DOASCC – Chapter 36.2 – Treasured Chess Game

This world’s technological development was a bit more advanced than their previous world so the computing power of machines was no longer comparable to that of the human brain so even for him it would take an extremely long time to win this chess game.

Of course, it was still behind the real quantum computing level of Meng Feixuan, including the evolution of NPCs in this game which was actually only based on the results of the logic learning of the big data itself. Without real awakening of Ai consciousness, so Meng Feixuan was able to invade these data to a certain extent.

“…… ah?” Yang Xianyun could not help but wonder why these two people scolded themselves for not being human.

While they were talking, Xie Ran control panel lit up. It was the game company that sent him a message.

The game company was shocked that someone had won this game so quickly. In their estimation, the game could only be cracked after a real chess master came out of nowhere or a player had access to a supercomputer. The old player Xie Dafang or his love interest Meng Feixuan were obviously not on their predicted list.

But in any case, Xie Dafang duo has indeed solved the Treasured Chess Game, no matter how unexpected it was it could only be explained that Xie Dafang keep a really low profile before.

According to the original announcement of the game company, in addition to the normal quest reward, Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan would also receive a million cash prize provided by the company.

For the game company, this was also a publicity opportunity so the message send to Xie Dafang was precisely for this matter.

“The game company is going to give out bonuses,” Xie Dafang asked Meng Feixuang: “Is your identity information normal?”

Meng Feixuang made an OK gesture, “More normal than a normal person.”

At the beginning of his entry into the game, he created an identity for himself to register and log in so his data did not look any different from other players in the fame company database.

Meng Feixuan gave himself a witty thumbs-up: “I also chose my address in South America.”

Xi e Ran nodded, in this way Meng Feixuan was able to use the reason that he was not in the country not to appear. It would also be difficult for the game company to confirm his true situation.

Yang Xianyun looked at the two of them in confusion, his eyes falling on Meng Feixian as he asked: “Where is South America?”

At that moment, Yan Xiaowu came from afar mixed with both joy and sadness: “Xianyun, Xianyun you’ve finally come out!”

“Xiaowu!” Hearing his wife’s voice, Yang Xianyun couldn’t care less about some mysterious continent and immediately darted toward Yan Xiaowu direction.

The husband and wife seemed like a cowherd and a weaving maiden that finally meet, their eyes full of tears as they embraced each other.

Meng Feixian looked at the in awe and couldn’t help applauding: “So this is a legendary couple of lifetime! Such good feelings, good feelings!”

Xie Ran looked at him with the remainder of his eyes, this “ couple of lifetime” probably was extracted by Meng Feixuan from Yan Xiaowu and Yang Xianyun information sheet.

As expected, Meng Feixuan then showed a studious appearance: “Let me take notes.”

Xie Ran: “…”

Yan Xiaowu and Yang Xianyun reunited with each other after a long time but they didn’t forget that their benefactors were still there. After talking heart-to-heart for a while, they then hurriedly collected their emotions and turned to Xie Ran and Meng Feixuang.

Yan Xiaowu remembered of her previous spite to the two of them so her expression was ashamed as she bowed deeply towards them: “Thank you two for rescuing Yang Xianyun and letting this couple reunite…  I hope you two will not be offended because of my previous rudeness. “

Xie Ran naturally could not be bothered with a set of data so he just waved his hand: “No harm.”

Yan Xiaowu and Yang Xianyun then begin to follow the process, giving them quest rewards. After finishing Yan Xiaowu who was still a bit embarrassed said: “I wonder if you two need any other help? If there is, please feel free to ask, I will do my best and never shirk my responsibilities.”

Xie Ran about to shake his head when Meng Feixuang suddenly clapped his hands and spoke first: “Yes.”

Xie Ran turned to look at him and saw the teenager’s eyes lit up as he looked at him with a very serious expression: “Sir, I think the relationship between them is so realistic so why not let them teach you how to fall in love?”

Xie Ran:?

If he understood correctly, his emotional overachiever AI now wanted to let this data in the holographic game teach him the meaning of feelings?

He couldn’t help but remember that word that flashed on the world channel just now –

Toxic, right?


The author has something to say:

Mark: out of the blue.

Boss Xie: Announcing the suspension.

Yan Xiaowu: Can you afford it?


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