Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 102.2

“What divorce! I’ll let him write the letter of divorce when he returns!” Song Jingshi trembled, tears streaming from her eyes to the point she was unable to see Song Bazi, who was hiding in a corner without saying a word. It was also the first time she found that this man was so useless.

Shao Yunan… “You, either write an IOU or go to jail. There is no other choice!” Song Jingshi and Song Bazi’s bodies shook as they looked up at Shao Yunan at the same time. Shao Yunan repeated, “Either write the IOU or go to jail, you choose yourselves!”

Song Bazi trembled as he spoke, “Big brother…” Shao Yunan… “Who is your brother?” Song Bazi surprisingly turned to Wang Qing for help, but Wang Qing just lowered his head and ignored him. Song Bazi didn’t know what to say, Song Jingshi cried, “Little Master Shao, please let us go. We won’t dare to come back.”

Shao Yunan sneered, “Let you guys go? Did I invite you here? Did I ask you to stay here and refuse to leave? Cut the crap! Either write an IOU or go to jail! Song Yuhua owes my husband Wang Shijing 900 taels of silver, for the sake of Wang Qing and Nizi I won’t be counting the interest. 900 taels of silver, not a single penny less!”

“Ah?!” Song Jingshi’s body swayed, stunned by the huge debt of 900 taels of silver. “Wife!” Song Bazi was so scared that he jumped over and hugged his wife. Xiao Dayu was so frightened that he cried out and shouted straightforwardly, “My surname is Xiao, not Song. It’s Song Bazi who owes you money, not me and my mother…”

Song Bazi looked at Xiao Dayu in astonishment, his lips trembling so much that he was unable to speak. Fourth Aunt Wang said, “Yunan, how could they get 900 taels of silver? If they could, they wouldn’t come to look for you. Look, how about we ask them to write a deed so that they won’t come to you again? If they come again you will make them pay the money.”

Song Bazi’s body trembled and he immediately looked at Shao Yunan pleadingly. But Shao Yunan was unmoved. “I’ve seen too many shameless people. I don’t trust their character.”

Song Bazi hurriedly said, “We will definitely not come back! Definitely not! I will never come here again. Or, I… I will be beaten to death!”

“Anyone can say that, but I never believe in such vague oaths.” Fourth Aunt Wang said, “Then let’s add to the deed that if they come again, they will be your slaves and sell themselves to your family.”

Others echoed, “Yes, yes, just like Wang Zhu’s family, if they dare to come again, they will sell their bodies to your family.” Shao Yunan looked at Song Bazi and smiled wickedly, making Song Bazi only feel cold and regretful of why he listened to his wife and came there.

Fourth Aunt Wang and Shao Yunan sang in unison and when Shao Yunan finally led Wang Qing out of the gate of Wang Wenhe’s house, Shao Yunan had an extra deed and an IOU in his hand. The IOU stated that Song Bazi owed Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan 900 taels of silver and if he violates the deed he would need to pay back the money immediately. 

According to the deed, because Song Yuhua abandoned her husband and children, her husband Wang Shijing had divorced her, and Song Yuhua stole Wang Shijing’s money, which will be returned by her father Song Bazi before she appears. 

Song Bazi’s family would also have no further relationship with Wang Shijing, Wang Qing, and Wang Jingyeon (formerly Wang Nizi) from the date of Song Yuhua’s divorce. Song Bazi was also no longer allowed to call himself Wang Shijing’s father-in-law, and Wang Shijing, Wang Qing, and Wang Jingyeon (formerly Wang Nizi) no longer have any responsibility to take care of Song Bazi’s family. But if any member of Wang Bazi’s family violated the deed, everyone from Song Bazi’s family would be sold as slaves to Shao Yunan.

Song Bazi muddle-headedly pressed his fingerprints on the IOUs and the deed, as fourth Aunt Wang carefully grabbed the unconscious Song Jingshi’s finger and pressed her fingerprints on the IOUs and the deed as well. Song Bazi did not have the guts to stop it, so he could only watch as his wife’s finger was pressed. 

Shao Yunan told Song Bazi that as long as they did not appear in front of their family again the IOU and deed would be invalid, but if they dared to go back on their words, they would be sold into slavery.

Then Shao Yunan took Wang Qing home, with the Ding brothers behind him, who were then instructed to ‘send off’ Song Bazi’s family. When Song Jingshi woke up and learned that her fingertip was pressed, she slapped Song Bazi time after time as she scolded him. Then together with their children they left Xiushui Village.

Now all the villagers of Xiushui Village had a new perception of Shao Yunan’s toughness and no one would dare to mess with Wang Shijing’s male wife, Shao Yunan. Wang Guo, who was hiding behind the crowd to watch the fun, was so scared that she ran back home after Shao Yunan came out. 

Shao Yunan was too scary and from now on she needed to avoid him at all cost. Just at the thought of sitting in jail for a few months for no reason, Wang Guo wanted to cry. If she had known Shao Yunan was so scary, she would never have dared to mess with him!

As Shao Yunan came down from the mountain in front of his home, Aunt Zhou stopped him and told him what happened. Shao Yunan went straight to Wang Wenhe’s house without even entering his home and was told the details of what had happened by the anxious Zhao He, at the door of Wang Wenhe’s house. Shao Yunan was very angry, then a little happy, and then heartbroken. He was happy because of Jiang Moxi’s reaction, but heartbroken for Wang Nizi and Wang Qing.

When Shao Yunan came back with Wang Qing, Nizi, who was being held in Grandma Zhou’s arms, jumped down and jumped straight into Shao Yunan’s arms, and then started to cry again. Jiang Moxi’s face was tense. He walked up and touched Nizi’s head, trying to comfort her. Shao Yunan said to the worried Aunt Zhou, “It’s okay, it’s all settled. I’ll take the children back to the house. Shijing won’t be back till later, so I will need to trouble Brother Guo to cook a few good dishes for dinner.”

Guo Zimu… “Don’t worry about it, I’ll make the kids dishes they like.”

Aunt Zhou… “Go ahead, we will stay here.”

Nodding to Guo Zimu and Aunt Zhou, Shao Yunan held Nizi in one hand and Wang Qing in the other. Then with Jiang Moxi behind him, he took them back into the house.

Uncle Zhou came back after Shao Yunan and when he entered the main hall, Aunt Zhou and Guo Zimu asked at the same time, “How (How was this matter settled)?” Uncle Zhou shook his head with admiration and said, “Sure enough, Yunan is really powerful. The Song family definitely won’t dare to come again.”

“Say it quickly!” Aunt Zhou was dying from curiosity.


Shao Yunan brought the three children back to his and Wang Shijing’s room. On the way back to the house, Shao Yunan told them how it was settled. He didn’t say that the Song family had written an IOU, but that if they dared to ignore the deed, they definitely wouldn’t dare to come back. In Wang Nizi’s heart, as long as her Little Father was here, all bad guys would be beaten away. So after her Little Father said so, Wang Nizi was no longer afraid.

After entering the house, Shao Yunan wiped Nizi’s face and hugged her to his chest. Shao Yunan also gave a thumbs up to Jiang Moxi: “”First of all, Uncle Yunan would like to thank brother Moxi for being the big brother and doing his duty of protecting his younger brother and sister. Your bravery give me a great peace of mind. Nizi, Qing, you thank your big brother.”

Nizi said with a nasal voice: “Thank you, big brother.”

Wang Qing: “Thank you big brother!”

Jiang Moxi, pursed his lips, but his eyes lit up, but then he sank back down. Shao Yunan saw what he was thinking and said: “That family was driven away by Uncle Yunan and they won’t dare to come back in the future. But even if they dare to come, Uncle Yunan believes that Brother Moxi will stand up to protect his brother and sister again!”

Jiang Moxi clenched his fist, and for the first time, he took the initiative to nod his head to Shao Yunan almost like making his promise. Shao Yunan become a little hot, Jiang Moxi was really healing if bog brother and Kangchen saw they would definitely cry.

Shao Yunan took a deep breath, pulled Jiang Moxi over and give him a strong hug. Then he let him go and said: “Secondly, I want to praise our little Nizi.”

Wang Nizi looked at her Little Father in confusion, why would Little Father want to praise her? Shao Yunan patted Nizi and said: “Because Wang Nizi was very assertive in not letting them in, if you had let them in, it would have been very difficult for little daddy to get rid of them, so Nizi also did a very good job!”

Wang Nizi felt ashamed, she only knew how to cry and didn’t do anything. Jiang Moxi reached over and took Nizi hand to held it as Shao Yunan said: “Our Nizi is only four years old but is already decisive, so I want to praise you. Although Nizi is a girl, she is also very brave. Come on, your two big brother want to hug our family little princess.”

Wang Nizi smiled, shyly, and Jiang Moxi hugged Nizi first, then Wang Qing reached out, hugging bother her big brother and Nizi. Wang Nizi also tried to stretch her arms and hug her two brothers. With her brothers love and affection, Nizi could only feel that her brothers were very kind to her.

After the children let go, Shao Yunan continued: “Thirdly, Little Father wants to praise little Qing. Today brother Qing taught the bad guys a lesson in a reasonable and proper manner and effectively defended right of your father and Nizi. Showing the concept of good and evil that educated student should have.  Family affection should be maintained, but sense of reason should not be kidnapped by family affection. If brother Qing want to recognize his grandparents, then the Little Father would also have no position to teach them a lesson.”

Wang Qing loudly said: “I don’t have a grandfather, I only have father, Little Father, elder brother and sister Nizi!”

Shao Yunan: “There’s more.”

Wang Qing immediately said, “There are also grandparents, eldest uncle, and senior uncle. Well, there are also eldest uncle and aunt in the capital! And great uncle Chen!”

“Right. We have so many family members. These who only try to use or bully us, we don’t need them.”

Shao Yunan held Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi hands and said: “Our family’s life will be very, very good. Then there will be many so-called relatives who treated us badly in the past, but want to take advantage of us living a good life now. Brother Qing and Nizi have them and so have brother Moxi.  Family love is mutual, so never think that we should repay our grievances with virtue and hold our tongue to our relatives. If we had repaid our grievances with virtue, then our family’s life would definitely not be like this now, and you would also not be free.”

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi nodded heavily, they were the ones who had the deepest understanding of it, Jiang Moxi didn’t speak but he pursed his lips tightly. Shao Yunan touched his head and said: “Moxi, Uncle Yunan knows you understand, do you understand what Uncle Yunan mean?”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Moxi nodded without any hesitation. Shao Yunan smiled and asked: “Then do you want to see your grandparents?”

 Jiang Moxi shook his head expressionlessly, and Shao Yunan patted him, feeling extremely relieved.

“Brother Moxi, when your dad comes, you must call him dad. He was waiting for it for too long.”

 Jiang Moxi’s lips opened slightly, but words could be heard: “Little dad .”

Shao Yunan blinked, but Jiang Moxi spoke again: “”Little Daddy.” Then he pulled out a round jade pendant on his neck, “Father.”

Shao Yunan exclaimed in his heart but still asked: “Moxi, you know who your father is?”

Jiang Moxi nodded and showed Shao Yunan the jade pendant.

“Your father gave this to you?”

Jiang Moxi nodded.

“Then…” Shao Yunan wanted to ask him if he knew what happened between his father and his Little Father as Jiang Moxi put the jade pendant back into his clothes while Wang Nizi asked childishly: “Brother Moxi, are your grandparents were not good to you too?”

Jiang Moxi nodded, and Shao Yunan exclaimed again in his heart: How much Jiang Moxi really knew?

Wang Nizi came down from her father’s arms and hugged Jiang Moxi heartily: “Brother Moxi, don’t be sad.”

Jiang Moxi hugged Nizi, his face not looking sad at all while Shao Yunan took this opportunity to ask: “Brother Moxi, then do you also just want your father and Little Father?”

Jiang Moxi raised his eyes: “Uncle.”

Shao Yunan nodded: “Yes, yes, and your uncle.”

“Uncle Yunan.”

Shao Yunan: “……”

“Uncle Shijing.”

Shao Yunan: “……”


Shao Yunan: “……”

“Little brother Qing.”

Shao Yunan: “……”

Then Jiang Moxi, briefly recitated few people in in the Wang Residence who treated him well – Jiang Mo Xi briefly pronounced the best people in the Wang Residence to him – including Grandpa Cen, Grandma Cen, Uncle Kang, Grandpa Zhou and Grandma Zhou, and even uncle Zhou Tianbao who foolishly would play with him.

Shao Yunan hugged Jiang Moxi and then pinched his nose fiercely: “I didn’t love you for nothing!” This kid, obviously didn’t talk much but he still was able to make other people heart feel sweet.


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