DOASCC – Chapter 10.2 – Collapsed Mentality

The next morning when Fang Huiwang woke up, Xie Ran had already disappeared. It could be seen that Xie Ran had a very good rest and after going to bed early, he woke up early.

But Fang Huiwang was different, he was so angry with Xie Ran last night that he did not sleep well all night and needed a thick layer of concealer to cover the dark circles under his eyes. He felt very exhausted.

He didn’t know where Xie Ran had gone but he did not want to know.

The good thing was that Xie Ran would not work with him, so there was no need for them to meet for a while.

Fang Huiwang drank a large cup of black coffee, and braced himself to go to the scenic spot to work with the other two groups of guests.

He finally chose to work as a souvenir salesman, and because Xie Ran lost his mind and ran away to speculate in the stock market, he could only carry the burden of life alone.

If Xie Ran’s analysis was correct, this job would be his only chance to close the gap with the other two groups by himself.

The working hours were extraordinarily long for the normally pampered celebrity guests, and when the end of the day finally came, the five of them returned to the hotel exhausted as they gathered in the restaurant for a summary of the day’s work.

“Xiao Ran hasn’t arrived yet.” Jiang Wei glanced around and said after not seeing Xie Ran and then joked, “It seems that he is very busy today.”

Speaking of this, everyone smiled tacitly.

Meng Xixi asked curiously: “I don’t know how much Brother Ran made today?”

“The overseas stock market is different from our domestic market. There is no limit.” Jiang Wei was obviously familiar with the stock market, so he immediately told everyone about it. “If your luck is particularly good, it is possible to increase by dozens of points a day.”

He sold this point before he continued: “But this situation is rare, I played for more than ten years but never earned that much.”

Others, even if they did not speculate in stocks, also understood that what he said was true.

The reason why the European God was just called God was because God’s existence was already rare in Europe.

What’s more, even if Xie Ran was really in the stock market, he won’t make much money.

The reason was simple, their funds were too small.

The program group’s initial funding for each person was a total of 1,000 US dollars. If it was put into the stock market, and you were lucky, it might go up for a few points but you would still earn only a few dozens of US dollars. If you were unlucky, it was also possible to lose money.

But for them part-time workers, 200 US dollars a day was guaranteed.

That was also why when Xie Ran chose to fly alone in the stock market, everyone directly judged that their group was out of competition already.

Everyone did not take Xie Ran to heart, just saying a few words casually before becoming concerned with other people’s income.

Apart from Fang Huiwang, the final results of the remaining two groups of guests was that Zhu Chuanjia and Jiang Wei got the Chinese guide work and they earned a total salary of 400 US dollars a day. The girls worked as restaurant waiters and just like Xie Ran predicted, the duo’s base salary plus tips in total was 387 dollars, which was not much different from the previous group.

What surprised everyone was Fang Huiwang, who alone earned three hundred and twelve dollars.

“Wow, Brother Fang is too good!” Chen Xiaoxuan heartily exclaimed.

Meng Xixi also patted her chest, her face full of fear: “Fortunately brother Xie did not go together with you to sell souvenirs, or we would not have a chance!”

Speaking of this, Fang Huiwang once again felt a burst of resentment.

It turned out that Xie Ran’s analysis of several jobs yesterday was completely correct. Thanks to the camera shooting, tourists were more willing to buy things from him. He also specially followed Xie Ran’s deduction and looked for Chinese tourists to sell. The sales volume was indeed higher. Occasionally, when he met with the audience who knew him, the transaction volume was directly doubled.

If Xie Ran did not lose his mind to speculate on stocks, their group could have been significantly ahead.

Fang Huiwang smiled bitterly and said in a hoarse voice: “Xie Ran also has a way to make money.”

“My God, Brother Fang has almost lost his voice.” Meng Xixi said with a sympathetic face: “It was really too hard for you.”

Fang Huiwang, with a helpless expression, did not answer.

It was true that he worked very hard today, but half of the reason why his voice became like this was because he talked too much last night.

Still, it was for nothing!

Jiang Wei, as a former member of the entertainment industry, could not help but look down as he said with a little condemnation: “Xiao Ran was really too unkind this time…”

But before he could finish speaking, Xie Ran’s faint voice suddenly came from the side: “What’s wrong?”

Everyone looked up to the sound only to find that Xie Ran had somehow returned.

Xie Ran was wearing a casual shirt, neat and not too rigid. His hair was simply combed, his arms were covered with a long trench coat that had just come off, his hands and feet were long so he walked just like a supermodel, but he was colder than a model.

Leisurely, very neat, very calm, it was a sharp contrast with the other five guests who looked very tired even with make-up on.

It could be told at glance that he did not bear any hardships today!

When they looked at the staff that was following Xie Ran and taking pictures, sure enough, the expression on each of their faces was difficult to explain.

Jiang Wei was straightforward so he did not hide as he said: “Ran, it’s just me but you really dragged Xiao Fang this time…”

Xie Ran pulled out the chair and sat down: “How did I drag him down?”

“Xiao Fang earned more than three hundred today alone, his voice is also hoarse.” Zhu Chuanjia answered next to him, but he was not as righteous as Jiang Wei and was purely stimulated by Xie Ran’s leisurely appearance at this time. “If you did not invest in the stock market, your group might have won.”

Xie Ran was puzzled: “Why can’t I win by investing in stocks?”

This is an obsession. Everyone became speechless at the same time feeling more sympathy for Fang Huiwang.

Fang Huiwang sneered in his heart, it was good. With Xie Ran as a foil, he might be able to win a new wave of fans.

Thinking of this, his face became more and more helpless: “Ran, then how did your work in the stock market go today?”

“Not bad.” Xie Ran said in a light voice: “Up, 30 points.”


The people who were ready to see the joke collectively froze, their faces full of question marks.

Thirty points ????

Was he this legendary European God?

Meng Xixi said in a trembling voice: “So brother Xie made 300 dollars today?”

They only earned 200 dollars after working so hard!

“Hmm?” Xie Ran looked up: “It’s not three hundred, it’s 1500.”

“How is that possible?” Jiang Wei blurted out: “Your funds were only one thousand.”

“I used leverage.” Xie  Ran still looked the same, and even his tone did not fluctuate. It was like he was saying some ordinary things: “One thousand as a deposit, I borrowed money from the hotel manager with five times the leverage so my money in the stock market was five thousand dollars.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The so-called leverage was in fact just borrowing money to  speculate in the stock market, the income was high but the risk was even higher.

For example, if Xie Ran invested in stocks with only one thousand starting funds, when the stock price fell by 20%, he would lose 200 dollars.

But now he borrowed money with five times the margin, and there were 5000 dollars in the stock market, so if the stock fell by 20%, his loss would reach thousand. After all the margin had been lost, he would be forced to quit because he lost all of his money.

Originally, when he chose to enter the stock market in this short period of time when the program was recorded, everyone felt that it was very outrageous.

But unexpectedly, he was bold enough to use leverage to speculate in stocks.

What was even more unexpected was that his stock had really risen, and it had soared by 30 points.

Five thousand dollars, an increase of 30%, the profit was 1500.

Higher than the total income of all the other guests present.

Everyone: “…”

Their state of mind collapsed.


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