Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 44.2

Only then did people come to their senses one after another.

The new Weibo post on Manju Entertainment’s official blog was long clipped surveillance video, a phone recording, and a pile of inspection reports.

The surveillance video showed the hallway of an apartment.

In mid-April, Qi Cong returned to his apartment with a pile of documents and office supplies, while a subtitle appeared, indicating that Qi Cong had completely resigned from Yanhuang on that day. Two days after Qi Cong left his job, Jiang Zhaoyan appeared angrily and opened Qi Cong apartment without ringing a bell. After a while, Qi Cong, still dressed in pajamas, was pulled away by Jiang Zhaoyan.

Similarly, Jiang Zhaoyan’s behavior of finding and pulling away Qi Cong continued from mid-April to May. After that, Jiang Zhaoyan didn’t come back, while Qi Cong began to live behind closed doors.

At the beginning of June, a teenager with some resemblance to Jiang Zhaoyan suddenly came and knocked hard on the door of Qi Cong’s apartment. Subtitles appeared again, indicating that this person is Jiang Zhaoxiang.

In July, an obviously drunk Jiang Zhaoyan arrived at Qi Cong’s apartment, opened the door by himself and directly went in. A few minutes later, Jiang Zhaoyan left again with a black face.

From this day on, Jiang Zhaoyan often came over like this inexplicably, either dragging out or arguing with Qi Cong. It continued until early August. No one knows what kind of madness overcame Jiang Zhaoyan, but after coming to Qi Cong’s apartment he dragged a box out of it and then the two of them went into the elevator room, one after the other.

The video changed to the trash can placed under the apartment building. Monitors showed that Jiang Zhaoyan dragged out the box from Qi Cong’s apartment directly into the garbage can, and then he walked away. The box wasn’t closed, so all the items inside spilled out after being dumped in the trash. There were photos, mascots, notebooks… in short all kinds of personal miscellaneous things. Qi Cong, who chased after Jiang Zhaoyan and saw the direction Jiang Zhaoyan left, went to pick his things up one by one.

Two days later, Shen Jia’s figure appeared in the neighborhood. He hurriedly got out of the car and went upstairs. Not even ten minutes later an ambulance drove into the neighborhood.

Surveillance images become silent and adjusted to different angles. Such images full of negative energy flashed one after another, and the sense of suffocation and depression caused by them made almost all the netizens who saw the surveillance videos frown.

How awful….. The feeling of being at home, but dragged out and harassed again and again was like being pulled out of a safe place only to get hurt time after time. Especially the last surveillance video of Jiang Zhaoyan throwing away his things, it almost drove people crazy.

The video screen went dark, and just when everyone thought the video had ended, a line of subtitles appeared.

[This was during the time of Qi Cong’s amnesia. After this incident Qi Cong recovered.]

The surveillance screen reappeared. Qi Cong, together with Shen Jia, appeared together in the corridor of the apartment. His face was pale, but his posture while walking and mental state were obviously different from before. His brow was slightly frowning, but his expression was calm. His shoulders and back were also no longer like those shown in the surveillance before, like he had an almost habitual curve to his head and chest. Now he was naturally straight, and his aura when walking was much more imposing.

He and Shen Jia came to the door of the apartment and after he exchanged a few words with Shen Jia, he opened the door, only to close it again. Then he operated the apartment door lock with Shen Jia and set a new lock code. A few minutes later, he came out with Shen Jia.

The netizens soon noticed the change in Qi Cong, and also found that Qi Cong, who always seemed very passive before, appeared to be the one who was in control and took the lead in the short videos with Shen Jia, who also seemed to follow Qi Cong’s pace.

The netizens became a bit dumbfounded.

To tell you the truth,  they were already so used to the Qi Cong who was bullied by Jiang Zhaoyan, that seeing this version of Qi Cong felt very… refreshing.

Then, something even more refreshing happened.

A few days later, Jiang Zhaoyan actually came to the door of Qi Cong’s apartment again, and found it was impossible for him to open the apartment lock. After frowning at the lock and pounding at the door a few times in anger, he took out his cell phone to make a call. The call probably didn’t go through, so he cursed a few words and walked toward the elevator looking furious.

After watching the previous depressing images, seeing Jiang Zhaoyan reappear, the netizens were disgusted and instinctively hoped he would quickly go away. However, God didn’t seem to hear their wishes because Jiang Zhaoyan didn’t go away, but instead he waited for Shen Jia and Qi Cong. The two parties met and Shen Jia seemed to want to make a move, but was stopped by Qi Cong. Because of this, Jiang Zhaoyan only became even more arrogant and took a step forward.

The netizens frowned. Just when they thought history was going to repeat itself, Qi Cong suddenly turned around and faced the angry Shen Jia. He raised his hand to turn Shen Jia’s hat forward, and then followed Jiang Zhaoyan’s action of grabbing his arm and turned it into a punch!

Netizens: ?!!!

Watching Jiang Zhaoyan incredulously bent over to cover his abdomen, all netizens were stunned and wide-eyed.

This was also not the end. After the punch, Qi Cong immediately held Jiang Zhaoyan against the wall like a chicken, tugging at Jiang Zhaoyan’s tie with his fingers and tightening it bit by bit as he said something to his face. His profile captured by the surveillance camera had a soft expression, but his eyes were cold, full of killing intent. After speaking, Qi Cong shrugged off Jiang Zhaoyan, took the tissue handed over by Shen Jia with a smile and wiped the arm previously held by Jiang Zhaoyan. Then he took Shen Jia with him and he walked away.

Crap .… wow….

All netizens were stunned.

This fierce, ruthless and handsome person was the same Qi Cong who was previously bullied by Jiang Zhaoyan, unable to fight back?

Then the video was over.

Netizens stood still on the spot, unable to recover for a long time.

This Qi Cong seemed to be quite different from what they imagined.

They hastily opened the phone recording in the post, and then they immediately frowned again.

First, a low male voice came out: “Qi Cong go out and make a statement, as long as you make a statement, I promise you everything. This time this matter was caused by Jiang Tian’s own initiative. He went and did it. When I knew of it, it was already too late to change his tune. I had no choice but to follow public opinion. You go and make a statement, I can make it up to you. “

This was… Jiang Zhaoyan?

Another gentle male voice that was a bit sandy answered in a low tone: “How do you want me to make a statement?”

This timbre was too special. Many netizens sensitive to the sound couldn’t help but rub their ears. Other less sensitive netizens were also a bit dumbfounded.

This was Qi Cong’s voice? After seeing a lot of Qi Cong’s wishy-washy appearance and behavior, they thought his voice would be the ordinary honest type, but they didn’t expect it to be quite so special. It had a unique quality.

The first male voice continued to speak, asking the gentle male voice to take responsibility for the product quality problems and after-sales chaos of Yanhuang. The tone of voice was domineering, issuing orders while being very disrespectful.

Netizens were disgusted back to their senses.

Then the gentle male voice asked about the compensation. The first male answered: “Qi Cong, the Beishi branch, I will let you be in charge… as long as you want, you can always stay close to me.”

Netizens: …… vomit.

Then, a low laugh rang out. The gentle voice turned into a more airy tone, as if a rustling tail was slightly hooked, like a feather scratching a person’s eardrum.

It was like a good romance novel.

The netizens who were sensitive to sound felt their scalps tingling.

God, this laugh.

The pace of the recording began to quicken, as the gentle male voice chilled. He questioned again, and the first male voice began to sound exasperated and interrupted by him. He used that overly specific gentle teasing voice to scold the first male voice in a threatening and cornering manner, after which the recording ended.

But while the recording ended, that particular vocal timbre still seemed to sound in their ears.




The number of times the recording was played began to increase at a rate visible to the naked eye, while the comment section that was very quiet, began to buzz. One of the most liked comments by netizens has absolutely nothing to do with eating melons but…

Voice Control Society: Mr. Qi Cong are you interested in being a Voice Actor?




After a brief period of stagnation and bandwagoning, public opinion erupted with a roar.

No one know who cut together several recordings, interviews and surveillance videos of Jiang Zhaoqiang, Jiang Tian, Jiang Zhaoyan and Jiang Zhaoyan’s mother, along with Qi Yin’s video and Qi Cong being bullied by Jiang Zhaoyan.

Jiang Tian said: Qi Cong has left the company, so it is most appropriate for him to take responsibility!

Jiang Zhaoqiang said: Qi Cong is a dog raised by my brother!

Jiang Zhaoyan’s mother said: “I haven’t even seen the boy surnamed Qi so how could I hit him?

Jiang Zhaoyan said: Qi Cong go out and make a statement, as long as you make a statement, I promise you everything. I will let you stay close to me.

Video images of surveillance tape flashed by. Jiang Zhaoyan scolding Qi Cong, breaking into Qi Cong’s home, and dragging and pulling Qi Cong around. Images of him throwing away Qi Cong things. Video showing Jiang Zhaoxiang came to Qi Cong’s door to scold him. Surveillance of Jiang Zhaoyan’s own mother rushing into the office to hit and scold Qi Cong.

The scenes went faster and faster and then abruptly slowed down. Qi Yin held up a test report saying toward the camera: “My child is sick.”

The background changed and became page after page of examination reports that seem to never end.

Qi Yin said: This is a bad debt that no one can calculate clearly.

Qi Yin said: I just hope that he won’t be able to remember the past three years for the rest of his life. I hope he can make a clean break with everything related to Jiang Zhaoyan.

At the end of the video, the screen went blank. Then a picture of a news report that was captured appeared. The title of the report was: Yanghuang Smart Home, sponsorship of “Legend of Youths”.

The report disappeared and a line of subtitles appeared.

[The nightmare is making a comeback.]

The video ended, but the thrill of that last news report and those words couldn’t be dispersed for a long time. No one could speak out anything that would question or insult Qi Cong, because anyone could see that the Jiang family was indeed a complete nightmare for Qi Cong.




At two o’clock in the afternoon, Zhao Zhenxun pushed open Qi Cong’s door and spoke to him. Qi Cong was sitting on a single sofa and constantly checking his phone. “After two days, it’s time to go out and bask in the sun. Let’s go and try on your costume.”

Qi Cong looked out of the window at the bright sun, then looked at the popular ranking list on Weibo full of his name. Letting out a long breath, he locked his phone and went to the bathroom to change out of his pajamas. He walked towards Zhao Zhenxun, who was waiting at the door with his backpack.

Zhao Zhenxun reminded him, “Bring your hat.”

Qi Cong was puzzled.

“You are no less famous than some artists now.” Zhao Zhenxun informed him, “Also there is all kinds of media out there.”


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