Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 45

Manju Entertainment Company and Qi Yin’s posting time was at 8:30 am, a time when Weibo slowly started to buzz.

From 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m it was close to six hours. Enough time for many things to happen.

Such as, most of the netizens who went to bed early the night before and whose memories were still stuck on the topic #Qi Cong Control Freak# now saw the topic of #Qi Cong Defending Rights# which was now firmly in the first place of the hot search. They also say the statement and lawyer’s letter issued by Manju Entertainment Company. The video of Qi Yin was in second place on the hot list, the surveillance and recording issued by Manju Entertainment Company was in third. The recording of Jiang Zhaoxiang and the video issued by Han Lan was in fifth and sixth place on the list. The surveillance, and the “Nightmare Comeback” video was in eighth place.

Next, the netizens wanted to verify the authenticity of the examination reports and the authenticity of Jiang Zhaoxiang’s recordings.

So netizens dug out the details of the public relations company mentioned in the Manju Entertainment Company statement, and found that the first blogger who came forward to say that the incident of Yanhuang had been reversed, “Entertainment New Information”, was a marketing account used by their company. This marketing account posted several stories about Qi Cong regarding his parents and credit card accounts. This company was also suspected of hiring a water army.

According to the information in Qi Yin’s video, some netizens dug up the articles mentioning Qi Cong’s rooftop incident from several newspapers in Haicheng that year. It was found that in other regular newspapers, the reason for Qi Cong threatening to jump off the building was that “the patient was emotional and resistant to treatment,” rather than “the man is crazy for love” as written in the original report that was first exposed.

Also, more and more  Yanhuang employees were influenced by Han Lan and under their own names stood up to support Qi Cong, saying that usually Jiang Zhaoyan has a very poor attitude towards Qi  Cong and that Qi Cong never controlled Jiang Zhaoyan. It could even be said that he was always very obedient to Jiang Zhaoyan.

Then, Jiang Zhaoyan’s own neighbors couldn’t help but send out a few sections of surveillance from their own doorstep. Because of the angle, you could only see a little bit of Jiang Zhaoyan’s door about two meters away from the screen. In this surveillance, Qi Cong did often come to Jiang Zhaoyan’s door at very late hours, and wander a bit . But after each long wait, Qi Cong would eventually be let in. Then carrying out garbage, documents or something else he would leave. On other occasions, he would leave empty handed just to come back moments later after buying something. Obviously he was called to run errands or do some work.

Due to the hot topics on Weibo, a large number of reporters, who like flies that smelled meat, flocked to and surrounded the hotel.

Qi Cong followed Zhao Zhenxun out of the elevator and saw at a glance a large number of media and reporters who were stopped by hotel security outside the hotel gate. The media soon noticed him and immediately became agitated, holding up their cameras and photographing him.

Qi Cong didn’t expect so many people and frowned.

Zhao Zhenxun signaled Qi to stop and waved to several bodyguards as well as Xiao Han and Shen Jia who were waiting in the lobby rest area of the hotel. Xiao Han and the bodyguard immediately came over and skillfully surrounded the two men in the middle.

Zhao Zhenxun told Qi Cong, “When you go out later, the media will surround you and ask questions. The questions will basically revolve around Jiang Zhaoyan, Yanhuang and your condition. You have been silent since things came to light, in a state of complete silence, so it is easy for the public to freely guess your thoughts according to their own thinking. But now you should let the media and the public hear your own voice and see your attitude. I suggest you choose five questions to answer. Answering more than that will make the public forget, answer less and the journalists will be unhappy and might write some nonsense. You also don’t need to answer with too much detail. You just need to express your attitude in an affirmative and powerful manner. I suggest that you choose your questions…”

Zhao Zhenxun quickly listed several examples of questions that the media might ask and how to respond in the most appropriate way, after which he asked, “Understood?”

Qi Cong nodded.

“Then let’s go.” Zhao Zhenxun looked at the large group of media outside, and then at Qi Cong’s calm expression. His tone slowed down. “Qi Cong, this is your first step into the circle. Come on. “

Qi Cong paused in his steps, looked back at Zhao Zhenxun, and then smiled at him. “Thank you, Brother Zhao.”

Their group walked towards the entrance of the hotel, with Qi Cong walking in the very center of their group – which used to be Shen Jia’s position.

It was a very new experience, but Qi Cong didn’t get stage fright from it. He looked straight at the large group of media blocking the door and remembered the video Qi Yin had posted this morning. He raised his head and held the crown pendant around his neck.

It was over.

The rotating door turned and the people who were originally blocked by the glass came into full view. Countless cameras were pointed at them, but were once again blocked by the bodyguard who kept them at a safe distance.

“Qi Cong! Are you still in touch with Jiang Zhaoyan?”

“Qi Cong what is the old debt your mother said she wanted to return in the video?”

“Have you really been mentally abused by Jiang Zhaoyan?”

“What kind of disease do you have? Have you really lost your memories?”

Questions were stacked with even more questions, as people scrambled to talk over each other. They made it impossible for even one question to be heard clearly. Suddenly, a slightly shrill female voice, with the advantage of her timbre, strongly overpowered all other voices and transmitted the question to everyone’s ears: “Qi Cong! Pushing your mother to come forward to help you clear your name, do you think this is what you should do as a son and as a man?!”

All reporters become silent for a moment.

Zhao Zhenxun frowned and swept a glance at the logo on the microphone held by that reporter, after which he looked at Qi Cong.

With the help of his bodyguard, Qi Cong stood still in the center of all the cameras and looked at the female reporter who asked the question. His expression was not angry or happy but his tone was unyielding as he answered. “If you think explaining and clarifying is whitewashing, then my answer to your question is only no comment. In addition, in order to live up to my mother’s dedication and hopes, I won’t respond to any questions related to Jiang Zhaoyan. I can’t respond because this man is a stranger to me. Everything about him, I learned from the mouth of others. I was indeed an involved party before, but I’m now a bystander.”

When they heard his answer, whether it was the reporter who asked the question, or the other reporters, they all were unable to respond. Everyone looked at Qi Cong.

Wait, this new guy… Why does he look like this? He actually answered this kind of question? But the attitude of his reply was so decisive and tough, not at all like other newcomers that would have this kind of nervous and afraid look.

Zhao Zhenxun, after listening to Qi Cong’s response, immediately stopped frowning. Relieved, he withdrew his gaze and said to the reporters, “Qi Cong has to go to work. He can’t stay here for too long. Discuss what you want to ask because we can’t block the hotel door for too long.”

The reporters returned to their senses and looked at Qi Cong again. After looking at each other, they started to discuss.

They all made their living in the entertainment industry, so the number of times they would deal with this group in the future wouldn’t be few. Reporters could be impolite to newcomers, but they still needed to give Zhao Zhenxun some face.

Soon, the reporters discussed the results and began to ask questions, in a much more polite manner than the previous female reporter.

The questions asked by reporters were similar to those guessed by Zhao Zhenxun, so Qi Cong responded to them one by one with concise language. His attitude was neither humble nor arrogant. After answering five questions, the bodyguards were ready to escort Qi Zhong out.

The reporters moved out of the way.

Xiao Han quickly took out the key and unlocked the car parked not too far away from the entrance of the hotel. Just as he was about to pull the car door open, a black car parked next to it suddenly opened and Gu Xun stepped out. He smiled at Qi Cong, as he stepped out of the encirclement of reporters. “Cong, I’m here to pick you up.”

Qi Cong frowned. Zhao Zhenxun also frowned hard while the reporters behind Qi Cong poured out in their direction.

The sound of camera shutters and loud questions once again became overwhelming.

“Gu Xun! Are you here to pick up Qi Cong?”

“Gu Xun, how do you and Qi Cong get to know each other?”

Zhao Zhenxun’s face became as dark as the bottom of the pot. Ignoring Gu Xun, he grasped Qi Cong’s arm and said, “Raise your hand and say hello to Gu Xun. Try to act like old friends meeting each other, then get into the car and I will handle the rest.”

Qi Cong saw the gentle smile of Gu Xun and hesitated but then obediently raised his hand, waving toward Gu Xun. Then he walked towards the side of their nanny car, while pointing at it and saying, “I’ll get in first, later we will – “

Gu Xun, with a deep smile on his face, suddenly stepped forward. Relying on his height and long arms, he passed through the bodyguard and Zhao Zhenxun, accurately grasping the hand of Qi Cong. Taking advantage of Qi Cong being defenseless, he pulled him to his side and then turned to block Qi Cong with his body. With the other hand he held Qi Cong’s shoulder and with a swift movement, stuffed Qi Cong into his car. Then he turned toward Zhao Zhenxun and made a gesture for him to call his phone before finally looking at the reporters who had gathered around and replied, “Qi Cong and I are in a relationship of looking up and being looked up to.” After saying that, he got into the car and closed the door with a bang.

Kevin, in the driver’s seat, immediately started the car and turned onto the main road, spraying Zhao Zhenxun and the reporters with dust.

Zhao Zhenxun never expected that Gu Xun could be so shameless as to kidnap a person in public. But now was not the time for him to lose his temper. He took a deep breath and waved his hand to signal the bodyguard to stop the reporters before he quickly stepped into the car.

The reporters were blocked and the car immediately started, following Gu Xun’s black car.

In the front, inside the black car.

Qi Cong didn’t regain his senses until the car started, then he quickly turned around to look at the reporters and nanny car that were getting smaller and smaller. Then he looked at Gu Xun and started to ask, “How do you-”

A piece of chocolate was pressed to his lips by slender, strong fingers.

Gu Xun approached and rubbed his lips with chocolate. “Cong open your mouth.”

This was an odd exchange and behavior. Qi Cong felt that all his words were choked up as he glanced at Kevin who was driving right in front of him. Then he raised his hand to take the chocolate from Gu Xun’s hand. “Don’t do this, just Zhao-”

Gu Xun took advantage of Qi Cong trying to speak and put the piece of chocolate right into his mouth. Then he rubbed his thumb against Qi Cong’s lips and smiled. “You just got out of the prison, you need to eat something sweet to get rid of bad luck.”


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