Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 53.2

“What a sweet mouth.” Yawning with satisfaction, Shao Yunan let his consciousness fall into darkness. Wang Shijing, however, continued to kiss and kiss some more. Who could compare to his Yunan, to his little wife? His wife said he was 26, but in his arms was a young wife several years younger than him. Other people might be more beautiful, but in his eyes, no one was as good-looking as his wife.

Last night they only did it once, so Shao Yunan got up right after Wang Shijing. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were still sleeping, so Shao Yunan didn’t wake them up. When he came out of the room, he saw both Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu in the kitchen. Seeing the two, Guo Ziyu immediately came out from the kitchen and said, “I don’t know what you like to eat so Zimu made some porridge and buns.”

Shao Yunan smiled, “My family is also used to eating this in the morning. Those jars at the edge of the kitchen wall are full of pickles, pickled vegetables, and other stuff. There is also a vegetable garden in the backyard and a field right outside, but you don’t have to go out to harvest it; there are already people who look after it. From now on, breakfast will be left to you. The people in our family are not picky about food, while if I am not busy I will make lunch and dinner. You can learn from me if you want, you can also use whatever ingredients are available in the kitchen.”

“I’ll ask Aunt Zhou to come and take your measurements to make a few sets of clothes for you. You don’t need to be polite about it. I will deduct it from your wages. In the afternoon, Shijing and I are going to take the children to the county town, so we might not come back to eat in the evening. Don’t worry about us and eat first. You can do the work in the house. We have cows and sheep in the backyard, so use the water in the kitchen pot to feed them.

Shao Yunan first introduced the situation at home to the two people, while also telling them that they were free to use all the ingredients in the kitchen, but should not enter the cellar casually. All the tea and wine he made was in his space, but he always pretended to take it from the cellar to avoid being seen, so he listed the cellar as a restricted area. Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu nodded while listening, remembering it all.

Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu were still very restrained and didn’t dare to move the ingredients in the kitchen, so Shao Yunan let Guo Ziyu help him wash three large potatoes and stir-fried a large plate of shredded potatoes with vinegar. Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu didn’t try to eat any dishes, so Shao Yunan had to urge them to eat. Wang Nizi also took the initiative to put food into the two uncles’ bowls, so it was no longer so formal.

After eating, Guo Zimu went to clean up, while Shao Yunan asked Wang Shijing to invite Aunt Zhou over. Their family had to make clothes and new bedding. When Aunt Zhou came over and saw the two brothers, she was first surprised and then stunned by Guo Zimu’s ‘beauty.’ But it was a good thing that aunt Zhou was honest and with Shao Yunan’s advice, Aunt Zhou, who had already restrained her shock, quickly took the Guo’s brothers’, Wang Qing, and Wang Nizi’s measurements. Since Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s body shape had not changed, aunt Zhou already had their measurements, so they did not need to be measured again. But now that Wang Qing and Wang Nizi grew taller and had some meat on their bones, they needed to be measured all the time.

Aunt Zhou  was not a big talker, so Shao Yunan was not worried that she would advertise that there was now a bewitching beauty in their family. When Aunt Zhou saw that neither Shao Yunan nor Wang Shijing stared at Guo Zimu, she was also relieved. Shao Yunan asked Wang Shijing to send Aunt Zhou back and take the cloth, cotton, and other things over. There was ready-made bedding and a lot of winter clothes in the space, but none of them could be used. Shao Yunan thought that after moving to their new home, he and Wang Shijing could use a few silk quilts and also wear thermal underwear, but it could not be seen by the two children yet.

After Wang Shijing sent Aunt Zhou back, he visited Wang Wenhe’s house, while Shao Yunan went to Zhao Lizheng’s house after Wang Shijing and Aunt Zhou left. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi didn’t know what kind of surprise was coming, so they just looked happily at the new clothes and shoes that their little father had asked them to change into. But Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu didn’t take this opportunity to laze around. Guo Ziyu had trouble with his legs, so he cleaned up the kitchen, while Guo Zimu went to the backyard to look after the vegetable patch and livestock. Wang Nizi followed to the kitchen and Wang Qing followed to the backyard. The two children had just changed into new clothes, so neither Guo Ziyu nor Guo Zimu let them do anything.

When Shao Yunan came over, Zhao Lizheng’s family greeted him warmly. Aunt Zhao Liu pulled Shao Yunan into the hall and gave him peanuts and melon seeds to eat. Now that their family had money, Aunt Zhao Liu let her son buy more snacks for her grandson to eat, which could also be used to entertain the guests who came to their house. Shao Yunan didn’t see Zhao He and Zhao Congbo, so he asked them where they had gone.

Aunt Zhao Liu said, “He is making jam while Cangbo went to study. Are you looking for him? I’ll get him for you.”

Shao Yunan replied, “I’m looking for both brother He and Congbo, also don’t let brother Yuande go. I have something good to tell you.”

“A good thing?” As soon as Aunt Zhao Liu and Zhao Lizheng heard it their eyes immediately lit up, while Zhao Yuanqing and his wife hurriedly went to call Zhao He and Zhao Congbo. After a while, Zhao Congbo came over first, followed by Zhao He, who came with Zhao Yuanqing. Shao Yunan asked, “Brother He, did I disturb you from making jam?”

“No, Caijuan is filling in for me, Caijuan’s handicraft is also not bad.” Zhao He immediately asked, “What is the good thing?”

Shao Yunan smiled at Zhao Congbo, who was also full of curiosity and said. “Yesterday, Shijing and I went to the County town to visit Dean Cen, who promised to accept Cangbo into White Moon Academy and enroll him on the first day of February after the New Year. From today onwards Cangbo will follow Wang Qing and Wang Yan every afternoon to go to Dean Cen’s house to be tutored by Master Cen himself, so that he won’t be unable to keep up with the progress when he goes to the academy.”

The scene was quiet, and Shao Yunan stood up. “That’s the good thing. Brother He, prepare Cangbo. Shijing and I will come to pick up Cangbo after lunch.” After saying that, Shao Yunan left, but just after taking one step he was grabbed by someone.

“Yunan, what did you say? My Cangbo… White Moon Academy? Today he will start going to Dean Cen’s residence for private tutoring?” Zhao He stared at Shao Yunan in bewilderment, doubting his own ears.

Zhao Congbo jumped up and quickly ran over. “Uncle Yunan! Are you telling the truth? Can I really go to White Moon Academy? Can I really listen to Master Cen’s lectures?” The movement of these two woke up the other three. Zhao Yuande also jumped up. “Yunan! Tell me clearly! This! What the hell is going on here?”

Not to mention how dazed Zhao Lizheng’s family was from this big surprise, patriarch Wang Wenhe’s family was almost in a state of shock. Wang Shijing went straight to Wang Shuping and said that Dean Cen had allowed Wang Yan to go to White Moon Academy on the first day of February next year, and that he would receive private tutoring every afternoon in advance from today onward so that he would be able to keep up in the academy. 

Wang Shuping was immediately dumbfounded and grabbed Wang Shijing, asking him time after time if that was true. When Wang Shuping was sure that what Wang Shijing said was true, and that it was Shao Yunan who had asked Dean Cen to accept his child, he told Wang Yan who was still dumbfounded, to kowtow to Wang Shijing.

To be able to go to the White Moon Academy… village children didn’t even dare to think of this thing. Just the monthly tuition alone was enough to scare them. Even if someone was really able to come up with the money, with their background and their child’s education, they were still not eligible to enter. But now, their child could go there. Not only go, but also receive private lessons from Dean Cen. Even Wang Wenhe and Wang Shuping could not help but tear up, let alone Wang Shenhe and Wang Qing, who directly cried on the spot. Wang Yan was also crying and laughing.

Wang Wenhe hurriedly asked his wife to get the money, but Wang Shijing stopped him. The three children’s education was not simply a matter of money, what Yunan would give Dean Cen every year would definitely be enough. Wang Shijing did not say what they took to Dean Cen, but Wang Wenhe and Wang Shuping were not stupid. It must be something rare. It was also true that if it was only a matter of money Dean Cen may still accept Wang Qing, but he would definitely not accept Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo, which was a great favor.

Wang Shuping, who was always calm, became a bit fidgety. Wang Shijing told them to prepare, but they didn’t need to prepare any heavy gifts, just mainly Wang Yan. He would meet Dan Cen in the afternoon and couldn’t make a fool of himself. After explaining, Wang Shijing left, leaving the patriarch’s family to their own chaos. Zhao Lizheng’s family was also in disarray. What does it mean to be able to go to White Moon Academy? Even Wang Zhisong, who was praised by the teacher for his intelligence, was not qualified to enter White Moon Academy!


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