn’t that better?”

Polly looked at the group chat with all kinds of rumors and speculation flying around and became anxious and itchy. She really wanted to reveal to them that Yan Xueshan himself was even better in person than in their imagination.

But this secret must be kept.

She was very happy for Yan Xueshan.

On the day she heard Yan Xueshan say that he was going to marry Arthur, she almost fainted, but she still cried excitedly when she asked Yan Xueshan when he would get married.

Yan Xueshan said that it hadn’t been finalized, but if it was  finalized, it would be made public.

Currently she was very happy in her heart, but she couldn’t tell others about it.

Even so, she has no complaints.

Every time Yan Xueshan couldn’t be found, she knew it must be because he went to the military base. She helped Yan Xueshan make up a seamless excuse for everything.

She even boasted that she could help Yan Xueshan with his homework if he was late with it, so that he wouldn’t be suspected.

She was politely refused by Yan Xueshan.

Yan Xueshan said that he can do his own homework.

Later, Yan Xueshan got an A for the homework that was handed in on time, and was even praised by the teacher for doing excellent work and that everyone should learn from him.

It made Polly cry with pride again. Being a fan of such an idol was great! He not only piloted a mecha well ! He also planted fields well!

That’s right.

Their group’s experimental field was the best among several groups.

The teacher specifically named it in his praise.

Today, Yan Xueshan was doing practical work at school.

The three of them were assigned their own work and advanced in an orderly manner.

Polly watched Nana helplessly as she asked Yan Xueshan to teach her some tips on how to drive an agricultural mecha, since she wanted to get high marks in this subject.

Polly watched, as her eyes almost fell out of her head.

The God of Sniper Fighters was giving agricultural mecha lessons?! This was something she never ever dared to imagine in her dreams!

As the clueless Nana finished asking her questions, she walked over and asked, “Aren’t you going to ask?”

Scratching her head with her pen, Nana said, “I just can’t understand what he is talking about.”

Polly shook her head repeatedly in fear and admiration. “No need, no need.”

Yan Xueshan had already taken it upon himself to board the agricultural mecha and begin his operational homework for the day. The good experimental data of their group was inseparable from Yan Xueshan’s excellent mecha operations.

Since the last accident, the agricultural mecha class paid more attention to safety issues so there have been no more accidents, nor have they seen Yan Xueshan have any God-like operations.

At best, his agricultural mechs operated a little better than his classmates, and sometimes even the teacher’s demonstration wasn’t as good.

Yan Xueshan also lived in seclusion and was quiet and discreet, only having interaction with two little girls in his group.

In the eyes of others, he was always elusive, but Polly insisted that when he wasn’t at school, he was doing homework in the dormitory.

However, everyone didn’t know where Yan Xueshan lived. He didn’t live at the school’s cheap men’s dormitory at all.

At the same time, another person was watching Yan Xueshan’s movements.

From the beginning of the school year until now, Song Chao has been observing Yan Xueshan.

He recently found that every time the Blue Reaper appeared, he couldn’t find where Yan Xueshan was. There was even a time when he inadvertently bumped into Yan Xueshan sneakily leaving the school and hurriedly getting into a spaceship without any license plates.

It was just too weird. Could it be that he has some inside information and wanted to spy on the Blue Reaper in advance?

Yan Xueshan’s behavior was just too weird.

He would also walk down the road and suddenly take a picture of the surroundings, then send it to others with his head down.

Wasn’t this observing their school’s topography, security, or something like that? He might be preparing for something bad!

Moreover, other normal people would participate in the discussion when they hear the news about the Blue Reaper and Red Knight but he never bothered!

It’s too abnormal.

Song Chao told an unnamed netizen what he thought, but that netizen just said: “But, didn’t you say that person was very good-looking?”

Song Chao said matter-of-factly, “Are you stupid, of course you have to look good to be more deceptive! It lets people relax their vigilance; if they look suspicious, everyone would know you are a spy.

“I have an ominous feeling, I must test him.”

Netizen asked, “How do you plan to test him?”

Song Chao said, “I’ve already made up my mind, I will wait for his next practical class.”

Today his mecha class was having an outdoor class.

 Song Chao found the location of Yan Xueshan’s agricultural mecha using the scanner of the training machine.

It was actually not far, just surrounded by trees, roughly three to four hundred meters away, which he had found before.

Everyone drew lots to play against each other.

A classmate who drew Song Chao straightforwardly said that he was out of luck. “I can’t believe I won the lottery! That psycho doesn’t know what kind of crazy he’ll meet today.”

Song Chao was a mecha freak, and his day was always about mecha. He was also extremely serious about his classes and quizzes. He treated all the people he fought against as enemies that he wanted to destroy. He wasn’t willing to listen to what the teacher said to him, and he wouldn’t change even after repeated admonitions.

As soon as the classmate started to fight today, he found that something wasn’t right.

Especially his trick of throwing Song Chao out was a success. Not only was it successful, but Song Chao flew so far that everyone was dumbfounded.

He fell into a nearby forest and disappeared.

Song Chao drove the mecha, turned around, weaving through the dense forest, straight to Yan Xueshan’s experimental field.

He felt that Yan Xueshan always going to his experimental field must have some conspiracy behind it, he just had to dig it out to see!

Polly, hearing the sound of a mecha engine, looked up and saw a black shadow flying over from the roof of the shed. She froze and muttered, “Not? Again?”

Nana pulled her up and ran away. “Are you stupid? What are you doing standing here in a daze?!!”

Yan Xueshan was faster than the two of them.

A leopard-type agricultural mecha suddenly leapt up, so swiftly and deftly that it didn’t hurt a little seedling, which was also amazing was his jumping distance. Moreover, it had to break through the roof to jump to the door flexibly and directly.

At this point it was Nana that froze and it was Polly that dragged her out as she ran out excitedly.

The agricultural mech driven by Yan Xueshan looked like a hunting leopard that was about to ambush someone. After a brief charge on the ground, it leaped so fast and high that both Nana and Polly were wondering if they saw correctly. They thought, ‘So agricultural mechas can jump that high? It was as if it was flying.’

It jumped straight towards the humanoid mecha flying over.

The humanoid mecha seemed to try to evade, but the “Leopard” still captured him as if it had predicted his movements.

It was easier than a cat catching a small bird.

At the same time, something flew out from the humanoid mecha.

The leopard’s tail flicked forward, but it only slightly blocked as its tail was cut in half. It turned out that it was a mecha dagger, smashing into the corner of the test field.

The agricultural mecha pinned the humanoid mecha to the ground in a death grip.

Polly could even hear the teeth grinding of compressed metal as the leopard tried to bite the enemy’s throat in a murderous rage.

Then it stopped again.

After few seconds.


It was the sound of a mecha cockpit opening.

Yan Xueshan jumped off the mecha lightly, and then he walked to the training machine that had fallen to the ground and stood at the door of the cockpit that had fallen sideways.

Kicking it fully open he said, “Get out.”

The person in the cockpit ignored him.

Another kick. “Get out.”

Still ignoring him.

Yan Xueshan didn’t ask anymore. He took out a soft wire glove from his pocket, put it on and switched it on, making it instantly become unbearably hard.

Yan Xueshan squatted down, raised his fist high and smashed it on the door.

With a loud ‘bang’, the thickly armored cockpit was smashed to pieces.

Yan Xueshan expressionlessly punched it three times, completely smashing the cockpit door open, then he threw it aside and carried out the already stunned Song Chao.

Song Chao blushed with shame.

Damn, he was piloting a combat mecha but was beaten up by an agricultural mecha. It was probably the first time in history.

Yan Xueshan coldly said, “You have to compensate for my field.”


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