Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 40.2

“You two get up.” Wang Shuping helped his father stand up, as County Magistrate Jiang looked at the three children shivering beside their parents and asked solemnly, “Although you three are young, you are already so ruthless at such a young age, so your parents cannot be blamed. Even if this official does not punish you because you are young, he will punish your parents. If the three of you don’t want your parents to be punished for your mistakes, you will tell this official  exactly what Wang Zaizheng said to you. “

“Your excellency! Wang Zaizheng would never say such things, they must be talking nonsense! ” Wang Zhisong vaguely pre-empted the attack. County Magistrate Jiang’s eyes were cold. “Slap him in the face.” Wang Zhisong’s face turned pale, “Your Excellency! I am a child student!”

“Slap him thirty times!” A subordinate went over and held Wang Zhisong down, slapping him left and right. Old lady Wang tried to stop him, but she heard County Magistrate Jiang say, “If you stop him, you will be the one to be slapped thirty times!” Old lady Wang whimpered and cried, but did not dare to move.

Since childhood, Wang Zhisong, not to mention being slapped, no one had dared to even lay a finger on him, so after thirty slaps he directly fainted. Old lady Wang threw herself at him, but never dared to cry out. The villagers were too scared to move because of the County Magistrate’s anger. Shao Yunan also did not expect County Magistrate Jiang to order his men to hit Wang Zhisong.

The county magistrate looked at the three children, making all three children’s parents urge them to tell the truth. Afraid that the thirty slaps might land on their own faces. The three children were crying and talking to each other. Wang Zaizheng was able to attend classes, and had an uncle at home who was good at studying and would take an examination. 

Because of this, the children must have curried favor with him, so these children were Wang Zaizheng’s followers. But when Wang Tianyan and Wang Guo were sent to prison, Wang Zaizheng stopped attending reading classes and listened to old lady Wang’s curses at home all day. This made him want to take revenge on Wang Qing and Wang Nizi, as Wang Zaizheng and Wang Zhisong had no way to get rid of Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan for the time being.

Wang Zaizheng never hid the fact that old lady Wang, Wang Guo, and Wang Chunxiu were planning to sell Wang Nizi. Wang Zhisong had also said that after he passed his examination and returned, that he would take revenge on Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. For Wang Zaizheng, it was only a matter of time before his youngest uncle would pass his exams. The clan patriarch also curried favor with their family, so it was okay for him to kill Wang Qing and Wang Nizi. No matter how important the county magistrate was, will he be better than his uncle who wanted to take the top spot on the examination and become an official in the capital? His uncle also said that the county magistrate will change in a few years and then it would be time to take revenge on Wang Shijing’s family.

Not to mention County Magistrate Jiang’s expression after hearing this, Wang Wenhe almost died on the spot, while others looked in disgust at Wang Dali’s family and moved away as far as possible. Old lady Wang shouted and tried to beat the three children, but County Magistrate Jiang had already given his order. “Disturb this official’s handling of the case and you will be charged with 30 more board hits!”



“Ow! Sir!”

The two subordinates did not bring a board, but they directly found a stretcher and began to execute the punishment. Old lady Wang was screaming as she was beaten, but no one dared to speak out or plead for her. While a few people were willing to plead for her, Wang Dali and Wang Chunxiu were too afraid to say anything. County Magistrate Jiang looked with cold eyes at the old lady’s bleeding buttocks, while Shao Yunan whispered pleading, “Excellency, don’t beat her any longer, otherwise it will be difficult for this little brother to live well in this village.”

County Magistrate Jiang was not moved as he said in a loud voice, “This official has previously warned Wang Zhisong to restrain his family, but this official now sees that things have only been intensifying. The mother is not strict with her own son’s discipline and ignores official orders as if they were nothing. If it wasn’t for this official thinking of her age, her head would be cut off. Continue punishment!” After the thirty strokes, old lady Wang also fainted.

County Magistrate Jiang looked at Patriarch Wang and the other people. “Today’s matter is already very clear. This case involves children, so according to the law of our dynasty, this official will not punish them. But their fathers and mothers cannot be blamed… They are still villagers of Xiushui Village and Wang clan members. Since Wang Qing’s life is no longer in danger, I will hand them over to you for punishment. I hope you two can handle the case impartially and don’t let me see anyone act recklessly again because of the patriarch’s protection.”

“Your excellency forgives and rest his anger.” Village head Zhao Lizheng hurriedly knelt down. Wang Wenhe, supported by Wang Shuping, also knelt down. “I’m ashamed.”

County Magistrate Jiang stood up and looked at Wang Zhisong, who was laying there like a corpse and said with a cold eyes, “This official will write to the governor to remove Wang Zhisong’s status as a child student. Tell him that he doesn’t have to go to the county school either.”

There was an uproar at the scene. Wang Dali’s body swayed as he sat down on the ground paralyzed. Wang Chunxiu was already completely stunned as County Magistrate Jiang no longer bothered to look at them and turned to Shao Yunan. “Can we go?”

Shao Yunan stood up and said, “Can.”

“Then let’s go back.”


Shao Yunan took County Magistrate Jiang back, as the people watched the magistrate leave with Shao Yunan. Each of them was fearful, waiting until County Magistrate Jiang and Shao Yunan’s figure disappeared before Zhao Lizheng ordered with a black face, “Patriarch Wang, they are all your clan members. Escort them all to your Wang ancestral hall!”

Wang Wenhe could no longer speak so Wang Shiping said on his behalf, “Escort them all away!” There was a sudden cry and even Wang Zhisong and old lady Wang who had fainted were carried away.

When they returned home and closed the gate, Shao Yunan bowed deeply to County Magistrate Jiang. “Thank you, Your Excellency, for giving justice to my family of four!” Whatever County Magistrate Jiang’s purpose was at this moment, he was still extremely grateful.

County Magistrate Jiang regained some of his gentleness as he spoke, “Go and see how the child is doing first. If it weren’t for me, Brother Qing wouldn’t be in trouble in the first place.”

“You are wrong, Your Excellency. If you hadn’t been here today, I’m afraid this matter would have been hidden again. As you heard just now, Your Excellency, Wang Zaizheng has been looking for opportunities to hurt Qing and Nizi. It is always hard to guard against the hidden arrows.”

“Yunan, your excellency.” Wang Shijing came out of the house and County Magistrate Jiang immediately asked, “How is the child?”

Wang Shijing, who was not wearing an eye patch and whose left eye was still a little red, said, “He soaked in hot water, drank some ginger soup and medicine, and fell asleep. I also put Wang Nizi to sleep.”

Shao Yunan immediately said, “Shijing, the lord has just made the decision for us.” Wang Shijing immediately bowed. “Lord Jiang.”

“This is what officials should do.”

County Magistrate Jiang told Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan not to be polite. While Shao Yunan looked at Wang Qing and Wang Nizi’s room and whispered, “Where is the fourth aunt?”

“Just left.”

Shao Yunan exhaled. “But I would like to thank uncle and aunt Zhou. It was Zhou Tianbao who rescued Wang Qing, which made Tang Genshu notice that something was wrong and call people for help.”

Wang Shijing nodded. The muscles of his body were still tight, his anger had obviously still not subsided. County Magistrate Jiang said, “Since the child is all right, this official will go back. You two can settle down at home and then go to the Yamen to find this official.”

Shao Yunan hurriedly said, “If your Excellency is not in a hurry to go back, the child is mainly frightened so after two days he will be fine. Since you are here, come in and sit down. You still haven’t finished drinking your cup of tea.”

Wang Shijing also said, “Please come in and sit down. Wang Qing is going to sleep for a while after drinking the medicine. The village doctor also said that he would be fine after a few days of recuperation. Originally, Yunan and I planned to visit you today.”

Seeing that the two men’s words were not false, County Magistrate Jiang followed them into the house. Then Shao Yunan asked Wang Shijing to bring his tea stove and alabaster teapot over. After Wang Shijing brought them, Shao Yunan boiled water and re-brewed a cup of golden silk royal chrysanthemum for County Magistrate Jiang. Wang Shijing sat next to Shao Yunan, his anger still not suppressed, while Shao Yunan who was not shy about it, held his hand appeasing him.


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