After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 29

Arthur’s lips against Yan Xueshan’s earlobe whispered honeyed words: “Master, there is a little child peeping at us kissing, did you know that?”

Originally, he wanted to embarrass Yan Xueshan, but Yan Xueshan just calmly and coldly said: “I noticed.”

Arthur was stunned.

Yan Xueshan said: “It’s my classmate.”

Arthur: “…”

After speaking, Yan Xueshan also looked in the direction where Polly was hiding.

Polly, like a small mouse, came out from her hiding spot and stood in the light. Yan Xueshan saw that her face was flushed as if she had a high fever, her whole body shaking from head to toe. She also seemed to be crying at the same time, her tears pouring out like a flood, bean sized tears running on her face. She covered her mouth, not letting herself cry out.

It was a bit scary to cry out aloud.

Arthur murmured to him: “What should we do now? Are you going to deal with it or should I deal with it?”

Yan Xueshan thought for a while and said: “I’ll take care of it. It’s not a big deal.”

Arthur said: “Okay.”

Yan Xueshan turned to Polly who still stood there crying and asked: “Are you okay?”

Polly just continued to cry and shook her head.

Yan Xueshan spoke again: “Don’t tell anyone about what you saw today.”

Polly still cried but nodded her head.

Yan Xueshan spoke again: “Okay, you can go now.”

Polly still cried but with a bewildered face: “?”

Arthur asked: “That’s it?”

Yan Xueshan spoke as if nothing had happened. “That’s it. Give me the keys to the other mechas, I want to try the scorpion one.”

Arthur asked: “Aren’t you afraid that this female student will leave and spill the beans about you?”

Yan Xueshan looked at Arthur and nodded lightly. “No, I won’t. I know her. She isn’t that kind of person.”

Polly’s tears eased up a bit, and then came rushing back.

She finally got the courage to say while still sobbing: “I’m sorry I came over here and peeked without permission. I’ll never do that again.”

She said as she wiped her tears: “I was so stupid. Woooo…. I scolded you, but you didn’t get angry with me… Woooo.

“I actually told you that you don’t understand the Blue Reaper at all. Just what kind of idiot am I?

“I even said that you were dead to your face. No wonder you told me that you weren’t dead, woo woo woo…. It’s good that you aren’t dead. I made a mistake, I knew you wouldn’t die. They all told me that you might be dead and I cried for three days.

“I can’t believe I still had the guts to rush you to turn in your homework. I’ll never rush you again, woo woo.”

Yan Xueshan told her: “I will turn it in on time. Go back quickly. Kids shouldn’t run around at night, it’s dangerous. Don’t do this in the future.”

Polly nodded her head with tears in her eyes and promised him: “I will keep the secret for you! I won’t bother you, you can continue piloting the mecha.”

After saying that, she bowed deeply at a 90 degree angle.

Then she turned around and left.

In fact, after Yan Xueshan raised the idea that the Blue Reaper might have retired, she wanted to ask: “Is the Blue Reaper not going to pilot mecha anymore?”

Now there was no need to ask this question.

She looked back. Yan Xueshan was standing beside a mecha, touching it, as if he was touching a beloved pet, making her bubble with joy.

Arthur stood beside him, looking down and not knowing what to say to him. His eyes lit up slightly and then nodded his head.

Looking at this scene made her mood brighten, and she couldn’t help but smile.

In the past, she admired the calm power of the Blue Reaper; she had thought she wouldn’t accept it if her idol changed from an untouchable god to a human being. Now she felt that the Blue Reaper, as a mortal, might make her worship him even more.

Yan Xueshan had learned mecha operations at the Imperial Military University and the mechas were human shaped. They were mecha for close and distant combat. The Imperial Military University has a strong faculty and rich financial resources. This was especially true for the most cutting-edge mecha department, which used the best training machines available.

After officially serving in the military, he had used three different humanoid mechas, and because of his excellent grades, he directly got his A-class license and was assigned A-class mecha. Then within a few years he was driving an S-class mecha.

Therefore, until now, he didn’t have much contact with other mechas.

It didn’t occur to him to test out other models before.

The few beast-type agricultural mechas sent by Arthur were obviously not worth mentioning in terms of technology compared to Artemis. All of them were very crude and could never be put to use in combat.

But Yan Xueshan still had fun with them.

Just in case something happened again, Arthur asked the engineers to temporarily build a soundproof warehouse in an open space to store the mechas.

In the past few days, Yan Xueshan went to the warehouse to play with mechas after class, thinking it was very interesting.

For example, the scorpion-shaped mecha was invented for farming and pioneering in the Gobi desert.

His “scorpion tail” had two forms. One was short, which could anchor it in the ground so it wouldn’t be washed away by a sandstorm. The other extended; its front section has a drilling function and is able to detect water. The longest it could extend was 100 meters!

In order to be able to walk on the sandy ground of the Gobi desert, its feets and  claws have a strong grip, so it could climb no matter how steep it was. It could even climb upside down on the ceiling without falling off. Yan Xueshan had driven it up and down the warehouse several times.

He also named these few mechas one by one.

For example, the leopard type was called Mimi, the scorpion type was called Xiaohei, the eagle-shaped one was Jiujiu, the dog-shaped one was named Wangcai, and so on….

The rumors about him at school gradually subsided. After all, there were no pictures or videos so the truth could never be known. Even in their class, only a very small number of people witnessed it – it all happened so fast after all.

The two parties directly involved all insisted to the outside world that it was all just rumors and everything was an accident. Within a few days there was something else to talk about so people stopped paying attention to him.

Not long after getting the new mechas, Yan Xueshan couldn’t get tired of playing with them and couldn’t make himself put them down.

As a result, he worked as a test pilot under a part-time contract, and when he finally saw Artemis, he always felt a little ashamed.

This time coming here, Yan Xueshan also brought his special mecha suit.

This mecha suit fitted him much better.

Although he has retired for half a year and his diet wasn’t as strict as it was in the army, Yan Xueshan is still in good shape. Years of habit were hard to break and he also did a lot of farm work.

This one-piece mecha suit’s zipper was on the front, so after putting it on and pressing the button on the collar, the clothes would automatically expel excess air. Like a second layer of skin comfortably and gently enveloping his body, it did so without any discomfort. He wouldn’t sweat, since it would automatically absorb the sweat so your body wouldn’t feel sticky and uncomfortable.

Two hours later, Yan Xueshan completed his part time job to everyone’s satisfaction.

Yan Xueshan reluctantly got out of Artemis’ cockpit, thinking, ‘Well, I really like Artemis the most.’

He went to take a shower, ready to change clothes and go home.

Arthur said: “It’s so late, why don’t you stay here and sleep.”

Yan Xueshan refused. “No. I haven’t driven the other three mechas much, so I want to go back and drive them.”

Arthur choked, gritted his teeth and muttered: “I wouldn’t have prepared so many of them if I knew.”

Since purchasing several animal-shaped agricultural mechas for Yan Xueshan, he has gotten a few perfunctory kisses. As for more intimate things, don’t even think about it.

Although it was cute how Yan Xueshan discussed with him every day how interesting the new mechas were, and he was also invited by Yan Xueshan to play with them together with him, but…

Yan Xueshan didn’t hear what Aruthur said clearly, but after belatedly thinking about what Arthur wanted to do, he suddenly realized and asked: “Oh, you want to have sex with me?”

He glanced at his watch, frowned, quickly calculated the time in his mind, and said: “If you hurry up, really hurry up I can accompany you for 20 minutes.”

It was better to cooperate, Arthur was his fiancé after all, and they’re in a relationship.

This was how a relationship should be talked about, right?

Yan Xueshan felt that he sort of coaxed Arthur.

Yet, Arthur’s expression turned a little ugly, as he blurted out: “It won’t get up so fast!”

Yan Xueshan didn’t quite understand. “Oh. Then I’m going back.”

Arthur sighed. “I’ll send you to the spaceship.”

Yan Xueshan’s mood didn’t change, but seeing Arthur somewhat depressed, he thought to himself: It was both lovers’ responsibility to not make each other unhappy.

He didn’t have any experience in love, so Yan Xueshan seriously thought about how to process, slowing down as he fell into deep thought.

Arthur looked at his serious expression and felt that Yan Xueshan must have been thinking about how to drive those beast-shaped mechas.

Forget it, he already lost his chance.

Yan Xueshan suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Arthur followed after him and also stopped, asking: “What’s wrong?”

Yan Xueshan put one hand on his shoulder, leaned over, and said in his unique, wooden and cold tone: “After I master all the mechas you gave me I will accompany you again. It should take three or four days.”

Arthur was stunned.

Yan Xueshan’s tone wasn’t provocative at all, but rather serious. After thinking about it, he also added: “The time and place will be set by you then.”

After he finished speaking, Yan Xueshan saw that Arthur’s neck and the back of his ears turned red.

A passing soldier next to him looked like he was smothered by something and walked around them, muttering a complaint: “It’s starting again, it’s suddenly so fragrant.”

Yan Xueshan asked: “Is that okay?”

Only then did Arthur recover his voice. His eyes lit up as he looked at Yan Xueshan with a honey gaze, about to give his answer.

However, just then, the communication device on his body rang, interrupting the ambiguous atmosphere. Arthur listened to the content of the contact, instantly becoming serious.

Yan Xueshan asked: “What’s the matter?”

Arthur said briefly: “Patrol Squad A7 encountered a large group of interstellar pirates and are under attack. They need urgent support. Sorry, Master, I can’t see you off, I need to take my team over there. I’ll find you when I get back.”

After saying that, he hurriedly left.

Yan Xueshan couldn’t help but watch his back. Arthur’s steps were decisive, without any hesitation as he trotted away without looking back.

Inexplicably, he felt like looking at this serious Arthur some more.


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