DOASCC – Chapter 13.2 – The real masterpiece

Knowing that Mr. Xie withdrew from the stock market, the other two groups of guests finally came back from the dead. Although Mr. Xie was far ahead, he also spent a lot of money. As long as he did not continue to make a fortune from the stock market, everyone else would still have a chance.

Seeing that everyone finally cheered up, the program group breathed a sigh of relief. The director gathered the people together and said, “OK, next, we are going to announce the voting results of the photos you took yesterday.”

Last night, after the guests submitted their photos, the program team posted on Weibo and started a voting contest with a time limit of 24 hours. It happened just before the director took Xie Ran aside for their negotiations.

Hearing this, Fang Huiwang’s gloomy expression became a little better, his highlight moment was finally coming.

Some of the tasks on ‘Somewhere Else’ were fixed so he and his studio could prepare for this task before recording began, one of which was photo voting.

The anonymity of the photo during the voting process seemed to depend on the guest’s personal aesthetic ability and shooting skills. But Kuang Youfang had come up with a way to let Fang Huiwang shoot specific things as a mark, so that under the condition of anonymity, he could still recognize which was Fang Huiwang’s work.

Then with the cooperation of the water army, they would ensure his high position in voting while pretending that passers-by had a huge appreciation for the “unknown author’s” picture.

Fang Huiwang was a typical traffic star for whom fashion resources were very important. After his contract with the last endorsed luxury brand expired last year, he still had not negotiated a new one. The brand seemed to have some concerns about his current popularity, so the contract was not yet finalized.

As long as this operation was successful, with the high ratings of ‘Somewhere Else’ and the consistent reputation of this link, it was entirely possible for him to set up a persona of someone with a high aesthetic level or even as an artist.

With the people’s support and popularity, it would be much easier to move on.

Fang Huiwang was filled with confidence, but on the surface, he still looked at the director with an expectant look like everyone else.

In the past, when announcing the voting results, the director would always set off the appetite of the guests and the audience. But because Fang Huiwang just lost a lot of face because of Xie Tan, out of sympathy for him, the director looked directly at him and smiled: “This time Fang Huiwang’s performance was very good and he won almost twice as many votes as the others. Netizens also rated you very highly. They all said that your skills are very good. I estimate that after the program is broadcast, you will certainly be able to get several hot searches.”

“Really?” Fang Huiwang with the right smile on his face said with a surprise: “Do netizens really think I took a good picture? I am so surprised.”

Xie Ran did not care and only with an indifferent expression, observed Fang Huiwang’s performance. As early as the beginning of voting, Meng Feixuan who monitored the voting, observed a large number of water armies involved in the situation so he was not surprised by the result.

In the headset, Meng Feixuan’s shouted in a loud voice: “His acting skills are too fake, bah! My eyes, my eyes! Sir, quickly cover up the monitoring or I’ll become blind.”

Xie Ran: “… turn down your volume.”

Meng Feixuan: “Oh..”

He turned down the volume to the volume Xie Ran was used to and went on: “You should have let me vote for you, I could have made you number one in just a minute.”

Xie Ran: “Childish.”

Meng Feixuan was not ashamed: “Because I’m only a five years old duck!”

It had been exactly five years since Meng Feixuan was developed.

Xie Ran: “… “

While they were talking, the other two groups of guests were congratulating Fang Huiwang in a tone of envy.

Jiang Wei said: “The number of votes is twice that of others, this can be rarely seen ah!”

“Yes, Xiao Fang is very good.” The director mainly considered the effect of the program. This was the first time in so many years that this kind of voting result had occurred. Naturally, he emphasized it and immediately focused the camera on Fang Huiwang: “Xiao Fang took this picture. From the very beginning of the vote, it had been taking the lead. It can be said that he can be a giant in the photography industry. Moreover, there were also a  lot of comments this time, and the degree of approval was very high. Why don’t I read you some comments from netizens?”

With the director’s praise, the smile on Fang Huiwang’s face became more and more sincere.

Just then, the staff in charge of counting votes suddenly rushed over and made a gesture to the director before eagerly whispering: “Director, stop!”

The director was puzzled: “What’s wrong?”

The staff handed him a cell phone, and the director took a look at it and immediately exclaimed: “What’s going on? How come Xiao Ran is in the first place?”

The others all looked at him, especially Fang Huiwang whose expression changed abruptly as he subconsciously blurted out: “How is that possible?”

Only after saying this did he realize it was the wrong mood and he quickly collected his expression and said with a smile: “What kind of situation is this?”

The staff was also sweating: “I don’t know what happened, the number of votes for Xiao Ran suddenly rose wildly in the last hour.”

In voting, you only needed to care about the final result, the program group would not keep an eye on it all the time, especially when voting raised rapidly at the beginning, and left everyone else at the back. This time, Fang Huiwang was taking the lead from the beginning and there was little suspense about the final result, so the program group did not pay attention to the last minute votes.

The director had just finished negotiations with Xie Ran and directly entered the link without waiting to see the final number of votes as he directly announced the victory of Fang Huiwang.

This would have been no problem.

But no one expected that in this last hour, the internet would turn upside down.

After a while, someone finally found a brand new hot comment underneath the voting Weibo. This comment was a link to a well-known art blogger, and when you clicked in, it was a Weibo that the blogger had posted more than an hour ago:

‘Shen Ya V: Shock my mom! The third photo in the set posted today by the program group of ‘Somewhere Else’ seems to be the setting for Old West of the up and coming artist Shahi’s painting “The New Old West” from two years ago!

You may not know what this means! “New Old West” is Shahi’s vision of the future of the Old West, which includes many of her personal fantasies, plus her usual exaggerated romantic style. The painting is extremely broken and messy and since the work was released, the industry has been speculating about its original location, but so far no one has guessed.

I’ve been following Shahi’s work for the past two years, and I was also deeply speculating so I was even more surprised to see this photo today.

I just layered the image, and although Shahi’s original work is exaggeratedly shattered, all the color blocks match up except for her personal fantasy parts!

Moreover the view is one point but also the composition and angle were taken in exactly the same way as in the “New Old West”. At least after layering the image, it did not look bad at all.

Who took this picture? How did it happen?’

This Weibo was accompanied with two pictures, one taken by Xie Ran and another of the image of the painting of “New Old West”.

When you looked at them alone you would not think much, but when you compared the two pictures together, you could see that many parts of the picture and the painting really seem to correspond to each other.

This Weibo had recently been retweeted by four hundred and sixty thousand people, commented by two hundred and thirty thousand and liked by nearly six hundred thousand people.

Xie Ran was a little surprised: “It spread so fast?”

Meng Feixuan gave out a smug sound: “This blogger has a good eye so all I needed to do was to give her some promotion.”

Xie Ran: “…”

Meng Feixuan’s promotion should be a viral promotion and still was not the kind of technology Weibo could discover.



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