Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 103.1

The children were not as fragile as Shao Yunan imagined. Nizi cried, more because of the meaning ‘Song’ had for her. But with her brothers accompanying her and her Little Father loving her, Nizi quickly got back to normal and totally forgot about the Song business. 

Seeing that Wang Nizi was no longer sad, Jiang Moxi also calmed down. Then he went back to his Rubik’s cube, but this time he asked Nizi to accompany him and Wang Nizi happily agreed. But the person Shao Yunan wanted to comfort most, was Wang Qing.

Wang Qing had memories from the period when Song left. His mother left home late at night and what was left to him was the increased beating and scolding of Old Lady Wang and a young sister who needed his care. Wang Qing used to hope that his mother would come back, but as the days passed and the bruises and wounds left by his grandmother only grew worse, Wang Qing understood that his mother would not come back and she no longer wanted him and Wang Nizi.

What happened when he was young made Wang Qing mature prematurely, so what he said today was not something that a child under seven years old would say. Wang Qing could also compare times when his mother was around. Not only could she not only protect him and Nizi, but she even abandoned them. 

However, when their Little Father appeared, he and Nizi became a young master and young lady. He could study and Nizi learned the zither. They also had servants taking care of them and their grandmother would also no longer bully them. To  Wang Qing, his mother was already a vague shadow, let alone this grandfather that was already a distant memory.

After Wang Nizi accompanied Jiang Moxi to play with the Rubik’s Cube, Shao Yunan was left alone with Wang Qing. Before Shao Yunan could say anything, Wang Qing said, “Little Father, I really don’t want to see grandpa. After Mother left, he went into hiding.”

Shao Yunan sighed, then he stroked Wang Qing’s head and asked, “Brother Qing, do you hate your mother?” Wang Qing lowered his head… “Yes.” Shao Yunan was not a saint that would say to Wang Qing, ‘Your mother gave birth to you and she had no other choice.’ It could be said that if their mother was strong, he would never have met Wang Shijing.

So Shao Yunan said, “Brother Qing, your mother did not take any stones, but did take your father’s money. Your father knew how Old Lady Wang was and what would happen to your mother, so before he left, he left some money for the three of you. But your mother took it all with her when she left.”

Wang Qing clenched his fist and said, “I know. After Dad was taken away, Mother told me that father left some money to us and even showed it to me. There was some silver and jewelry, but after mother left it was all gone.”

Shao Yunan was heartbroken. Wang Qing always knew that his mother took all of their property, leaving him and his sister to suffer at home. Shao Yunan took Wang Qing’s hand and gently unclenched his fist.

“Little Father told you these things not to deepen your hatred for your mother, but to prepare you for the future. If your mother never comes back, then we will bless her new life. But if your mother comes back… Little Father will never let her in. This is also one of the reasons why I said she took the stones. I also didn’t want Old Lady Wang’s family to say something like ‘your father hid private possessions before splitting from that family’.”

Wang Qing raised his head. “Little Father, Nizi and I don’t have a mother, only Little Father.” Shoa Yunan touched Wang Qing’s head again and sighed. “Okay, you have your own ideas, so Little Father will not say more. Also don’t take today’s incident to heart. Anyway, you don’t regard them as your relatives, do you? If these kinds of snakes try to appear again, your Little Father will definitely not let them get away with it.”

Wang Qing smiled and Shao Yunan patted him, “Go play.”

“I’ll do my homework.”

“Good then Little Daddy will make you guys something delicious to eat.”

Wang Qing took his school bag and went back to his room to do his homework, while Shao Yunan sent Wang Qing out. After Wang Qing walked away, Shao Yunan stopped smiling and said to himself, “Brother Moxi recovered and is very smart. Certain people will have regrets in the future.”


For dinner, Shao Yunan and Guo Zimu made a sumptuous meal together. The distress was also no longer visible on Nizi’s face, and Wang Qing also seemed to be okay. Jiang Moxi was still silent, but with much more body language than before, he would shake his head and nod when asked for something. Shao Yunan thought, that even if Jiang Moxi kept quiet like this, Big Brother Kangchen would be so happy that he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

After dinner, the three children went to play, and Shao Yunan also went back to the house. It was almost Qingming. Shao Yunan has to prepare for the new tea and also write step by step rules for frying tea for Jiang Kangning. This time it will be still Wang Shijing and Guo Ziyu who would be in charge of frying tea, and Shao Yunan would also take care of his own tea which was the biggest money maker.

After a long time, Wang Shijing came back. Shao Yunan let people boil the bath water in advance as Wang Shijing wolfed down the food in front of him and then went to take the bath. Only after he come bfrom bathroom, Shao Yunan served him a cup of spiritual water and Wang Shijing after a few sips caught his breath.

Shao Yunan sat him down on the head of the bed, squeezed his tense shoulders, and said: “You worked hard.”

“It’s nothing it was just a matter of walking around.” Wang Shijing backhandedly patted Shao Yunan, he was only able to help his wife with physical work, “You work the hardest.”

“I’m not tired.”

 Wang Shijing worked so hard, and no one talked to him after he came back. Shao Yunan massaged him for a while, and Wang Shijing’s shoulder muscles were less tense he finally said: “”Today, someone from the Song family came.”

“The Song family?” Wang Wang Shijing’s first reaction was: “What Song family?”

Shao Yunan: “our ex-wife Song family.”


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