Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 92.2

Huang Jianwei, stood in the corner watching from the side, and started looking more attentively.
A quarter of an hour later, when the audition was over, Huang Jianwei personally sent Zhao Zhenxun and Qi Cong to their car. He told Zhao Zhenxun and Qi Cong that the audition results would come out tomorrow morning at the latest.

After leaving the set, Zhao Zhenxun looked at Qi Cong and asked, “Are you confident?”

“Seventy percent.” With a bit of exhaustion between his eyebrows after a full effort, Qi Cong replied, “I tried my best.”

Zhao Zhenxun went through the information of the other competitors in his mind and said in a slow voice, “Then wait for the results without fear.”

That night, it was no surprise that the crew didn’t call. Zhao Zhenxun left the Shangxian neighborhood after encouraging Qi Cong a few times. After Qi Cong returned home he turned on his computer and began to write.”

If he joined the crew, he wouldn’t have much time for writing “Chivalrous Bones.” The novel was coming to its end, so he had to finish writing it as soon as possible.

The next morning, Zhao Zhenxun had other work and didn’t come to Shangxian, so Qi Cong stayed home alone, writing all morning.

The alarm clock rang at exactly twelve o’clock. Qi Cong stopped writing, picked up his phone and turned off his brain as he looked at the call alert bar and the message bar.

They were both empty. Zhao Zhenxun didn’t send him any messages.

It was already noon, so he must not have passed the audition.

He put the phone down and lowered his head.

This was already a much lower starting point than Gu Xun, but he still couldn’t grasp it. He was too useless.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, after Qi Cong had already sorted out his emotions and started to concentrate on sprinting towards the ending of “Chivalrous Bones,” his phone suddenly rang without warning.

With his thoughts interrupted, Qi Cong looked over and saw that it was Zhao Zhenxun calling. He hastily answered and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“The final results of the audition for “Grey Dove” have finally come out.” Zhao Zhenxun’s tone was tinged with excitement as he spoke quickly. “Get ready, in four days you will enter the crew. The role of Mu Shenzhou is yours.”


Qi Cong sat upright and released the breath he was holding in. He couldn’t help smiling as he responded, “Good.”

After finishing this call, Qi Cong looked at the document on the screen that hadn’t made much progress today as he held his cell phone.

He grasped at this starting point.

He suddenly sat up straight again, threw away his phone and pressed his stiff neck. Rubbing his stiff fingers for a moment, he put his hands back on the keyboard.

In four days he will finish writing “Chivalrous Bones”.


On September 17, after writing the ending of “Chivalrous Bones” and putting all the chapters into the storage box and setting their publishing time, Qi Cong ushered in his last job before joining the drama crew – going to Shashi as featured guest for a lifestyle variety show.

“Once you enter the crew you will be there for 20 days. You needed a program to keep you exposed in the middle of it. This variety show was Jia Jia’s permanent program before he entered the drama crew. Since he’s had less exposure recently, he will also participate in this episode and take you with him. Since both of you will appear together it will bring enough conversation.”

It was an unexpected joy. Qi Cong asked, “Jia Jia will be there, too? Isn’t he busy with the crew?”

“He is busy, but I found a way for him to get leave for two days.” Zhao Zhenxun covered the schedule and looked at Qi Cong. “He is also very worried about you and has been making a fuss about seeing you.”

Qi Cong’s heart softened as he said, “This time, I will film well with Jia Jia.”

A few hours later, the plane landed in Shashi. As soon as Qi Cong walked out of the exit, he was hugged by Shen Jia, who was fully armed with sunglasses and a face mask.

“Brother Cong! Brother Cong! Congratulations on your new song topping the charts, and congratulations on getting a new role! You’re great!”

Qi Cong jumped back a step, smiled and raised his hands to hug Shen Jia. He asked, “When did you arrive?”

“I just arrived.”

Zhao Zhenxun suddenly inserted himself between the two, pushing one with one hand as he whispered, “Go.”

Shen Jia was a little confused. “What’s the hurry? Brother Zhao long time no see. Won’t you give me a hug? “

“What hug? We will get blocked in the airport in a moment. I told you to wait in the car, why are you running around?” Zhao Zhenxun asked while skillfully pushing Shen Jia into the security circle made by the bodyguards. Stuffing Qi Cong there as well, he whispered, “Control your expression, there are fans coming.”

Qi Cong vaguely heard some screams, and realized something. He looked at the place where Zhao Zhenxun looked and sure enough, he saw a  group of fans holding signs running toward them.

Shen Jia also saw them. Startled, he hurriedly raised his hand and pressed his hat on his head. “What’s going on? Isn’t my trip a secret?”

Zhao Zhenxun replied, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Shen Jia: “Ah?”

As fans approached, their voices became clear.

“Qi Cong!”

“Congratulations on recording Qi Cong! Jia Jia’s Big Brothers will take good care of you!”

“Come on Brother Cong!”

Shen Jia gave an exaggerated “wow”, then became more excited than from seeing his own fans. He grabbed Qi Cong’s hand and waved it towards the fans saying loudly, “Don’t worry! Brother Cong will refuel!”

The fans were dumbfounded, then screamed even brighter as they ran over like crazy. Their excited screams were now accompanied with “It’s Shen Jia voice!”, “Shen Jia!”, “Jia Jia is here too!”.

Zhao Zhenxun almost died of anger because of Shen Jia’s divine move. Gritting his teeth, he said, “What are you doing? What if this causes a trampling accident? Forget it, don’t say anything more. Qi Cong, take the lead in saying hello to the fans and quiet them down. Don’t let them run around and interfere with the normal operation of the airport.”

Qi Cong was stunned for a moment. He looked at the young people running over with small signs  with the word “Cong”. Feeling some emotions surging in his heart that he wasn’t accustomed to, he responded, “Okay.”

“Don’t be nervous, the fans are very cute.” Shen Jia whispered encouragement from the side.

Qi Cong looked at Shen Jia’s smile and nodded. “Mm.”

The crowd slowed down as the fans finally approached. Qi Cong, under the protection of his bodyguards, stood as far out as possible. He tentatively made a quiet gesture towards the fans who were crowding over.

Everyone really quieted down. Although they were still a little excited, they restrained themselves and didn’t make a sound. Their eyes shone like crystals as they looked at him.

So well behaved.

Qi Cong couldn’t help but smile as he spoke. “Thank you.”

The fans stirred and some of them covered their faces shyly.

“Have you been waiting for a long time?”

The fans hurriedly shook their heads, saying ‘no.’ Their hands waved super fast, like a bunch of little chicks who were excited but didn’t know how to express their emotions.

Kindness and love were things that could heal the heart the most. The smile on Qi Cong’s face deepened as he gestured in the direction of exit and said, “I’m going to the car at the door.  It’s not good to block people here so can we talk as we walk?”

The fans hurriedly answered yes and voluntarily made a path for Qi Cong.

They were really well behaved.

Qi Cong smiled lightly and took the lead in walking toward the outside while answering the fans’ slightly shy and formal questions as they walked. He occasionally signed autographs for the fans and tried to respond to each fan’s call.

The group soon exited the airport, and Qi Cong turned around to wave at the fans who consciously stopped in place, saying, “Thank you. Go home early and be safe.”

Fans nodded together and someone shouted, “Take care of yourself Brother Cong! Your future will be great!”

Qi Cong froze. Looking at the fans who suddenly shouted, he smiled, nodding as he replied. “I will, and so will you guys. Thanks.”

He turned to get into the car. In the aftermath, he vaguely saw a familiar figure flashing through the crowd. Freezing, he quickly turned his head to look over, but only saw some tourists.

Shen Jia was already in the car and asked, puzzled, “What’s wrong Brother Cong? What are you looking at?”

The fans also looked around in confusion.

Qi Cong restrained himself, waved to the fans, then sat in the car and said, “No, I just… forget it.” It was probably just an illusion.

Inside the airport, Gu Xun walked out from behind the airport pillar where he was hiding and watched the car with Qi Cong leave. Then he raised his hand and pressed down the hat on his head.

“Your behavior is really perverted.” A cool voice came from the side.

Gu Xun looked over and his mood due to seeing Qi Cong dissipated. Frowning at his friend he said, “Don’t be sarcastic. If he joins the crew this time he will probably be able to come out in mid-October. If you want to use him as the second male lead in your movie, think it through. Don’t delay his schedule.”

“What’s the hurry?” Nan Ting clicked on his phone, but the system prompted that it was already the last page of the novel. He stroked his mouth and put away his phone. He said to Gu Xun, “I’m personally more interested in his novel than your sweetheart acting skills. As someone’s ex-boyfriend, can you get me chapters for “Chivalrous Bones” in advance? I’m really curious about how Fengyue will die in the end.”

The words ‘ex-boyfriend’ deeply pierced Gu Xun’s sore spot. He looked at Nan Ting with a gloomy face and said, “I am not an ex-boyfriend.”

“Yes, you’re not.” Nan Ting nodded and continued to say, “Saying that he was your ex-boyfriend is flattering you. Didn’t you see how everyone guessed on the Internet? Gu Xun’s unrequited love, Qi Cong giving his heart to Shen Jia. Oh, your fans are so distressed that they scold Qi Cong openly and secretly, saying that Qi Cong eyes aren’t good and that he isn’t worthy of you. There are also people guessing that you and Qi Cong aren’t a good pair. If Shen Jia is gay, he must be a 0, and since Qi Cong is so attached to him, he is most likely a 1. You are also a 1. Two 1s can’t bear good results. Or are you willing to be a 0 for love?”

Gu Xun frowned at this. “What a mess. Qi Cong giving his heart to Shen Jia? Who’s guessing like that?”

“Everyone is guessing like this. Have you not read Weibo these days?” Nan Ting very “thoughtfully” opened Weibo and clicked on the collection of several highly popular analysis articles in front of Gu Xun. “Here. It’s a good article about the unrequited love of a miserable movie star.”


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