Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 103.2

The relief on Wang Shijing’s face immediately turned to displeasure, as Shao Yunan wrapped his arms around his neck from behind, rested his chin on his shoulders, and said with a smile, “I drove them away and made them sign an IOU for 900 taels of silver, and a deed of turning into slaves if they ever look for you again.”

Wang Shijing blinked, pulled his wife into his lap, and asked in amazement, “Wife you did all of that today?” Shao Yunan proudly told Wang Shijing what happened during the day and then added, “Nizi and Qing didn’t want to see them at all. They thought they could ask a favor from you because they are Nizi and Qing’s grandparents. In some ways they were even worse than that old woman Wang. “Wang, Brother Qing was right. His grandfather died long ago.”

Shao Yunan pushed Wang Shijing away and asked, “Today it’s your ex-father-in-law coming to you, tomorrow, it could be your ex-wife.” Wang Shijing stopped laughing. “What father-in-law? Song gave him money privately when I was not around. I knew that Song would suffer at Wang’s house and was ashamed, so I let her go even though she took all the money I left Wang Qing and Nizi and ran away.”

“My love for her also naturally came to an end. Her father used my money to buy land, marry a wife, and raise a child, but he still dared to come to me for money. Wife, you did a good job. You are in charge of our family. If she really dares to come one day, just go ahead and do it.”

Shao Yunan said, “Then you go and change the divorce letter to a letter of repudiation. I am not afraid of trouble, but I am afraid that Wang Qing and Nizi might be troubled in the future. I am afraid she might be like her father.”

According to the law, if she was repudiated, the repudiated woman had no visitation rights to her children, which meant that she also no longer had a relationship with her children and the children would also not be responsible for her future support. But if a couple was divorced, it would be equivalent to the current divorce. The woman could visit the children at any time and the children would be responsible for supporting her in the future.

Wang Shijing said, “Wang Qing and Nizi don’t want her. I’ll go to Uncle Zhao tomorrow to exchange the divorce letter for a letter of repudiation.” Since Song ran away, the letter of repudiation could only be handed by Zhao Lizheng, who would move out Song’s family registration according to material law. 

Song’s household registration would return to Qingshan Village, while a letter of repudiation would be left with the Village head. Since if the letter was in the hand of Song Jingshi or Song Bazi it would be a bad idea.

Shao Yunan had already dealt with the Song family, but they still needed to go to Qingshan Village and settle the Song family once and for all. After Shao Yunan told him about it, he no longer needed to do anything else. But Jiang Moxi changed too much today. Wang Shijing had to go to the county government office to tell Jiang Kangning about it the next day. Shao Yunan also wrote a letter to Jiang Kangchen to inform him about it and Wang Shijing would send it when he went to the county town.

Wang Shijing was also very happy with Jiang Moxi’s change and said, “Big Brother and Brother Kangchen will be very happy. Tomorrow, in the morning I will go to see big brother.”

Shao Yunan touched Wang Shijing’s left eye. “Brother Moxi’s autism was cured so quickly, but what about your eye? How much can you see?” Wang Shijing grabbed Shao Yunan’s hand and kissed it lightly. “It’s still a little blurry, but it should get better soon. it feels highly nearsighted as you mentioned.”

“Wang Shijing, do you think Moxi recovered because of the spiritual milk and spiritual spring water, or did he have no major problems at all? The speed of his recovery was just too fast.”

Wang Shijing couldn’t explain it and after thinking about it for a moment, he finally said, “Moxi wasn’t stupid in the first place and the spiritual spring water and spiritual milk must be very effective for him. Look at how smart he is. He is smarter than you and me. If you teach him well, he will achieve great success in the future.”

“I think so too. I actually want to hand over a lot of advanced knowledge of my era to Qing and Moxi. As for Nizi, let’s keep it simple. Just let her learn zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting, and let her be an elegant lady.”

Wang Shijing smiled and kissed his wife’s head. “You are a Little Father and you make the decisions. Little Qing and Moxi are not children who will just talk nonsense. You can teach them if you want. Just be careful.”

“Good! With your support, I’ll go ahead and do it with full confidence. Go to sleep, you will have a busy day tomorrow.” Wang Shijing blew out the candle’s flame. He didn’t know if it had a relationship with drinking the spiritual spring water and spiritual milk, but he felt that his martial arts had become more powerful and he gained more internal strength. But he did not tell Shao Yunan about it yet. He waited to be sure about it.

In Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi’s room, the two children were not asleep yet. Wang Qing still needed time to forget what happened during the day and Jiang Moxi was still playing with the Rubik’s Cube. Wang Qing turned to him and looked at his big brother, then after a while spoke out. “Big Brother, why are your Little Father and your Father not together?”

Jiang Moxi’s movements stopped, but he still looked at the Rubik’s cube without responding. “Because my mother couldn’t bear the bullying of my grandmother, aunt, and sister-in-law, she left me and my sister and ran away, taking all the money left by my father with her.”

Jiang Moxi slowly turned his head and looked at Wang Qing. “Your Little Dad and your Dad aren’t together. Is it also because your grandparents bullied your Little Dad?” Jiang Moxi nodded.

Wang Qing moved closer to his Big Brother, a bit curious. “So, is Uncle Kangchen your Little Father?” Jiang Moxi just nodded his head. Wang Qing… “Then Big Brother, where is your father?”

Jiang Moxi turned his head and looked at the Rubik’s Cube. After a while, he slowly opened his mouth and said, “Father married again.” Wang Qing gasped, as Jiang Moxi opened his mouth again. “Grandma, bad person.”

Wang Qing swallowed as the voice by his side sounded again. “Father, Little Father, cry.” This… What was going on? “Is it true that Uncle Kangchen didn’t want to be separated from your Father and neither does your father?” Otherwise, why would he cry?

Jiang Moxi nodded and played with the Rubik’s Cube while satisfying Wang Qing’s curiosity. “Father, marry again. Little Father, I, go. Grandma, bad person.” Wang Qing was wondering how he should understand it, when Jiang Moxi added, “Grandma, scold, Little Daddy.”

Hiss… “Me, stupid.”

“Big brother!” Wang Qing climbed to his feet. “Brother!” Wang Qing quickly got up. Jiang Moxi turned the Rubik’s Cube quickly with his fingers as he said nonchalantly, “Grandma, idiot.”

“Pfft! Ahem.” Wang Qing, who had just caught his breath, hurriedly asked, “Big Brother, so it’s true that Uncle Kangchen didn’t want to separate from your father, but your grandma forced uncle?” Jiang Moxi nodded. “Then, your father married again?” Nod.

Wang Qing was sad. It turned out that his Big Brother was even more pitiful than him.  “Then… your father doesn’t want you anymore?” Jiang Moxi shook his head, turned the Rubik’s Cube attentively, and replied with only a trace of spirit. “Father, stupid.”

“Pfft!” Wang Qing became confused. “Big Brother, you didn’t speak before, not because you couldn’t, but because you ignored people ah?” Jiang Moxi stopped his fingers with some confusion in his eyes. After a long time, he continued to turn the Rubik’s Cube and answered. “I, stupid.”

“Cough cough.”



Wang Qing woke up very early. He slept very uneasily last night. The ‘chat’ with Jiang Moxi made him forget about the Song family’s affairs, but made him think a lot about Uncle Kangchen and his big brother’s father. So just after dawn, Wang Qing woke up. After tossing and turning on the bed for a long time, he simply got up.

Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were not up yet, so Wang Qing hovered at the door of his Father’s and his Little Father’s room. After a long hesitation, he raised his hand to knock on the door.

Wang Shijing woke up first and listened carefully. He had indeed heard a knock on the door. He looked at the sleeping Shao Yunan, lifted the quilt, grabbed his robe, and put it on. When he opened the door, he saw his son. Wang Shijing let his son in, closed the door and asked, “Why are you up so early?”

“Father, I have something to tell you and Little Father.” Wang Shijing touched his son’s face, which was quite cold, and asked, “How long have you been waiting outside?”

“Not long.” Wang Shijing took off his robe and wrapped it around his son, then picked him up and put him on a chair, asking, “What’s the matter? Your little dad hasn’t woken up yet.” Wang Qing swallowed and said, “Last night, I talked to Big Brother.”

“Talked? With your Big Brother?” Wang Shijing was surprised. Wang Qing nodded and said, “Well, I talked with my Big Brother. Although Big Brother speaks with few words, he responds well.”

Wang Qing told his father what he had chatted with Jiang Moxi about last night, surprising Wang Shijing even more. After Wang Qing finished, he said, “Little Father told me to talk to Big Brother more and to tell him about any changes in Big Brother’s behavior. Father, what is going on with Uncle Kangchen and Big Brother’s father?”

Wang Shijing said in a deep voice, “Uncle Kangchen and your Big Brother’s father love each other very much, but your Big Brother’s grandma doesn’t like Uncle Kangchen. Your Big Brother was in poor health before and your Big Brother’s grandma didn’t like him either, so she forced your Big Brother’s father to remarry and divorce Uncle Kangchen, splitting them up. Your Big Brother’s father agreed to remarry on the condition that he would divorce your Uncle Kangchen and not repudiate him. He then asked your Uncle Kangchen to take your Big Brother away and change your Big Brother’s surname to Jiang. Your Big Brother’s father actually loves him very much. He knows that if your Big Brother stayed, he would only be bullied.”

Wang Qing became sad. “Big brother is too pitiful and uncle Kangchen is also very pitiful.” Wang Shijing patted his son’s head. “You need to talk to your Big Brother more. Your Big Brother is actually very smart. Before, he just… just hadn’t gotten the hang of it yet.”

“Mmm! I’ll talk to my Big Brother every day. Father, it’s time for me to go to school now. I’ll go back to get my school bag and then go to eat.”

“Okay.” Wang Shijing took the robe from his son’s hand and sent him out the door. After Wang Qing left, Wang Shijing closed the door. His brow slightly frowned as footsteps came from behind him, he immediately turned around. “Yunan.”

“I heard the conversation between you and Qing.” There was a smile on Shao Yunan’s face. The Duke Anguo mansion will regret it sooner or later. As I see it, Moxi is definitely a genius and he even knows his grandmother is an idiot.”

Wang Shijing smiled, walked over, and hugged Shao Yunan as he dragged him back to their bedroom. “Our children are all geniuses, but Brother Kangchen will be the happiest about it. You write a new letter and I will find someone to deliver it today.”


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