Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 46

The movement was so intimate that Qi Cong hurriedly raised his hand to cover his lips.

The warm touch still remained on his lips as the chocolate melted in his mouth. The bitter sweetness stained the tip of the tongue. Qi Cong tried to not be disturbed by Gu Xun. He spoke again, “You’re just too messy-“

A mobile phone rang. It was Gu Xun’s mobile phone. Gu Xun bowed his head and looked at the words “Zhao Zhenxun” on the mobile phone screen, and then smiled at Qi Cong. “I’ll answer the phone first.” With that, he turned sideways and put his cell phone to his ear after connecting the call.

Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun’s profile as he answered the call. A few seconds later he finally put down the hand previously covering his mouth and moved his tongue to push the chocolate deeper in his mouth.

The bitterness slowly faded away leaving only sweetness.

“I’ll return him to you when we get to the set.” Gu Xun spoke into the phone, the tone of his voice different from the previous gentle one. It was also much lower. “I got the news that the largest investor of “Legend of Youth” will come to the set today.  Yanhuang is that sponsor. What happens will have an impact on the crew. If Qi Cong gets out of my car, it will be easier for you to deal with. Don’t worry, it will be alright. The media won’t dare write nonsense.”


Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun.

He didn’t know what Zhao Zhenxun said, but Gu Xun suddenly squinted as his voice became a little deeper. “Then I should thank them, the last one.” 

As if he only now noticed Qi Cong’s line of sight, Gu Xun suddenly turned his head and looked over.

The two of them looked at each other.

Gu Xun’s expression immediately became restrained. Reaching toward Qi Cong, he said into the mobile phone, “I have a measure, when we arrive at the set we will talk.” After saying this, he hung up the phone. Before Qi Cong could dodge, Gu Xun quickly squeezed his cheeks that were filled with chocolate and then smiled. “Still want to eat?”

Qi Cong instinctively changed the chocolate from one side of the cheek to another. After this change was noticed by Gu Xun, the smile on his face deepened. Qi Cong quickly bit into the chocolate and swallowed it before saying, “Why are you here? Don’t you have to film today? What about the investor you just mentioned? Did what happened with Jiang Zhaoyan and I affect the crew? “

“Don’t be nervous, it had little impact, but not too big. If it’s handled well it will be a good opportunity to promote “Legend of Youth.” Gu Xun leaned over to open the car mini-fridge, and pulled out various snacks from inside. He explained, “I’m off this afternoon, so I wanted to come see you. On the way here, I heard about the Legend of Youth investors coming. The investor I know is a little difficult, so I was afraid that he would embarrass you. Therefore I decided to temporarily change plans and snatched you from Agent Zhao. If you come out from my car, he won’t embarrass you. “

Qi Cong asked, “Why won’t he embarrass me if I get out of your car?” 

After asking he realized that this question was ridiculous, so he frowned and pursed his lips.

Although he didn’t have a detailed understanding, from the information he previously received and the attitude of the people around Gu Xun, his family background is very good.

Even without mentioning his family background, Gu Xun seemed to have a large voice in the entertainment circle. Gu Xun behaving in this manner in front of the media and escorting him all the way to the crew sent everyone a signal, making it difficult for those who wanted to embarrass him.

Gu Xun was protecting him.

“Because they are afraid that I will go to the directors and writers I know and say bad things about them,” Gu Xun answered with a smile, then closed the refrigerator door and opened the can of fruit juice, putting in a straw before delivering it straight to Qi Cong’s lips.  “Are you angry that I acted so badly just now?”

Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun and then raised his hand to take the juice. “I’m not angry. But I hope you can communicate with me or Brother Zhao in advance before you do something like this next time. “

Gu Xun immediately raised his hand to promise. “Next time I will.”

He was an adult, but he still played tricks like raising his hand to swear.

Qi Cong frowned and then rubbed the juice can that still had a hint of soothing coolness against his hands. “Thank you for picking me up…and for your chocolate and juice.”

Gu Xun smiled again, put down his hand and moved over toward Qi Cong, his legs and arms close to his.

Qi Cong straightened his back and instinctively looked at Kevin who was driving.

“He can’t see us.” Gu Xun lowered his voice as he leaned to Qi Cong ear. He took out his mobile phone and lit up the screen. Motioning to Qi Cong to bow his head, he said, “Let me show you something.”

The warm breath could be felt on his ear, making Qi Cong uncomfortably lean closer to the car door. But when Gu Xun urged him, he looked down at the mobile phone in Gu Xun’s hand.

Gu Xun suddenly sidled up close, his other hand raised, holding the back of Qi Cong’s head.

As a result, Qi Cong’s posture of bowing his head at his side became a gesture of “throwing himself into his arms and giving him a hug”. His forehead was pressed against Gu Xun’s chest and most of his body was surrounded by Gu Xun’s arm.

Qi Cong froze and tried to move away, but his head was gently touched.

“I have told you this before, but…Cong welcome back. I’m glad you’re back.”

Qi Cong stopped trying to move away.

Gu Xun’s voice was very gentle, the body temperature coming from two layers of clothing was still irresistible, and the taste of cold fir mixed with the sweetness of the fruit juice….

All this merged into a kind of peace of mind that people wanted to indulge in. Qi Cong looked down at the legs of the two people leaning together and just a few seconds later he bowed his head asking, “Have you seen the news on the Internet?”

His head was touched again as Gu Xun’s voice sounded, “Hmmm.”

Qi Cong squeezed the juice can tightly and continued to ask, “What do you… What do you think? “

“I regret not being with you all the time.” Gu Xun bowed his head and rubbed his lips against Qi Cong’s hair. His expression reflected by the car window was obscure, but his voice was gentle. “Cong, it wasn’t your fault.”

It wasn’t his fault.

Qi Cong  slowly released his fingers and tilted his head slightly, as if leaning against Gu Xun’s arms. “Thank you.”




Sure enough, there was also a lot of media surrounding the set. When they were at the door of the set, Qi Cong called Zhao Zhenxun, but Zhao Zhenxun told him to hand his phone to Gu Xun. Gu Xun took Qi Cong’s phone and talked to Zhao Zhenxun for a few minutes. Then he hung up the phone and looked at Qi Cong. “He asked us to wait for him, and then go into the set together.”

Qi Cong asked, “You’re going in too?”

“I’m going to see your drama director. Kevin, slow down and wait for Agent Zhao.”

The nanny car quickly caught up and crossed Gu Xun’s car to park in front of the set first. The waiting media immediately got excited and quickly surrounded it.

Kevin took this opportunity to avoid the huge group of media and parked his car closer to the entrance of the filming set. Then Gu Xun and Qi Cong got off one after the other and walked towards the entrance together.

Zhao Zhenxun deliberately dilly dallied before opening the door of the car. After getting out, he turned around and closed the door, motioning to the media while walking towards the entrance to the set.

The media were confused, looking at the empty space behind Zhao Zhenxun and then at the car that had already started, ready to drive to the parking lot.

Where was Qi Cong? How come only Zhao Zhenxun came?

Suddenly a reporter shouted, “In the back! Wait, Gu Xun! It’s Gu Xun!”

All the media were startled and looked toward the voice, but it was already too late. Gu Xun had already entered the shooting location with Qi Cong.

The noise and bustle was blocked outside the compound, so Gu Xun and Qi Cong slowed down and waited for Zhao Zhenxun.

Just a few seconds later, Zhao Zhenxun strode in. As soon as he approached, he reached out and pulled Qi Cong behind him and frowned at Gu Xun. “Gu Xun, there is no next time. Qi Cong can certainly ride in your car, but you should talk about it first instead of kidnapping him.”

Gu Xun stared back with a thick-skinned and emotionless expression. He said, “Agent Zhao, guess why the drama director of your production crew didn’t first inform you, the agent to the leading actor, that the main investor is coming, but instead told me first.”

Zhao Zhenxun’s expression turned sullen.

What else could it be? Of course, to find Gu Xun and reap some benefits. After all, it was Gu Xun’s previous attitude of showing care for Qi Cong that gave the drama director this idea. Now that Qi Cong and the main sponsor Yanhuang were at war, how could he not use this opportunity?

“Gu Xun, are you willing to take the bait with such a small trick? Manju Entertainment Company is also an investor in this drama. I can talk to the investors.”

“But it would be most painless and beneficial for Qi Cong to come with me. If I didn’t, Qi Cong’s position would be very embarrassing.” Gu Xun suddenly approached Zhao Zhenxun and lowered his voice so that Qi Cong wouldn’t be able to hear. “Agent Zhao, you know in your heart that Qi Cong needs someone to wash his reputation white now. The higher profile I act, the easier your plan would be implemented.”

Zhao Zhenxun understood the stakes, so on the way over he wasn’t actually very angry but…. 

He also lowered his voice. “Don’t talk so high and mighty like I can’t read your mind. Show some restraint and just do what you want to do.”

Gu Xun sniffed and looked behind Zhao Zhenxun, slightly frowning and worriedly looking at Qi Cong. Then he smiled reassuringly at Qi Cong, his voice becoming lower, “But I have already waited so long.”

The doorway wasn’t a place to talk so the three of them walked together towards the interior of the set. After just a few steps, the drama director and several other crew heads accompanied by a short middle-aged man greeted them.

They came really fast. Zhao Zhenxun frowned and turned his head to instruct Qi Cong, “When I tell you to say hello later, you say hello but don’t talk otherwise.”

Qi Cong nodded.

The two parties meet each other. The drama director and the middle-aged man’s attention was focused on Gu Xun from the beginning, their attitude towards Gu Xun very warm. During the greetings, the drama director also greeted Qi Cong very kindly, and introducing Qi Cong to the short short middle-aged man, added, “This is a newcomer that Mr. Gu Xun admires very much.”

Gu Xun corrected, “I especially appreciate him.”

Zhao Zhenxun held back from rolling his eyes at Gu Xun’s statement.

The short middle-aged man smiled cordially at Qi Cong and said, “As expected of Mr. Gu. His vision as always is very good. At first glance, this newcomer is a good seedling for acting. If Qi Cong can act well, with Teacher Gu Xun’s protection, his future is very promising.”

Qi Cong glanced at Gu Xun next to him and then smiled at the middle-aged man, politely replying, “Thank you, Boss Liu. I will work hard.”

After a round of pleasantries, Mr. Liu intentionally or unconsciously hinted that Gu Xun should find a place to talk with him alone. When Gu Xu n noticed this hint, the drama director immediately began to arrange the place. Zhao Zhenxun opened his mouth at the right time and said, “Then excuse us. Qi Cong needs to try on his costume. Costume designers are waiting.”

Boss Liu replied, “Business is important, so go ahead.”

Zhao Zhenxun was ready to leave with Qi Cong, when Gu Xun suddenly opened his mouth and called, “Qi Cong.”

Qi Cong stopped and looked back.

Gu Xun, who has maintained a sociable expression since Mr. Liu and others appeared, stepped forward, smiling as he took out a bar of chocolate from his pocket and stuffed it into Qi Cong’s hand. “I’ll come to you when I’m done talking.”

Everyone looked at the hands of Gu Xun and Qi Cong. The expressions of both the drama director and General Manager Liu became extraordinarily meaningful.

“… Let’s go. ” Zhao Zhenxun raised his hand, and supporting Qi Cong’s back, pushed him forward. Then he looked at Gu Xun and said, “Goodbye Mr. Gu.” With that he nodded to Boss Liu and the others, almost pushing Qi Cong to leave quickly.

After walking some distance from Gu Xun and the group, Zhao Zhenxun frowned and looked at Qi Cong. “When you have time, try to control Gu Xun’s lawless actions.”

Qi Cong squeezed the chocolate in his hand and asked, “I…control him?”

“Or do you want me to take care of it?”

There seemed to be something wrong with this conversation. Qi Cong put away the chocolate and replied, “Brother Zhao, I’m sorry. I’ll go and talk to him.”

The fitting room was in the inner part of the set, with a separate room dedicated to storing the costumes. Zhao Zhenxun took Qi Cong to meet the costume designer.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but Qi Cong felt that the staff around him were looking at him strangely, not with malice, but not with kindness either. Rather it was with a kind of scowl dedicated to some rare species.

He tried his best to ignore it so when Jiang Meng, Yuan Yuan and others arrived, he immediately devoted himself to his work.

There were a total of three sets of costumes, all newly made. A set of brocade robes for everyday wear, a set of elaborate formal clothes, and a set of martial artist clothes he would wear when he would be hiding his identity.

The color of this robe was light green, with a bamboo leaf pattern printed on the material. His martial artist clothes were dark green with dark silver patterns. The formal clothes that he would wear to attend banquets with You Changqing had a more mature color, with a red lining and a black outer robe. The collar cuff hems were embroidered with a low-key dark cloud pattern, giving off a feeling of low-key luxury.

For a clue character with a few scenes, this costume specification was already considered pretty good.

Zhao Zhenxun was satisfied with the quantity and quality of the clothes so he directly said, “Try the most troublesome formal clothes first. If the size isn’t suitable, we will immediately change it.”

Qi Cong nodded and entered the inner changing room with Jiang Meng and the costumes.



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