DOASCC – Chapter 36.1 – Treasured Chess Game

[System]: Players Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang pass the test of Acacia realm, gain 500,000 character experience, obtain special love attribute Yan Xiaowu blessing, obtain the god-level prop Mingyue Heart Knots.

As soon as this message came out, the world channel immediately started boiling.

[Wow! Another person passed the Acacia realm! Wait, did I miss something in the plot? When did Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang get together?]

[What is Yan Xiaowu blessing? I don’t think I saw this reward before, right?]

[Wait, I remember seeing Jing Jingsheng and Xie Dafang doing Acacia realm quest together, wasn’t it said that one person can only do this quest once?]

[I just sent a message to Fu Guang and he said that Yan Xiaowu made an exception for him and Jing Jingsheng! !] This message was sent by a friend of Fu Guang.

[Oh, oh, oh! So it was actually an exception made by Yan Xiaowu! No wonder, there is also an additional attribute bonus, what is the bonus of this Yan Xiaowu blessing? So curious!]

[Wow, isn’t Yan Xiaowu notoriously difficult? If I remember correctly, this is the first time she made an exception for players, but she also give them her blessing. Can it be that Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang are true love?]

[Yes, to get Yan Xiaowu approval, this relationship must be cultivated for a period of time! It is reasonable to suspect that these two people have already hooked up with each other for some time! ]

[Surprise! It was actually Xie Dafang who was wearing the green hat, right? Maybe he found that the relationship between Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang was not that simple just before the wedding so he was so angry that he directly cut Jing Jingsheng to death with his sword?]

[…… Damn, new mindset!]

There was a heated discussion in the world channel making Fu Guang even more pleased. While reading through the messages he went back together with Jing Jingsheng to Yan Xiaowu to collect the quest reward.

He looked eagerly at Jing Jingsheng and said: “Brother Jing, if you check the world channel everyone says that we are true love.”

“Well, I can see that.” Seeing Jing Jingsheng eyes looking gently back at him, Fu Guang was in a very good mood.

In fact, it wasn’t because of true love that he and Fu Guang could pass through the Acacia realm. His feelings for Fu Guang were just like that. In terms of tacit understanding, he and Fu Guang were also worse than him and Xie Dafang. But since he had done this quest before and was familiar with it, its difficulty was naturally greatly reduced.

Of course he wouldn’t say it.

When he saw on the world channel that some people began to suspect that he was actually the one who put a green hat on Xie Dafang, Jing Jingsheng was not annoyed at all and was even a little happy. A man would rather be a scum man than wear a green hat.

When Xie Dafang killed him and run away from the marriage he was forced to wear a green hat and lost count of how many times he was ridiculed behind his back. Unexpectedly, at this time he accidentally took off his green hat by accident.

Thinking about this, the corner of Jing Jingsheng mouth hooked up and he become a little more sincere when he looked into the eyes of Fu Guang.

Fu Guang was completely immersed in the joy of true love between himself and Jing Jingsheng, while Jing Jingsheng movements also become much more intimate.

Jing Jingsheng looked at Fu Guang and said with a smile: “You take it.”

When the two of them returned to the thatched hut of Yan Xiaowu, Yan Xiaowu was already waiting at the door for them and seeing them she nodded admiringly: “You two have passed Acacia realm so quickly. You are really deeply in love, it was not in vain that I made an exception for you.”

“This is Mingyue Heart Knots that I give to both of you, I hope that you will have a good relationship for a hundred years and don’t betray my trust.” Yan Xiaowu handed over Mingyue Heart Knots made from special materials that emitted faint light, which was the unique attribute of god-level props.

Yan Xiaowu spoke again: “Put your hands out I will give my blessing to the two of you. When you will fight side by side in the future, you can rely on each other… “

Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang looked at each other, there was already a fighting bonus when lovers fought together in Bright Moon River Lake but Yan Xiaowu blessing was obviously stronger. Since the two of them were preparing to battle the system sect it was an unexpected harvest.

Fu Guang happily held out his hand to grab Jing Jingsheng, stretching them out together. Yan Xiaowu nodded slightly and her hands were about to move when her expression changed abruptly and suddenly looked up into the distance. Her eyes were full of surprise and delight, full of disbelief: “Yang Xianyun came out!

At the same time, system props sounded one after another.

[System]: Player Xie Dafeng and Meng Feixuan solved Treasured Chess Game, rescued Yang Xianyun, Lord of Bright Moon City, gained one million character experience, obtained God-level equipment Acacia Jade Pendant, and gained the trust of Yang Xianyun and Yan Xiaowu husband and wife.

[System]: Treasured Chess Game was solved so Lord of Bright Moon City will return to the world. In order to punish the evil and uphold justice, Yang Xianyun will hold a cultivation conference in Bright Moon City to elect the leader of the cultivator’s alliance. Please participate enthusiastically. In response to the martial arts conference, the system will be upgraded and maintained in 12 hours, new functions will be opened after the maintenance.

Once the news came out, the world channel which was still discussing Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang was completely shocked.

[!!!!! Treasured Chess Game was solved?!!!]

[ Damn, damn, damn, Is there something wrong with my eyes? Is this really a Treasured Chess Game? Or it was actually another one?]

[Your eyes should be fine, if not we have the same eyes problem. Because what I saw was also a Treasured Chess Game!]

[Damn it, wasn’t that chess game planned to humiliate us? It’s solvable? ]

[It was Xie Dafang and his boyfriend who solved it, yeah…. ultimate love task, emmmm. It seems Xie Dafang and his little wolf dog is still more powerful than Jing Jingsheng! It wouldn’t be too much to say that they are the first cultivation couple in this world!]

[The first cultivation couple, huh? They should be a real couple for a long time so Jing Jingsheng was definitely the spare tire, who wore a green hat.]

[The world’s environmental protection ambassador seeing Jing Jingsheng, so tragic.]

[You guys are so toxic. What’s the point of guessing who is greener/ Don’t you guys remember what this Treasured Chess Game means?]

[You are toxic * 2, can you give a little respect to the cultivation conference and new features ……]

[I remember there were rumors that this quest was designed with artificial intelligence so many chess master failed to solve it. How awesome is the calculating power of Xie Dafang and his love interest?]

[…… How awesome is Xie Dafang and his boyfriend? I don’t know. All I know is that they are about to get a million cash prize!]

Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang stared dumbfounded at the system message. Like many other players on the world channel they were wondering if there was something wrong with their eyes.

Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuang had actually solved the Treasured Chess Game quest and completed the ultimate love mission?

It was said that even famous chess master were at their wits’ end with it. But this game which is known as the masterpiece of the Bright Moon River Lake had been complated by Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuang?

“Impossible, how could Xie Dafang complete Treasured Chess Game?!” Fu Guang said nervously.

He reluctantly wanted to confirm again, when he saw tears welling up in the eyes of Yan Xiaowu who was originally ready to give them her blessing. Her voice shook as she spoke: “Xianyun, Xianyun has finally come out!”

After saying this, she no longer cared about Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang so without pause dashed in the direction of the Sea Mountain Cliff.

“Hey–” Fu Guang wanted to stop her but couldn’t, making him sprout a mouthful of blood on the spot.

Even if she was in hurry to meet her husband, couldn’t she finish blessing them before running away?

Even NPC couldn’t act reasonably!

On the edge of the Sea Mountain Cliff after winning Treasured Chess Game on the mountain wall stood a magnificent towering stone door that opened with a bang. From it come out the hearty middle-aged man who bowed deeply to Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan: ”Thank you two young warriors for rescue, I Yang Xianyun am very grateful.”

Xie Ran just nodded lightly: “You’re welcome.”

Yang Xianyu looked at the stone chessboard in front of the cliff and sighed with great emotion: “This Treasured Chess Game exhausted my senior brother’s lifelong knowledge making me trapped here for nearly ten years. I originally thought that it was impossible for anyone in this world to win… you two are real warriors and heroes.”

Meng Feixuan who stood at the side said: ”Indeed it was impossible for a person to solve.”

Xie Ran:”Mm-hmm.”


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