DOASCC – Chapter 37.1 – Emotional Logic

Treasured Chess Game was the proud work of Bright Moon River Lake game company which claimed to have the most advanced algorithm in the world, creating countless hot topics since its service launched. Now that the Treasured Chess Game was cracked, the company naturally had to seize the opportunity to promote the game.

The game company acted very fast so in less than a day in the official website, forums, and major media platforms their press release was published. There was no doubt that mysterious players Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan ID would soon become popular all over the internet.

Unfortunately, both Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan had no intention of showing their faces and the game company had no way to force them. In the end, through negotiation, it was agreed that only their game avatars would be used as promotional images.

However, even though this game avatar has become a small hit on the Internet, Xie Dafang was still fine, his avatar was ordinary and not extraordinary. But Meng Feixuan really left everyone amazed, this young man looked very bright and exquisite, every part of the body was just in the right proportion… he was even a few points brighter than the most popular teenage idol.

There were two kinds of player avatars in Bright Moon River Lake, one used the system face modeling function to create their own avatar while the other let you modify your own real image.

As soon as the promotional pictures of the two men were sent out, many people asked Meng Feixuan whether he modified his own face or created it by system face modeling function. If he really used system face modeling, could he provide face modeling tutorial, which made people both laugh and cry.

The game forum of Bright Moon River Lake had also been butchered by the posts of Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan for several days. In fact, there have been many posts about them, but in the past they were mostly centered around the grudge between them and Jing Jingsheng. But this time it was completely focused on them personally, occasionally someone would mention Jing Jingsheng, but basically everyone’s attitude was the same. Jing Jingsheng was not worthy of being compared with them.

Title: U1S1, although Jing Jingsheng was made to wear a green hat by Xie Dafang, in fact, he actually earned it!

Content: As a person who has read through the whole Jing Jingsheng love triangle melon seeds, I used to feel that Xie Dafang was a bold scum. Daring to actually use the guild master of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon as a spare tire.

But since Xie Dafang abandoned Jing Jingsheng and started hanging out with Meng Feixuan, he became very strong.

I am now beginning to think that Xie Dafang, who used to be with Jing Jingsheng before, was basically helping the poor…

Although Jing Jingsheng has been abandoned, at least he had a relationship with Xie Dafang, don’t you think he has earned it?

1L: ? ? ? ? ? F*ck, forced real eSports for its original sins. As long as you are strong enough, scum raising spare tires can be washed into poverty alleviation.

3L: Hahahahahahaha, what the heck is helping the poor? Can’t the post owner think of a more unpleasant name? But I have to say, for a moment, I actually felt that there was a trace of truth in what the treat owner wrote.

11L: Although Jing Jingsheng is still at the top of the player list ranking, he is just a side dish, right?

13L: ……if 11L brother didn’t write it, I would have almost forgotten it since Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan are so strong but gradually forgotten that Jing Jingsheng was also an expert.

20L: Damn, I can only say that even if Jian Jingsheng really has a relationship with Fu Guang, Xie Dafang scum persona can’t be washed clean. Thank you.

33L: The post owner must have been confused when he wrote, please check carefully, are these human words? !

This post was only short-lived on the forum because of its crooked three views, but similar views were not isolated. Although many people laughed at Jian Jingsheng in the forum before, the general wind was still basically sympathetic toward him because of the green hat and accused Xie Dafang of playing with his feelings.

Now that Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan become more and more famous, some gradually feel that what Xie Dafang did at the beginning was not incomprehensible.

After all, there was so much difference between him and Jian Jingsheng, so even if they got married smoothly at that time, they still would have to break up eventually.

Although there were not many people who said this clearly, there were still enough of them to make Jian Jingsheng and Dynasty Smoke Pavillion uncomfortable.

In the past, Jian Jingsheng was only cheated on but now there was an extra prefix-he is wearing a green hat because he was too naive.

I have to say, it hurts.

World channel:

[Crap! Dynasty Smoke Pavilion has seized the Blade God family!]

[Shit! Really?! Haven’t several guilds failed to seize them? Yunru also said it was  impossible for a guild to success! ]

[Who doesn’t know that Yunru is a megalomaniac?]

[Jian Jingsheng is more capable than Yunru and Dynasty Smoke Pavillon hired a lot of experts to help out, Yunru was not a match.]

[Really, really, my friend is on the expert list. This time he received a message from Dynasty Smoke Pavillon that said thanks for expert aid, since the BOSS was taken down, Yunru lost a lot of arrogance.]

[That the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion is the first guild that has successfully captured the system sect, this is something…]

[Yo, so Xie Dafang action before was really just poverty alleviation after all? ]

In front of the Blade God family, the descendants of the sect BOSS Blade God were killed by the combined efforts of the Bright Moon River Lake experts. After refreshing he led the entire sect disciples towards Jian Jingsheng and bowed to him: “The entire Blade God family is willing to followJian Jingsheng in the future.”

Fu Guang with an ecstatic expression looked at Jian Jingsheng: “Brother Jing, we finally succeeded!”

“Yes, we’ve finally succeeded!” Jian Jingsheng’s eyes were smug with a hint of gloom.

Ever since Xie Dafang and his boyfriend solved the Treasured Chess Game, he and the whole Dynasty Smoke Pavillon had been ridiculed, making members of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon even more upset.

He had never suffered such humiliation before, yet when the game company released Xie Dafang’s news over and over again, he couldn’t help but stare at Xie Dafang’s information.

He felt as if he was possessed, obviously Xie Dafang should only be a low-quality version of his white moonlight Yin Luoyan. If he hadn’t had a similar temperament to Yin Luyan, he would not have looked at him at all.

Why was such an ordinary player now so radiant and completely overshadowing him?

It was clear that he should have been sheltered by him and felt grateful to him.

Jian Jingsheng could not explain his feelings, feeling only hate and anger that he could not do anything about.

Fortunately, now they have finally seized the Blade God family sect.

During this period of time all major guilds began to successively attempt to capture the system sects but they all ended up failing. This result couldn’t be said to be unexpected, most guilds only had average strength and inadequate material preparation so these called attempts were just attempts.

Everyone’s eyes were on the real big guild like Dynasty Smoke Pavilion and Raging Thundercloud Tower.

Jian Jingsheng finally regained his senses and delayed his attempt until Raging Thundercloud Tower.

Raging Thundercloud Tower martial arts cultivation was high but they were also willing to spend real money in the game but were led by a reckless man. Soon enough after the first attack two days later, led by the members of the Raging Thundercloud Tower attacking the system sect, resulted in an obvious failure and heavy losses. Since Raging Thundercloud Tower just split up from Wind and Rain guild their foundation was not stable. A while ago, they lost a lot of money on raw materials so now after another setback, their whole guild was shaky.


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