Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 88.2

This was the “seed”, the origin of everything.

Qi Cong closed the door under Jiang Zhaoyan’s gaze and then raised his hand to take off his cap, still with his backpack on his shoulder. He then walked to the opposite side of Jiang Zhaoyan, pulled the chair to sit down, and looked at Jiang Zhaoyan, but didn’t speak.

Jiang Zhaoyan also looked at Qi Cong carefully from top to bottom, and then fixed his eyes on Qi Cong’s face. Finally settling on Qi Cong’s expression, he frowned even more. “You’ve changed too much.”

Qi Cong still didn’t speak. His hand was loosely resting on the backpack but not touching the dagger inside.

He looked at Jiang Zhaoyan, but didn’t really look at Jiang Zhaoyan. He wondered if the “seed” was gone. would the Taskmaster also disappear completely, and whether everyone around him would no longer be harmed.

If so….

“Qi Cong, I didn’t mean to threaten you. I just wanted to tell you something in person so you wouldn’t regret it later.” Jiang Zhaoyan took the initiative to pour a glass of water for Qi Cong. Probably because he had never spoken so softly, his tone sounded a little stiff. “Since your accident, you have been avoiding contact with me and the people around you have been preventing me from meeting with you. I can probably tell what they have told you, so I’m not going to argue too much. I just want to clear one thing. I never intentionally tried to use and exploit you. A good number of things only came to my attention when the news broke.”

Jiang Zhaoyan took out the document package from behind him and pulled out a card from it and pushed it in front of Qi Cong. “That Jiang Zhaoxuang asked you for money and for you to open a card for him, I never knew about it. This is two million. It should be enough for you to pay back your credit card debt.”

Qi Cong glanced at the card on the table but didn’t pick it up, nor did he speak.

Jiang Zhaoyan waited for two seconds, frowned, and then pulled out another document from the bag and put it in front of Qi Cong. “Also, as I promised you before, these are your shares in Yanhuang. I didn’t give them to you before because Yanhuang was expanding too fast and I needed a large share percentage to stabilize our position, but now that Yanhuang is gone…”

He frowned again as if he was suppressing his emotions and continued, “This is the money left after I sold Yanhuang. This 30% is your money. Take it.”

From the point of view of a bystander, the Taskmaster pitting Qi Cong’s family and feeding its resources to Yanhunag for three years was only worth 30%?

Qi Cong fingers rubbed on the backpack’s surface as he finally opened his mouth and asked, “You wanted to see me just for this?”

Seeing Qi Cong finally speak, Jiang Zhaoyan’s posture relaxed, but his tone was no longer so pretentious and mild as he replied, “”Of course I didn’t come to look for you just for this. This is just by the way. As I said before, the main reason I came to see you at this time is because I don’t want you to regret it later. Qi Cong, your memory is now stuck before you and I met, right? “

Qi Cong didn’t answer and Jiang Zhaoyan didn’t wait for his answer as he continued, “All your knowledge of me comes from what others have told you. Haven’t you ever thought that they might be lying to you?”

Qi Cong expressionlessly replied, “My parents and Shen Jia wouldn’t lie to me.”

“But Gu Xun would.” Jiang Zhaoyan took out several more documents and pushed them all in front of Qi Cong. Then looked at Qi Cong like he was a fool that was deceived by everyone and said, “Gu Xun has a deep background. Since the establishment of Yanhuang, even at the very beginning he used various means to suppress the company’s development. After you lost your memories and forgot me, he no longer restrained himself. The reason Yanhuang collapsed so quickly is because he helped behind the scenes. Also I suspect that Sanmu’s bankruptcy was also part of his handiwork.”

Qi Cong raised his eyes abruptly, stared at Jiang Zhaoyan and asked, “Gu Xun’s handiwork?”

Jiang Zhaoyan looked at Qi Cong’s subdued expression and motioned to the documents. “I know you are hostile to me and don’t believe what I say, so I brought evidence. There are the documents on the table, you can take a look.”

Qi Cong suppressed his emotions little by little as he looked at the documents on the table. Finally releasing his grip on his backpack, he opened the document on the top.

This document was the Sanmu Corporation’s contract with a foreign company during its important period of transformation. The data showed that Sanmu wanted to complete its final transformation through cooperation with this foreign company, but in the end this cooperation didn’t happen and Sanmu’s preliminary investment was wasted, making it suffer heavy losses.

Jiang Zhaoyan explained from the side. “I investigated this company and it’s run by Gu Xun’s cousin. Before it approached Sanmu with this contract, it never cooperated with domestic companies.”

All the information was complete, and the evidence that Gu Xun’s cousin was the person in charge of this company was also very solid. In other words, Gu Xun really came into contact with Sanmu through the hands of his relatives.

Qi Cong loosened his grip on the document, a little dazed.

He didn’t know about this. What was Gu Xun trying to do by meddling with Sanmu business?

“Qi Cong, Gu Xun isn’t as good as you think. He has been lying to you. Don’t be naive, with his kind of family, how could he really honestly and faithfully wait for you to love him back for so many years? What he feels for you isn’t love at all, it’s just a perverted possessiveness.”

Jiang Zhaoyan seemed to have held himself back for too long and finally had a chance to vent, so he spoke more and more harshly as he helped Qi Cong open the next document and pushed it in front of him. “ “In order to get you, he can do any vile and dirty thing you can think of or can’t even imagine. After you fell ill three years ago, he frequently contacted you behind my back after I explicitly told him that your condition was no longer suitable for further stimulation, and he still wanted to take you to compulsory memory recovery therapy. You became so afraid of him, that you started to avoid him. After not being able to see you, he found a way to kidnap you.”

Qi Cong returned to his senses as he looked at Jiang Zhaoyan.

Jiang Zhaoyan nodded hard at the document in front of Qi Cong. “He was borrowing someone else’s identity to trick me into going to the hotel run by his family under the pretext of business. He locked me up there and used me as blackmail to force you to go there. You went, and then he locked you up too. He also tried to take you away and hurt me. The wound on your back was made by Gu Xun in that kidnapping incident. You blocked that knife for me.”

Jiang Zhaoyan continued after a pause. His tone slowed down and his expression softened, and he spoke, “If you hadn’t been hurt, he wouldn’t have let us go at all. It was after that time that he probably became afraid and finally stopped appearing in front of you. I wanted to call the police, but you stopped me, saying you didn’t want to make enemies for me when my career was just starting. Qi Cong, take a good look at these. Whether I am really as bad as they say, and whether Gu Xun is really helping you or not, take a good look!  Gu Xun is clearly trying to destroy me and your parents so that you would have no support. He is forcing you to go to him and beg him! “

Qi Cong bowed his head and looked at a picture of Gu Xun standing outside the hospital door looking in. In the photo Gu Xun’s expression was tense and a little crazy, his eyes red.

His heartstrings trembled and he wanted to reach out and take this photo, but Jiang Zhaoyan suddenly covered this document and went to open the remaining ones.

“There are also these. I knew Gu Xun wouldn’t rest, so I sold Yuanhuang in time. But he is still making small moves constantly. First he is using various methods to set me up, trying to lure me into a trap to swindle the remaining chips in my hand, and then began to suppress and block all resources I still could get. Not only that, my brother, parents, cousins, all the people involved with me, he is looking for a way to get them involved in a lawsuit. First, Zhaoxiang’s credit card fraud, followed by Jiang Tian’s embezzlement as well as my parents’ illegal loans. Page by page, he was trying to force my Jiang family to die!”

Speaking angrily, Jiang Zhaoyan suddenly slapped the documents hard on the table and got up across the table to face Qi Cong saying, “Qi Cong, this is what Gu Xun is really like. He is a madman and a pervert! Don’t be fooled by him again. You are now in the entertainment industry and that is his own territory so in the future you can only be at his mercy. When he gets tired of you later, what do you think he will do to you, with his nature?”

The messy documents scattered on the table blocked most of Gu Xun’s photo, while the renaming small part was pressed under Jiang Zhaoyan’s palm.

Qi Cong retracted his hand that wanted to reach for the photo and raised his eyes to meet Jiang Zhaoyan’s gaze. His tone was cold and heavy as he asked, “Are you finished?”

Jiang Zhaoyan came into contact with Qi Cong’s cold and aggressive eyes, choked angrily and slowly straightened up. “You…. “

“Is this your purpose? To rattle my relationship with Gu Xun? To make me pressure Gu Xun, mess with him so he would stop targeting you and your family?”

Jiang Zhaoyan realized that something was wrong and his expression changed a little, finally focusing on anger and coldness. “Qi Cong, after all I’ve said to you and laid out so much evidence, you really didn’t-“

“But,” Qi Cong interrupted Jiang Zhaoyan’s words. After Jiang Zhaoyan got up, he reached out and picked up from the table full of documents, the photo of Gu Xun. He then carefully wiped the place pressed by Jiang Zhaoyan just now and finally met his gaze as he spoke. “If you hadn’t tried to attack Gu Xun with a dinner knife, how could Gu Xun grab your hand and accidentally cut me when I jumped to protect you?”


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