Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 138.1

When Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan entered the side hall, they found Lord Rong and Jiang Moxi playing chess. Wang Nizi sat beside Jiang Moxi, holding his hand, and her cheeks were flushed. Wang Qing sat next to Lord Rong, looking somewhat uncomfortable. To be honest, ever since his elder brother kissed his little sister and declared ownership of her, Wang Qing had been feeling quite uncomfortable. My goodness, Nizi is only 5 years old, even if you consider her age… If it weren’t for Lord Rong’s presence… then Wang Qing couldn’t help but say, “Big Brother, can you stop fooling around!”

As the two of them entered, Wang Shijing called out, “Lord.” Jiang Moxi turned around and was about to get up, but was seated by the person across from him. Lord Rong frowned, keeping his eyes on the chessboard, sounding rather impatient. “If you have something to do, go ahead and do it. I’m playing chess with Moxi.”

Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, “…”

“Little Father, Dad,” Nizi actually wanted to leave. Big Brother Moxi kissed her three times today!

“Little Father, Dad.” Wang Qing also wanted to leave. His elder brother just kissed Nizi!

Lord Rong couldn’t stand it anymore. “Once more, once more! I was careless this time!”

Shao Yunan tugged at Wang Shijing and Wang Shijing had to speak up. “Lord, there’s no one in our family who can beat Moxi. My foster father, my master, none of them can compete with him.”

Lord Rong, “…”

Jiang Moxi, “Let’s eat!”

Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, “…”

Lord Luo Rong, “One more game! I was just careless!”

Shao Yunan, not wishing to upset anyone, suggested that Jiang Moxi should go and eat first since he was truly hungry. If Jiang Moxi was hungry, his mood would worsen. He could be quite impatient with outsiders when he was hungry. Understanding this, Shao Yunan took away the three children, leaving only Wang Shijing and Lord Rong. Lord Rong still hadn’t recovered from the previous shock. Wang Shijing personally poured him a glass of water and said, “Moxi is very clever. No matter what game he plays, no one in our family can beat him.”

Lord Rong looked up. “I remember his health wasn’t great before, right? Or am I mistaken?” Lord Rong was even starting to refer to himself as ‘I.’

Wang Shijing replied honestly. “Moxi used to have a touch of autism. After Big Brother Kangchen sent him here, maybe it’s because of Qing and Nizi’s company, or perhaps it’s because the environment here is simple, with no one to bully him, that he gradually improved. Now, although he doesn’t speak like an ordinary person in continuous sentences, he has no problem communicating with others. Furthermore, he is very intelligent and Yunan says he might even be a child prodigy.”

Lord Rong nodded. “Although my chess skills may not be the best in the capital, I can hold my own, even against Elder Weng, for a few rounds. But against Moxi I had absolutely no power to resist.”

Afterward, Lord Rong asked, “You mentioned earlier that you discovered another type of tea in the mountains. Was this what your wife was looking for when he entered the mountains? Did he manage to find it?”

Wang Shijing replied, “Yes, he did find it. However, that tea plantation is quite far and the quantity is not large, so it took some time. We will have to go back into the mountains to pick more soon. Afterward, Yunan has to process the tea leaves. If they are left for too long, the taste of the tea will deteriorate significantly.”

Lord Rong immediately said, “Then you should go soon. Tea is a priority and you can handle other matters after you’re done. I’m not in a hurry to return to the capital. It’s rare for me to leave the capital for a trip, so I want to take it easy.”

Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan both replied, “Lord, feel free to ask for anything you need.” Lord Rong also didn’t hold back, saying, “Xiaomu’s Sichuan hot pot tastes good, so make it again tonight. The white wine is also good. I want to try it. As for your tea, when will I be able to taste it?”

Wang Shijing replied, “All the tea needs some time to be stored before opening. If you’re not in a hurry to leave, you can wait for the first batch of Longjing tea to be opened, which should be ready in about seven to eight days. Red tea takes a bit longer. Yunan says the longer you store it, the more fragrant it becomes.”

Lord Rong’s eyes immediately brightened and he chuckled, saying, “Good, good, I have plenty of time. After all, you don’t have any casualties here and my presentation to the Emperor can be delayed. I’ll just wait here for the first batch of tea to be opened. I’m leaving my words here, don’t try to deceive me with second or third-grade stuff.”

In the end, Lord Rong used his status to threaten, but Wang Shijing found him to be a genuinely adorable old man. He offered a reciprocal favor, saying, “The best-tasting Longjing tea is the best grade, not the special grade, so I’ll keep all of them for you. Also, the white wine we brewed is almost ready to be opened and while you’re here, you can have the privilege of tasting it first.”

King Rong’s eyes brightened even more. “Good, good, too good. You go and get busy, don’t worry about me, I’ll go and take a look at your vegetable field.”

“I’ll have someone take you there.”

“Good.” While Wang Shijing went to call Yan Fusheng, Lord Rong chuckled while stroking his beard, saying, “Great appointment, great appointment.”

For dinner, Lord Rong ate with the three children. He even pulled Guo Zimu over and forced him, using his title as a lord, to remove the annoying mask. Lord Rong said, “This face looks so good. It makes you want to eat two extra bowls of rice. Wearing that dark thing, how can you even eat properly?”

Although Lord Rong was younger than Elder Weng, he was still old enough to be Guo Zimu’s father. But Lord Rong seemed just like an old child, looking at Guo Zimu with no trace of perversion. He merely had a look of disapproval of Guo Zimu wearing a mask, so Guo Zimu removed it.

Yan Fusheng and Qin Niang attended on the side. Both had come from the palace, and while Lord Rong had no impression of them, they had a deep impression of him. Regardless of whether Lord Rong was favored during the late emperor’s reign or had power and status today, he was a genuine prince. The children might not have any special feelings about the lord’s title… Mainly, Lord Rong dressed just like a regular farmer and behaved very gently. However, Yan Fusheng and Qin Niang didn’t dare to be lax.

Lord Rong allowed both of them to attend to him. Guo Zimu felt extremely awkward, because he wasn’t the master in the Wang residence. However, Lord Rong genuinely liked him and wouldn’t let him leave. Lord Rong even repeatedly mentioned that Guo Zimu’s cooking was excellent. He had also heard that Guo Zimu was the true pastry master of Yunlong’s Dim Sum House and he strongly requested Guo Zimu to make some snacks. Guo Zimu had no idea how he had caught Lord Rong’s eye.

Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan didn’t join them. Not because they were avoiding it or refusing to participate, but simply because they were too busy. They had collected a large quantity of tea leaves and if it weren’t for Wang Shijing’s access to the spiritual spring Water, those tea leaves might have gone bad. They needed to finish processing all the dried tea leaves as quickly as possible. 

Wang Shijing had already processed some, but they were only third or fourth grade quality. The special grade and first grade tea required Shao Yunan’s personal touch. Wang Shijing’s skills were not up to par and to ensure the quality, the fresh leaves from Jia Kanning were dried and sent over, awaiting Shao Yunan’s return for processing. Thus, Shao Yunan would be busy for another ten days or so.

Brother Tiger and Little and Big Gold had also drank their fill of the spiritual spring Water and eaten a large basket of apples before they returned to the mountain. In the Wang residence, there were Imperial guards brought to serve, as well as the mansion guards brought by Lord Rong. There were too many people and they found it bothersome, so they returned to the mountain for peace and quiet. The main reason for not entering the space was that there were too many people and too many prying eyes, so Shao Yunan had to be cautious.

Having eaten their fill, Nizi made chrysanthemum tea while Lord Rong played chess with Wang Qing. Jiang Moxi, although tired, refused to go back to sleep. He simply lay down and fell asleep directly on their chess table. After Nizi served the tea, she ‘virtuously’ tucked her older brother in with a blanket.

Jiang Moxi defeated Lord Rong quite easily, while Wang Qing wasn’t a match for him at all. Lord Rong had finally regained his confidence and was in an extremely good mood. He was busy offering advice to Wang Qing on how to win. As he spoke, Jiang Moxi suddenly opened his eyes, possibly disturbed by the noise. He rubbed his eyes, sat up, and looked at the chessboard. After about a pot of tea’s worth of time had passed, he picked up one of Wang Qing’s black pieces and placed it down with a ‘snap.’ Before Lord Rong could react, a pile of white pieces was captured.

Jiang Moxi pulled Nizi to the side, saying, “Sleep.”

Wang Qing, “…”

But someone was angry. “You brat! Who asked you to make moves for him!”

Jiang Moxi stopped, turned around, picked up a white piece, and placed it down with a ‘snap.’ Another pile of black pieces was captured.

Wang Qing, “…”

Angry someone, “…”

Jiang Moxi picked up a black piece again and placed it on the board with a ‘bang.’ “Alright, alright, Grandpa Murong was wrong. Go to sleep, go to sleep quickly.” Lord Rong surrendered. It was no fun competing with a little prodigy like this.


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