DOASCC – Chapter 26

“I am indeed gay.”

Xie Ran’s tone was still the same as usual as if he did not realize the weight of these words.

Not only was the audience stunned into silence but even the specially trained host became breathless, unable to react for a moment. Only after a while did he remember to look at Guan Shunan off-camera.

Guan Shunan was so nervous that she gestured frantically.

The host then hurriedly adjusted his state and smiled: “Mr. Xie must be joking, you really scared everyone ……”

Xie Ran did not go along with him and just glanced at him: “I never joke.”

Host: “……”

Although Xie Ran did not have a murderous aura in his eyes, his tone was the same as usual, the host inexplicably felt his hand weaken as he no longer was able to hold the microphone.

The comment section became completely crazy:.


[Boss Xie, do you know what you are talking about? ?]

[Xiao Ran, are you kidding me? You can explain it! ! !]

[ No, it’s not impossible to come out, but can you not do it so suddenly and casually? At least give some warning and be a little more formal…]

[Fu*k, Boss Xie dared to come out directly, so there is no such thing as wanting to wash off the label of Cp, is it? Then what on earth is going on with him and Fang Huiwang? ?]

The comment section was tearing brains but Xie Ran had no intention to explain. After finishing what he wanted to say he just wanted to leave.

At the critical moment, the host’s professionalism exploded and he asked the question that most netizens were confused about: “Wait, Mr. Xie, does Mr. Fang Huiwang know about this?”

The host asked this question on impulse and was not really expecting Xie Ran to answer. But at this moment the host, all the viewers in front of the screen, as well as Fang Huiwang and Kuang Youfang, all held their breath and stared closely at Xie Ran.

Xie Ran remained the same as he just casually responded: “Knew.”

His attitude was as casual as if he was answering a neighbor’s question of “Have you eaten yet?”

Offscreen, Kuang Youfang’s hands and feet became cold, he could already foresee the chain reaction Xie Ran’s coming out would bring so he looked at Fang Huiwang in horror: “What to do? What no? Why did Xie Ran come out of the closet, how dare he come out of the closet!!!”

The former “Fang x Ran CP” fans’ sympathy was their last card, if even this sympathy was lost, they would really have nothing left.

Fang Huiwang did not answer for a long time. There was a rare blank look on his face but his eyes became even more at loss.

After a long time, he suddenly smiled bitterly, his tone holding the boundless nostalgia for the past: “How could he not dare? Ten years ago just after we debuted he was not afraid, let alone now.”

“From the beginning to the end, I was the only one who was afraid.”

Topics related to “Xie Ran coming out” exploded one after another, occupying the hot search list of Weibo.

Various major forums posted one after another, making internet discussion even more heated.

Many netizens with rich experience in eating melons have lamented.

[Xie Ran is too crazy, he is an actor. If an actor comes out of the closet, isn’t he directly blocking his way?]

[Although, I think Xie Ran is very frank, it is really funny that some people still talk about sexual orientation at this time and age. ]

There were also people who looked at the essence of this phenomenon, directly attacking the core:

[ …… you are right in your analysis, but Xie Ran doesn’t care.]

[To tell you the truth, in Boss Xie’s position today, he can do whatever he wants to do. Who would block his way?]

[Yes, it makes sense. If there is no road in this world, boss Xie can build his own road wherever he wants to go.]

[I think that boss Xie’s coming out has nothing to do with this. He is not afraid of anything in his bones.].

Most netizens were discussing the reasons why Xie Ran came out of the closet while  trying to analyze his future development path.

For the former “Fang x Ran CP” who had already been abused, the news really caused the effect of a magnitude 9 earthquake among them.

Crispy Duck Forum.

Title: Rational discussion about what happened with Fang x Ran in the end.

Content: Two important pieces of information are known.

Xie Ran directly and publicly admitted that he is gay, then the previous online speculation and rumors of him wanting to get rid of CP label is not valid.

The impact of coming out of the closet was ten times or a hundred times more than that of selling Cp.

Second, when did Fang Huiwang learn that Xie Ran was gay?

If we speculate a little it must be before “Somewhere Else” right? Their relationship was not good when they recorded the show so Xie Ran had to have told him before, the question is when.

If so, the reason why the two of them hate each other might be very subtle.

1L: This time it really shocked me, I still haven’t come back to my senses !!!!!

2L: I am a bad person. Some time ago, I was so abused that my heart ached so I scolded Xiao Ran destroying the CP. But the result? ? ? ?Did I scold the wrong person??

3L: upstairs, be bold, you need to get rid of it.

12L: I am confused. Xiao Ran who was not afraid to come out. But he was determined to get rid of Fang Huiwang and kill CP ruthlessly. What does this mean?

20L: I said it a long time ago, that Fang Huiwang wanted to suck Xie Ran’s blood. You didn’t believe it before, have you come back to your senses yet?

I will give you another push, some time ago, the major marketing accounts were frantically speculating. It was obvious that someone behind them was pushing it, but Xie Ran was against CP. Isn’t it obvious now, who was pushing it?

30L: Damn, if Fang Huiwang knew that Xie Ran was gay and desperately stuck to him to fry Cp, it would be too cheap, right?

33L: Who can say no? If Fang Huiwang was also gay and knew that Xie Ran was also gay, and he still unilaterally stuck to Xie Ran, that is to say wasn’t it sexual harassment toward Xie Ran?

If he is not gay, his behavior was even more disgusting. Straight man stirring a CP, he really should be struck by lighting.

50L: Everyone is talking about recent events. I am the only one more concerned about what really happened ten years ago?

Have you guys ever thought about another possibility, maybe Fang Huiwang even ten years ago knew that Xie Ran was gay?

56L: Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k, if really back to ten years ago, that is too terrible!

60L: 50 brother has a point! Fang x Ran ten years ago in “Tomorrow Starlight” was the most real, that’s true. So when the marketing accounts published these clips some time ago, I fell straight back to this pit. It was too sudden and tragic at the same time.

If Fang Huiwang knew ten years ago…. it’s really something to think about! ! !




On the forum, the discussion about the Fang x Ran relationship opened one after another. Then  everyone took a magnifying glass to dig into the details of these two people’s interaction.

Xie Ran coming out of the closet opened the mystery of the Fang x Ran breakup that had been speculated since ten years ago. The old Fang x Ran CP fans who were close to madness at this point, tore the opening wider and deeper, and scratched it deeper and deeper.

Gradually, many of the details that were deliberately avoided and unwilling to be considered before,  surfaced one after another.

Ten years ago, Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang participated together in “Tomorrow Starlight” talent show, Xie Ran became a hot candidate as soon as he appeared, and his popularity was not far behind.

Fang Huiwang’s strength was not very prominent, at the beginning his popularity was only hovering in the middle.

It was not until the second half of the competition when the program entered a closed training program that Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang got assigned to the same dormitory. Their daily relationship was very sweet, attracting a large number of CP fans and becoming so popular that Fang Huiwang’s popularity rose rapidly.

Did Xie Ran profit from CP? He did, but even without Fang x Ran CP with his strength at that time the C position was still his.

But Fang Huiwang was different, he won the second place thanks to the strength of CP fans who forcibly forced him to stand  “side by side” with Xie Ran.

It was just that their CP filters erased all of this and the eyes of the fans preferred to believe in the “true feelings” and “equality” between them.

Now, ten years later, Xie Ran was already an actor who won a Jinzhou award and achieved great success in his career. Fang Huiwang seemed to have the same flow but in fact he had fallen far behind.

Regardless of ten years ago or ten years later, Fang Huiwang was always the more active one in the relationship between the two, and there were even some deliberate “sweet details”. In the past, fans liked to interpret it as Fang Huiwang being enthusiastic and attentive to his friend.

But if Fang Huiwang knew that Xie Ran was gay and still did it, what was his intention?

The more Fang x Ran CP fans researched the more somber they became and the more they thought about it the more alarmed they became.

They even began to suspect that the Fang x Ran CP that was so popular ten years ago was itself a conspiracy, a marketing campaign.

Also who needed this promotion?

The answer couldn’t be more obvious.

The Fang x Ran CP conspiracy theory was rampant, but the parties involved had not responded to any of them.

But the lack of response itself was also an answer.

The fact that Xie Ran had come out of the closet, his attitude could not be clearer. He didn’t need to prove anything for himself.

But why did Fang Huiwang not dare respond? I’m afraid he was just unable to respond.

“……sir there are now two kinds of mainstream comments online, one that Fang Huiwang sexually harassed you and another that he was a straight male stirring CP so he should be struck by lightning. Anyway, Fang Huiwang can’t come out of the closet now so all his new fans that came from Fang x Ran CP basically become anti fans now.” The latest public opinion on the internet was conveyed to Xie Ran in a serious tone by Meng Feixuan.

Xie Ran’s fingers tapped the desktop: “Although you are using the tone of reporting work, it does not change the fact that what you said is gossip.”

Meng Feixuan proudly took credit for it: “I’m great! I can report ordinary gossip with a serious work tone, I am really an excellent work assistant!”

Xie Ran: “…” He still remembers his position as a work assistant?!

Xie Ran was full of doubts.

The actual ending of Fang x Ran CP , the former national cp, no longer needed to be discussed, but the result was still a bit surprising.

In the original owner’s memory, he got back together with Fang Huiwang and officially dated him, as a result when his sexual orientation was exposed, he was abused online in a flurry of abuse for sexually harassing Fang Huiwang.

Now Xie Ran not only killed Cp but also took the initiative to come out of the closet. Now public opinion thought that it was Fang Huiwang who was sexually harassing him.

Were netizens wrong? Actually they weren’t.

It’s just that they could only see one-sided information, so they were always willing to believe in the more active and candid one.

But the biggest problem for Xie Ran at this moment was that his consciousness and the original body owner’s consciousness still showed no sign of wanting to separate.

“Isn’t his obsession to draw a line with Fang Huiwang? Meng Feixuan analyzed, and then said in horror: “He doesn’t actually want to get back together with Fang Huiwang, is he?”

“I object!” Without waiting for Xie Ran to speak, Meng Feixuan issued a cry of Fang x Ran CP fans “ Fang x Ran CP is dead!” Now it’s the world of Ran x Xuan! Ran x Xuan is reversible and cannot be removed!”

Xie Ran: “…?”

Meng Feixuan just shouted, feeling that something was wrong he changed his words: “No not reversible, irreversible!”

Xie Ran: “You still haven’t deleted those messy articles from your database?”

Meng Feixuan: “Deleted, this is the new work.”

Xie Ran seriously thought about whether to violently modify Meng Feixuan core code when they return to their original world.

At this time, Guan Shunan knocked on the door: “Xie, director Wang Zhong sent over a script and wants to invite you to star in his new movie.”

She handed over a script as she spoke.

Xie Ran took a look and was a bit surprised, Wang Zhong was a very rare both commercial and artistic director in this world who was very picky with actors. It was not easy to get a role in his works.

This script was a film that the original body owner wanted to be in, in the original body owner’s memory, Wang Zhong had also approached him, but during his contact with Wang Zhong, his sexual orientation was exposed and his reputation fell to pieces so their cooperation eventually fell apart.

His studio’s reputation was in ruins and even his collaborations were eventually lost. Xie Ran thought that after he came out of the closet, this script would no longer be available to him but unexpectedly it was still sent over.

Guan Shunan was also very shocked, when Xie Ran came out of the closet, she almost fainted on the spot. But in fact the actual impact of this incident was not as big as she thought.

Maybe it was because Xie Ran was already so strong that the outside world could no longer shake him or perhaps because he was too magnanimous and natural that when people wrote articles about him just like mainstream voices, they praised him for being open-minded and fearless.

During this period of time, there has been a decrease in the number of commercial scripts, but he received more serious literary scripts that had been relatively difficult to come across before.

Wang Zhong’s play was just one of them.

“Taking it.” Xie Ran said.

Guan Shunan, seeing that he agreed so bluntly, could not help falling into a trance. She was a little worried that when Xie Ran came out of the closet, he no longer had any intention to develop in the entertainment industry.

……. After all, boss Xie makes a lot of money on every path.

Xie Ran was also very surprised, because Meng Feixuan told him that the moment the script was sent, the atomic group of consciousness of the original body owner seemed to have signs of calming down.

“Emmmmm.” Meng Feixuan said soberly, “It seems that this world Xie Ran simply no longer cared about Fang Huiwang and what he always wanted to get back was actually his acting career.”

“Mosaic, my t-tv drama scriptwriter is really bad, no one wrote this kind of plot before!”

Xie Ran: “Mosaic?”

“Oh, this is a swear word,” Meng Feixuan said: “I wrote myself a green program to automatically block it.”


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