After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 39

From the corner of his eyes, Arthur already noticed Yan Xueshan talking with Klitsch. Both of them looked serious, as if they were discussing academic issues.

Arthur finally had the time to walk over, saw Klitsch frown and then nod stiffly as he said with some difficulty, “…Okay, I’ll try.”

Arthur’s mood was still riding high after the show of affection. He asked casually, “Try what?”

“Nothing.” Klitsch looked at him with an odd look, wanting to say something, but then stopped as he just simply walked past him towards his partner.

Arthur looked at Yan Xueshan again.

Yan Xueshan responded frankly, “I told him to try the method I taught him.”

Arthur: “Method? What method?”

Yan Xueshan: “The one to increase the coherency rate.”

Arthur froze, unable to even smile.

Arthur took a breath, looked straight, and was about to speak when a ninth person suddenly appeared in the room, wearing a suit with a bow-tie. “Hey, I’m here.”

“Just in time.”

Everyone stopped talking, and looked at him together.

Who else could this person be except Lin Qi?

Wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, holding a folder in his hand, he glanced down at his watch and said, “Since everyone is busy and according to the individual schedules you gave, the amount of time everyone can participate is one hour. I’ll give you a brief explanation of the competition system based on that time.”

He then waved his hand.

A table and nine chairs emerged from the center of the room.

Everyone took their seats separately. Except for Klitsch and Zhi Shu, who sat at separate ends, the other couples sat next to each other.

Yan Xueshan and Arthur also did so.

Even though he read the text version before and now had to listen to it again, Yan Xueshan still listened carefully and patiently.

From the corner of his eyes he saw Arthur behind him dawdling. Not knowing what he was doing, Arthur looked very anxious. Yan Xueshan glanced at him, and found that Arthur looked serious, his cheeks tense. Yan Xueshan wasn’t sure what he was thinking about, but he looked very distracted.

All the way to the end of the speech, Arthur didn’t seem to be listening to it.

It seemed that his mental state wasn’t very good.

Yan Xueshan thought, as a fiancé, shouldn’t he take care of Arthur?

Since they were in a meeting now, it wasn’t convenient for them to talk.

When the meeting ended, Yan Xueshan turned his head and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Has something happened at the base?”

Arthur met Yan Xueshan’s clear gaze, his expression just becoming more solemn. His mouth curled into a smile as he spoke simply, “No.”

Sitting opposite them, Lan Zephyr also noticed and teasingly said, “What’s the matter? He looks so flustered, as if he was about to lose his wife. Tell me what’s going on for my amusement.”

Arthur didn’t bother to argue with him as he only said, “Just shut up.”

Lan Zephyr: “Uh.”

Then Arthur lowered his head and said to Yan Xueshan gently, “Master, you go home first. I have something to talk to you about later, so I will come talk to you. Don’t go to sleep first and wait for me. Okay?”

Yan Xueshan looked at his watch and said, “That’s fine, but I’ll only wait for you for four hours at most. If you come any later, I will already be asleep.”

After thinking about it, he added, “I’ll just use the time to get used to the new simulator. Remember to ask the Master Control AI to inform me when you come.”

After he finished saying that the two of them bid their goodbyes.

Yan Xueshan switched to simulated fighter mode.

Instead of having to climb up and down to log in, he moved straight into the cockpit of the virtual Artemis.

All the data followed Artemis itself, using the country’s strongest intelligent AI Seraphim for calculations. Although the virtual Artemis wasn’t the same as the real one, the advantage was that you could set up various battle scenarios by yourself and there were thousands of them.

Also in the simulated battle, the damage to the mecha didn’t matter. With just some program calculations, you could clear all the battle damage and restore the mecha to the state before the battle.

 In the past, this system was only used by soldiers in the army, and had a very limited mecha ID authority. The higher your license level, the higher level mecha you could access.

The S-class mechas’ simulated use was bound to be only used by S class users, such as himself, without anyone else being able to access them.

Yan Xueshan indulged for an hour.

When he was called down by Arthur, he still wasn’t finished thinking in his heart 


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