Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 41.2

“Qi Cong.” Jiang Zhaoyan’s voice came out, a little calmer than before, but obviously still suppressing emotions. “Come forward and make a statement. As long as you make a statement, I can promise you everything. This matter was caused by Jiang Tian’s own initiative. He went and did it. By the time I knew about it, it was already too late to change his tune. I had no choice but to follow public opinion. You go and make a statement, I can make it up to you. “

Qi Cong asked, “How do you want me to make a statement?”

Hearing Qi Cong’s relaxed tone and good attitude, Jiang Zhaoyan immediately strengthened his tone. “I will arrange an interview for you. You tell the reporter that you have not left your job, but are on paid leave. The product quality problems and after-sales chaos is due to your poor mental state, poor supervision and you feel very aggrieved about it. I won’t let you take full responsibility, Jiang Tian will take responsibility with you. “

“That compensation ……” Qi Cong implied.

Jiang Zhaoyan was quiet for a few seconds, his tone slowing down a bit as he promised, “Qi Cong, the Beishi branch, I will let you be in charge…and as long as you want, you can always stay close to me.”

What a piece of crap.

Qi Cong chuckled and asked, “Jiang Zhaoyan, does An Xiahe know you are saying this?”


“What you just said, I recorded it all. Jiang Zhaoyan, I won’t refuse your calls again, but I will record every call you make in the future.”

“What do you mean–” Jiang Zhaoyan’s tone was once again furious. “Qi Cong, what are you making a fuss about again! You–“

“Thank you for sending me the evidence.” Qi Cong interrupted Jiang Zhaoyan’s words and felt a rare feeling of relaxation and happiness during this period of time. “Jiang Zhaoyan, come out of your closed and arrogant world and have a look. The world won’t revolve around you forever.” After that, he hung up and sent the recording to Zhao Zhenxun.

A few minutes later, Zhao Zhenxun called him back. “Have a good rest today. I asked your teacher to suspend your classes for a whole day. This recording is very useful and I will send it out at the right time. “

Qi Cong gave an “Um,” and then called out, “Brother Zhao?”


“Thank you.”

After a few seconds of silence, Zhao Zhenxun replied, “Have a good rest.”

After finishing this phone call, Qi Cong threw himself on the bed.

He remembered the news he had just seen, and his heart that had been hanging for two days finally came to a solid place.

It should be over now.

He looked sideways at the bright sun outside the window and thought he should check the direction of the wind on Weibo again and call Qi Yin to tell her to not worry anymore. He should also check WeChat to see if Gu Xun sent a new message, but his eyelids drooped uncontrollably as he finally relaxed. Fatigue and sleepiness immediately took over.

With bloodshot eyes completely closed, the phone came out of the white thin palm and fell onto the quilt.

After two days of fear, he was finally able to get a good night’s sleep.




In the time when Qi Cong caught up on his sleep, a sensational reversal drama was being staged on Weibo.

Countless netizens who started early, saw popular topics completely different from yesterday. In the last two days they learned the true nature of Qi Cong and were very disgusted with him. So they were even more stunned by the content of the second Haicheng news posted, and began to seek out the truth.

After the search for the truth began, much previously concealed information was immediately spread out in front of everyone.

At 11:00, by checking and comparing the avatars of various executives in the chat group, a blogger confirmed that the initial revelation that there was something wrong with the Yanhuang products was due to the harmful Weibo. In the chat records, the image of a person with a yellow background that was previously screenshotted and posted by a blogger was revealed to be Jiang Tian, who spoke harshly in the group.

At 11:15 in the morning, several chat records from the employees of the Yanhuang after-sales department were leaked. In these chat records, Jiang Tian suddenly appeared when everyone was cautiously discussing online affairs, ordering all employees not to discuss it any more and then adding: “Don’t go online and mention Qi Cong.” There were also many warming remarks about losing their job.

At 12:30 in the afternoon, it was found that the current persons in charge of the two production lines with problems in Yanhuang company were all relatives of Jiang Zhaoyan, while the several product lines that smart home review blogger used to prove that Yanhuang products were very good were actually ones that Qi Cong was previously responsible for when he was still working in Yuanhuang.

At 1:15 in the afternoon, the media filmed several senior executives in Yanhuang leaving the Yanhuang office building with a lot of things, and were suspected of having resigned.

At 2:30 p.m.,  the owner of the female voice from the infighting recording, Tian Wu, a former employee of the Yanhuang R & D Department, sent a video under her real name, smashing the reversal thoroughly and firmly.

In that video, a young woman with neat and short hair sat in study while holding some documents: “This is my resignation letter. I am Tian Wu, a former employee of Yanhuang’s R & D department. I made this video because my conscience doesn’t allow me to watch the person who hired me into Yanhuang being completely forced into such a desperate situation by Jiang Zhaoyan.”

She put down the document and looked at the camera, obviously very angry: “The first thing I want to say is that the recording of the infighting is true. I don’t know who leaked it but I thank this person for their bravery. Before that, no one dared to speak out. It was that person who tore the first hole and gave me courage to reveal it all.”

“The day before yesterday, Yanghuang products had problems and it became a hot search issue. But in fact, before this, as early as April, the after-sales department began to receive complaints by customers reporting problems with the xl89 models and sd67 models of audio, and television systems. But why did things explode so late? Because Jiang Tian, the current head of the Yanghuang after-sales department, concealed everything. Even at the end of the last month, some consumers could only seek help from the local media in Haicheng to expose this matter, but it was discovered by the company early.”

“Jiang Zhaoyan first chose to spend money to suppress the news, and quickly compensated those consumers who made the most noise, shutting down two production lines and recalling all products not yet sold. He also ordered Jiang Tian to properly handle any subsequent after-sales issues that might arise. Objectively speaking, his handling was quite swift and effective, but unfortunately, his relative dragged his feet.”

“It wasn’t until the faulty products hit the news that we learned that Jiang Tian didn’t recall the unsold problematic products, but secretly opened a so-called Yanghuang franchise himself to continue selling these products. Later, when things became public, Jiang Zhaoyan was furious. In order to shift the blame, Jiang Tian immediately forged those chat screenshots to accuse Manager Qi who already left the company. As for Yanhuang Smart Homes Company reputation, Jiang Zhaoyan acquiesced to Jiang Tian’s behavior.”

Tian Wu ironically said: “Why did they choose manager Qi to take the responsibility? Because Manager Qi……” she paused, looking at the camera and speaking slowly word by word: “Because Manager Qi never refused Jiang Zhaoyan’s request. At least after I met him, from what I saw he never did. Manager Qi…”

She took a deep breath, looked into the camera and continued, “Manager Qi is a good person. In fact, I don’t like his attitude towards feelings, but I’m sure of his contribution to the company. It’s a pity that he has been used by Jiang Zhaoyan. Yes he was used. In the early days of Yanhuang, it lacked funds and contacts as well as talented people. But Manger Qi gave money to Jiang Zhaoyan, helped him with contacts and accompanied Jiang Zhoayan to seek out the best team. I was recruited by Mr. Qi to join Yanhuang. I still remember that there was a time when Yanhuang couldn’t pay wages and it was Manager Qi who used his private money to pay us wages while begging us to not leave.”

“I always thought that Manager Qi and Jiang Zhaoyan were a couple, because Manager Qi’s feelings were very obvious, and Jiang Zhaoyan never refused, openly accepting everything Manager Qi gave him… At that time I had the same misunderstanding as many other employees, until …… Jiang Zhaoyan brought his parents to Haicheng. Jiang Zhaoyan’s parents probably also heard the rumors that Jiang Zhaoyan and Manager Qi were together, so they made a scene at the company. They beat and scolded Manager Qi, accusing him of making their son crooked. Jiang Zhaoyan, who got the news, rushed in and denied everything in public, denying that he and Manager Qi were together and saying that he and Manager Qi were just friends.”

“Friends? Anyway, I was shocked. To make things even more disgusting, after learning that Manager Qi was backed by Sanmu, Jiang Zhaoyan’s parents changed their attitude towards Manager Qi and declared several times to the public that they treated Manager Qi as their own son.”

Tian Wu seemed to be unable to continue so she paused for a moment before holding up her phone: “Manager Qi did everything for Jiang Zhaoyan and Yanhuang. Even after Qi Cong was driven out of the company and forced to make way for Jiang Zhaoyan’s relatives, Manager Qi was still thinking about Jiang Zhaoyan.  I’m sorry, Manager Qi, to divulge some of your privacy but its transcript of my chat with my colleagues. I’m glad I chatted with my colleagues, otherwise, I wouldn’t have kept this screenshot. “

“This is the message record of Manager Qi persuading me not to leave too soon and begging me to stay at Yanhuang to help Jiang Zhaoyan get the new product developed. Don’t ask me why I only have this screenshot, because after Manager Qi attempted suicide….”Tian Wu took a breath, blinked, her eyes a little red: “After he was rescued he canceled his WeChat so I couldn’t pull more chat records to show you. Fortunately, I was so angry that I cut this paragraph and complained to my colleagues. I also regret that when Manager Qi advised me not to leave Yanhuang, I said some radical words to him due to my anger. Hating that iron could not be turned into steel. I don’t know if he chose to kill himself because of what I said… anyway I am really sorry.”

Tian Wu adjusted her mood again and said: “Jiang Zhaoyan, open your eyes and have a good look. Such a person was bullied by you and your family into bankruptcy, losing his job and committing suicide. But he was still thinking about you before committing suicide. How can you bear to let him take the blame for that? If you don’t like him, you should reject him and stay away from him, instead of enjoying what he was doing for you. Hanging him and leaving him as a backup, while falling in love with another man without telling him. After he finally saw that, you even dig him up again to carry the pot made by your relatives and let the whole internet scold him!”

Tian Wu raised her middle finger: “Jiang Zhaoyan, you are the most disgusting man I’ve ever seen in my life, I wish you bankruptcy.”

This was the end of the video.

This video contained a lot of new information and was just too explosive, so in only two hours time it was pushed by the excited netizens on the front row of the popular list.

After being bombarded by various reverse revelations and real hammers for a day, netizens basically accepted the fact that Qi Cong was wronged, and many people couldn’t help spitting dirt on Jiang Zhaoyan in the comments area after listening to Tian Wu.

Circle Circle: My three views are completely broken. Yesterday I was scolding Qi Cong, but today I really need to apologize to Qi Cong. I’m sorry, Jiang Zhaoyan is a true century big scum! Jiang Tian and his other relatives are just stinky money slaves, digging a person who has long since left the job out to take the blame. Are you still human?

Jin, Please Stop Smoking: I am mad to death. So the truth is that Jiang Zhaoyan, is a Phoenix man who sucked blood from Qi Cong, a rich second generation to develop Yanhuang, and then kicked Qi Cong away after becoming successful and Qi Cong was of no use any longer. But he still tried to pull Qi Cong out again to use him after his company had a crisis? Because Qi Cong likes him and was always obedient to him? Ah, Jiang Zhaoyan I really hope you become bankrupt! From now on Yanhuang is banned from my life!

Passing Through the World: It’s true that people with no conscience are more likely to get rich because they can do shameless things with peace of mind! Qi Cong, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have scolded you, I should have scolded this Jiang family! Also well said Little Sister. Jiang Zhaoyan, go bankrupt soon!




The crowd became agitated.

More and more people began to pay attention to this matter, and countless media and entertainment gossip accounts came to take part in it. On the hot search list, the topic of # Yanhuang management infighting # has long gone from the middle to the top of the list. At the same time, topics such as # Qi Cong#, #Yanhuang recording#, #Jiang Zhaoyan unloading#, #Jiang Zhaoyan phoenix man#, etc. appeared one after another and climbed up the hot search list.


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