After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 40.2

At first, he wanted to agree to be intimate once a month at most, thinking that was the limit of his patience, but now every time Arthur came over they would end up having sex somehow and even he didn’t know what was going on.

The point was, he didn’t feel impatient and was quite comfortable.

Yan Xueshan: “…”

Something seemed to not be quite right?

Didn’t Arthur cause trouble in the beginning yesterday? What happened afterwards?

At that moment a few students passed by, excitedly talking.

“Did you see the Mecha Charity Tournament on the news today? It’s an All-Star lineup of soldiers!!”

“What competition??”

“My God…”

Yan Xueshan walked all the way to the classroom, and wherever there were people they were all discussing this topic. Of course, the students in his classroom were the same.

There was a written exam today, the final exam.

Polly sneakily touched him and asked in a lowered, excited voice, “I saw your name on the promotion form, are you going to enter too?”

Yan Xueshan nodded his head.

Polly was moved to tears. “I’ll look forward to it! I’ll definitely buy tickets to see it! Be sure to win.”

‘It was just a charity competition, not a duel to the death,’ Yan Xueshan thought, but no matter what the fight was, he wouldn’t slack off.

Yan Xueshan coldly said, “Alright.”

Then he reminded her: “It’s almost time for the exam so hurry up and sit down in your seat.”

After the exam, Yan Xueshan went to the experimental field to see how his plants had been developing and happened to bump into Song Chao communicating with his parents.

When the boy first came to work, he disliked how dirty field work was and would come in clean clothes and shoes every day. Now he could work casually wearing mud-stained clothes. He spoke aggrievedly, ” I only need one ticket, even the cheapest one will do please.

“…I know I did something wrong, didn’t I admit it?

“… If I miss it this time, it might never happen again in my lifetime. Mom… watching the replay video is different.”

Yan Xueshan stood opposite of him and silently watched the whole exchange. Realizing that his struggle was futile, Song Chao’s shoulders trembled as if he was crying.

Song Chao turned around, saw Yan Xueshan and was startled. He took a deep breath. Because he couldn’t stop crying, the tears flowing down his cheeks were unable to stop, and he felt extremely ashamed. “Did you hear that?”

Yan Xueshan said very coldly, “According to the law, your parents only have the responsibility to raise you. If you want to buy electronic tickets for the game, they aren’t obliged to pay for you.”

A solid remark.

Song Chao started to cry harder a second later.

Yan Xueshan was indifferent; he didn’t understand why this child suddenly cried.

It was obvious that this child was quite stubborn and didn’t even cry when his parents scolded him that day.

 Song Chao burst into tears, crying very ugly as he spoke. ‘I’m sorry. I know I was wrong. I won’t mess around again.”

Yan Xueshan said, “Then correct it.”

Song Chao still cried as he spoke, “But I still can’t afford to watch the competition.”

What’s the use of crying? Yan Xueshan really disliked it. After thinking about it, he quickly came up with a solution and said, “If you don’t have money, earn it.”

Song Chao gradually calmed down and sniffled. “How can I earn it? I can’t do anything.” 

The more he spoke, the less energy he had. He seemed to only be able to pilot a mecha, and even that he couldn’t do very well.

Yan Xueshan said, “Didn’t I teach you how to farm? You can find work at a farm during the summer.”

Song Chao was inspired. His face, which was red from crying now, became even redder from excitement. His eyes lit up as he looked at Yan Xueshan with admiration, and focused his mind. “Yes!”

Song Chao knew that Yan Xueshan was someone who owned the farm, so he asked nervously, “So, do you know anyone who needs to recruit workers?”

 Yan Xueshan thought of Uncle Qiao, but hesitated. He couldn’t decide whether to introduce this little chick as a helper or not. He was clumsy and as a farmer, he would never hire such a worker. He said, “Some people I know are recruiting, but there is no guarantee that they will like you. It may take a few days of trial work before they decide to hire you.

“But he’s a very nice guy, and if he decides to hire you, he should be willing to give you a little advance on your salary to buy tickets.”

He then added, “His food is also very good.”

Just like this, at the end of the semester, Song Chao left school with the pot of seedlings that Yan Xueshan had given him. Taking the letter of introduction given by Yan Xueshan, he went to Uncle Qiao’s farm on Sector K37 with great enthusiasm.

This time he worked hard to make up for his lack of experience, and he was also good at operating the agricultural mecha.

Uncle Qiao complimented him and said, “I heard from Yan Xueshan that you are a top student in the Mecha Department?”

He then flushed with shame.

As Yan Xueshan said, Uncle Qiao was a very good person. It seemed that he also misses his son who was away due to studying. Since he missed his son he took quite good care of him, and even let him stay in his son’s room temporarily and prepared delicious food for all three meals.

That night, he embarrassedly asked Uncle Qiao if he could borrow his Interstellar TV that night. He wanted to watch the press conference for the Galactic Federation Charity Mecha Competition.

Uncle Qiao said excitedly, “I also wanted to watch it, let’s watch it together.”

Song Chao sat on the sofa and opened up the discussion on his phone while waiting for the launch to begin.

All the major interstellar forums blew up, as well as the [Red Knight Galaxy Support General Group] he was in.

[Group Friends 1]: Gambling is officially banned for the competition. Not allowing us to play with money is really boring.

[Group Friends 2]: Isn’t there an official vote? Hurry up, hurry up and vote for Admiral Arthur!

[Group Friends 3]: It doesn’t seem necessary to pilot your own mecha to fight. So it will all depend on personal skills.

Group Friends 4]: Damn, are you trying to badmouth Arthur in this group? Are you an undercover agent from the Blue Reaper Support Club next door?

[Group Friends 1]: No, I think this judging from the data, it’s really not certain.

[Group Friends 2]: It’s really interesting, the matches are 1vs1. No matter what the match-up is when the time comes, it will be fun! I might be wicked but I really want to see the Blue Reaper fight the Red Knight.

[Group Friends 5]: I am also very immoral, I like watching couples fight.

[Group Friends 6]: It would also be very interesting if the Lan brother and sister could fight each other!!

[Group Friends 4]: I don’t want to disturb the chat, but I really want to see Zhi Shu and Klitsch fight. If you think about it, the two of them probably have wanted to fight each other for a long time.

The people on chat all posted: Hahaha

Suddenly, the image on the TV changed, and the launch seemed about to start.

Song Chao hurriedly reminded everyone: Stop chatting, the launch is about to start!

Of course, this launch was created as a holographic projection.

The Galaxy was very big, so it was very troublesome to stream it at the same time. Besides, it was just an after-party for a few Divisional Sergeants, so no one needed to leave their quarters specifically.

Even so, it was still very rare to see the Federation’s S-class Master Sergeants use holographic projections, and it was even rarer seeing them gathered together in public.

It might be out of habit, but everyone still made an appearance in pairs.

 Song Chao was waiting for Arthur to appear on the stage. Additionally, he was also curious whether the Blue Reaper would appear publicly for the first time in person.

Not only was he curious about him, everyone was curious as it became a very hot topic of discussion on the internet.

Their group was also talking about it.

[Group Friends 3]: I think the Blue Reaper will probably not show up. Maybe there is something wrong with him? Maybe his appearance is bad.

[Group Friends 4]: Didn’t someone say he might be having an affair with Admiral Arthur? It’s said that Admiral Arthur is his fiance.

[Group Friends 2]: It’s all rumors, right? At first wasn’t it just Admiral Arthur who said he was in love?  I don’t know what’s going on, but suddenly there is a rumor that they are definitely getting married? Rumors are just rumors. How could a diamond bachelor like him get married so early, as his career is still on the rise?

Song Chao said: Why can’t you get married when your career is on the rise? If Admiral Arthur must marry someone, I think the Blue Reaper is quite good! It’s a perfect match!

It immediately started chatter in the group.

Song Chao’s fingers were flying as he was fighting with the group of idiots.

Suddenly, Uncle Qiao, who was sitting beside him said, “Strange, that blond guy looks like the one who worked on Yan Xueshan’s farm before.”


Who worked on Yan Xueshan’s farm?

Song Chao was engrossed in fighting and looked up just as the camera gave a close-up of Arthur’s face, which was handsome and striking.

Mrs. Qiao said, “He’s very similar.”

Uncle Qiao said, “Right? It’s almost like they are twins. Hahaha! Oh, they even both happened to be called Arthur.”

Song Chao had a vague sense of eerie foreboding as he asked, “What are you talking about?”

Uncle Qiao said cheerfully, “There was a short-term helper who came to Yan Xueshan’s farm before. He seemed to be his friend and was very similar to this person.”

 Song Chao’s heart skipped a beat , before he suppressed his gradually absurd thoughts.

Seven out of the eight Master Sergeants already appeared one after another. Arthur was the seventh one and the next one should be the Blue Reaper who had never appeared in front of the media.

He thought in a daze, now the ratings must be very high, right?

Uncle Qiao was a simple farmer who didn’t know much about mechas and war. It was his first time hearing about these soldiers. He also had time to get a pot of fries and ask his wife if she wanted to eat together.

On the TV screen, after Arthur made his appearance, he looked at the position beside him, as if he was expecting someone.

The projected spot lights converged to become a blurred figure of a person that gradually became clear.

The new message posting speed in the group at this time also reached its peak.

[Group Friends 6]: He has appeared! He appeared!

[Group Friends 4]: He doesn’t seem to look strange!

[ Group Friends 3]: It’s a guy!

[Group Friends 1]: Maybe she is just a flat-chested and long-legged sister?!

[Group Friends 6]: Please don’t let him wear a mask.

It seems that the network wasn’t very stable.

In the end, the holographic projection of the figure of the Master Sergeant appeared stuck.

Only the appearance of black hair and snow white skin could be seen.

Five, four, three, two, one.

–The image cleared up then.

The crowd suddenly went silent.

The dark-haired, dark-eyed man was calm, indifferent as if his body was wrapped in a slight cold air and covered with unmelted white snow. He spoke with a straight face. “Hello everyone, I am the pilot of Artemis.” 


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