After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 49

Yan Xueshan couldn’t understand.

Sometimes he felt that Arthur was impartial, but sometimes, like now, Arthur could make such absurd suggestions.

It confused him a lot.

Yan Xueshan said, “Wouldn’t it get dirty? Mecha suits are very expensive.”

Arthur really liked this look. Just looking at him, he felt his heart melt with just a hint of guilt.

Arthur asked, “Then is it okay to wear a spare one? It’s not that expensive?”

That made sense.

 Yan Xueshan thought about it seriously, but still shook his head, and denied him. “Not that expensive? It still costs 20,000.”

“When did you become so frugal?”

Still, Arthur was obedient. “How about something of similar style?”

Yan Xueshan asked, “What kind?”

Arthur took him back to their bedroom and took out the jumpsuit that he had prepared earlier, except that the material was slightly different. The style was almost exactly the same as the one he wore on the aircraft, with only some details that seemed different.

Yan Xueshan was stunned for a moment, unable to wrap his head around this. He felt that such clothes shouldn’t be readily available, but should have to be prepared in advance, right?

How could they just be taken out directly like this?

Arthur asked, “It’s just a similar style. You still can’t wear it?”

Yan Xueshan was unable to answer for a moment.

If Arthur had pulled out this suit at the beginning, then he would have righteously refused, but he first asked if the mechs suit was okay, and Yan Xueshan felt that was his non-negotiable bottom line.

Now that Arthur came out with this, it seemed somehow barely acceptable.

After much deliberation, Yan Xueshan replied, “Yes.”

Arthur didn’t have time to become secretly happy, as Yan Xueshan took the mecha suit and seriously said, “I still can’t understand why you like this.”

Arthur asked, “What, Master doesn’t like it?”

Yan Xueshan: “?”

Arthur really didn’t find it unusual before. When he was in school, everyone wore similar training clothes, and he never felt anything special.

Until he saw Yan Xueshan wearing it.

It was their first day as partners, and they weren’t quite on the same page.

Yan Xueshan went to the training room first, and when Arthur arrived, Yan Xueshan was already sitting in the mecha cabin waiting for him.

He finished his training with full attention, but was too nervous, and regretted that he didn’t perform well enough. He hung his head down as he got down from his mecha cabin first.

Then, he heard the sound of the mecha cabin opening on Yan Xueshan’s side, making him look over involuntarily.

Yan Xueshan walked up the elevator in his mecha suit, just a single step behind him, while even his sweat looked like diamond crumbs, shining.

When Arthur saw Yan Xueshan before, he was wearing a military uniform.

It was true that the military uniform fit Yan Xueshan very well, but the mecha suit was completely different. His figure was like the figure drawn by a fashion designer on paper with every line full of beauty.

Obviously the cloth covered his body tightly and nothing was exposed, but Yan Xueshan’s face was flushed and just looking at him, Arthur didn’t know where to put his eyes. After stealing one look, he looked away quickly, not daring to look any more.

After going back from training that night, Arthur had a strange dream.

After waking up he thought that it turned out that what he felt was more than just love at first sight with Yan Xueshan’s skills.

Now, Yan Xueshan changed his clothes and sat down on the edge of the bed, his eyes clear without any invitation, just doing whatever he wanted.

He was defenseless but also very unapproachable.

Arthur’s throat was thirsty and his heart started to beat faster.

He was both confident and anxious, feeling that the past seven years were like a dream. He thought about Yan Xueshan for so many years, and finally got his hands on him. It still felt so incredible to him.

Seeing him not moving, Yan Xueshan seemed to take initiative as he asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Arthur was dazzled by him. “I think what you said is right. The suit is indeed sacred, wearing it is so sacred. I feel guilty for cheating you. I feel like I can’t do it.”

Yan Xueshan commented objectively, “What a troublesome Alpha.”

Emotional people often operated in a way he couldn’t understand.

The material of this imitation mecha suit was far inferior to the genuine one, it was also very tightly fitted to his body which was strangely uncomfortable. Yan Xueshan said, “If you don’t want this, forget it. I will change into pajamas and go to sleep.”

After he finished speaking he waited for a second.

Arthur was still struggling and didn’t answer so Yan Xueshan just got up.

Before he could fully stand up, Arthur rushed over and held him down. “Yes, yes just let me think for a bit about it.”

Yan Xueshan fell on the bed and stared straight into his twinkling pupils. Then he said in a pure and puzzled attitude, “We are married now.”

It was as if he was asking rhetorically: Have you forgotten? Now, you can do whatever you want with me.

Arthur felt like his soul was softly entangled by invisible silk, and lightly led by Yan Xueshan, just to be mesmerized by him.

Yan Xueshan was more or less uncomfortable.

It would be better if he didn’t wear this.

The zipper of this mecha suit was at the front.

As it was too tight, the slightly cool zipper head slipped along his muscles, opening the suit inch by inch.

Three, two, one.


Arthur bowed his head.

 Yan Xueshan looked at him curiously.

This reminded Yan Xueshan that Arthur did the same thing that night before the final battle, but unfortunately it didn’t work, wasting time for nothing.

Still, he kept trying time after time with great persistence.

Until now Yan Xueshan felt that his feelings were stripped away, but even though he wasn’t thinking before, he was actually able to look calmly at his feelings.

His soul, however, seemed to melt slowly in Arthur’s gentle kiss. The two of them fused together, making it impossible to distinguish one from the other clearly.

He would even take the initiative to stretch out his hand, to intertwine his fingers with Arthur, or grab Arthur’s shoulder.

It wasn’t much different from their first time.

Arthur still asked him to do whatever action he wanted,  such as lifting his waist, stretching his legs, lying on his stomach or lying on his side. For a while, even sitting down was added.

He was a well-trained, physically and flexible fighter, but things were no longer the same.

This was no longer just a task.


The second match of the tournament was Arthur vs Gan Hui.

On the Internet, people jokingly referred to this match as the Wives Fight, because both of the fighters were originally battle partners with their lovers.

Before the match, the two had a friendly meeting. Although not very well acquainted, the fight started straight away.

There wasn’t much suspense in this match.

Gan Hui’s good temper was well known. He didn’t like to fight at all, and when he wasn’t on the battlefield, he would walk around an ant if he could.

He had a habit of praying before and after a battle, so he was called the Priest in Black.

Gan Hui wasn’t partnered with his lover and had no desire to fight, making his battle power greatly reduced. He simply didn’t want to fight with Arthur.

Still, theoretically, if there was a certain distance at the start, the long-range mechas would surely win against melee mechas.

Therefore, it was a bit worth seeing.

In particular, Arthur showed everyone how a melee mecha dodges the sniper mecha’s rays, which was later recorded by various mecha academies and became new teaching material.

When he got close, Gan Hui surrendered without resistance.

The session was almost at the end. The camera switched over.

Arthur and Gan Hui had both changed clothes and were wearing aprons, standing in a spacious kitchen.

The audience voiced that they were deceived.

The two of them had an arrangement in advance.

Arthur smiled brightly and said loudly, “Today we have come to the Violet Orphanage. Thank you to my lover, Mr. Yan Xueshan, for providing the ingredients, and to Mr. Gan who will cook a meal together with me for the children of this orphanage.”

Gan Hui put his hands in front of his body and cheerfully said, “Yes, I will cook a dish that is my wife’s favorite.”

Wait, he hasn’t started to show off yet! Arthur looked sideways and said, “My apron was given to me by my lover.”


Gan Hui, who hadn’t had any fighting spirit in the mecha fight before became a little competitive at this time and said, “I made my apron myself, but the fabric was chosen by my wife. But this apron is nothing, we are here to cook.”

Arthur nodded, “That’s right. I’m not bragging, but I cook quite well. My lover loves my cooking. He praises me for cooking well.”

Senior househusband Gan Hui dismissed this and said, “Then it’s better to compare.”

The hostility was abundant.


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