DOASCC – Chapter 2 – Not Recognizing His Own Close Relatives

Xie Ran made his debut ten years ago, and his image in front of the camera had always been humble and polite so he was famous as a high-quality idol.

Therefore, when Fang Huiwang handed the mic to Xie Ran, not to mention CP fans, Fang Huiwang also thought that Xie Ran would give the other party face, and say that he also missed him.

No one expected that Xie Ran would not follow the routine this time.

As a result, the host and netizens were shocked and unable to react for a while.

After a while, the netizens who were the first to wake up with their trembling hand typed on comment section:


[What did Xie Ran just say?]

[Sisters, I seem to be hearing voices?]

[You are not alone, I also heard it! Xie Ran unexpectedly said that the reward given by Snowball TV was very generous, and he was very satisfied!] 

[Poof, is Xie Ran for real?]

Fang Hexin, as the host of the provincial TV station, reacted very quickly and after the initial ignorance, she quickly adjusted her expression and smiled like nothing happened, joking: “Thank you for your recognition of Snowball Satellite TV. We have always attached great importance to our co-guests, so you should also come to participate in our program again.”

Xie Ran looked down at her with a faint ‘um’ and did not speak again.

The scene looked a little too cold for a moment and Fang Hexin vaguely felt that Xie Ran was not quite the same as usual and it felt inexplicably difficult to get close to him.

Maybe it was because he was too tired after the show?

In any case, tonight Ran×Fang Cp Century Concert was the killer mace of Snowball Satellite TV’s New year concert and the program group would not easily let the topic go away like this.

Fang Hexin laughed, strong enough to turn the topic back and said: “In other words, you and brother Fang have not cooperated for ten years. Do you have any special feelings about being on the same stage again?”

With Fang Hexin asking questions, Fang Huiwang with a slightly stiff expression looked at Xie Ran with a trace of expectation in his eyes.

Everyone thought like Fang Hexin, Xie Ran should be too tired just now but when he sobered up, he would definitely turn around.

So in everyone’s expectant gaze, Xie Ran looked the same as he coldly said to the camera: “No.”

On-screen comments:

[………………………… 】

[Xie Ran: double kill]

[hahahaha ha ha ha ha ha, Xiao Ran said it so well!!! So cool!!】

[CP dogs did you hear it? Xiao Ran said no!!! Pure business cooperation!】



After the backstage interview, Xie Ran confirmed that his work was done and asked his assistant to take him home.

He and his assistant had just reached the underground parking lot when suddenly Fang Huiwang’s slightly eager voice came from behind him: “Xiao Ran, wait a minute.”

Xie Ran stopped walking and looked back at Fang Huiwang: “Something’s wrong?”

He looked pale, but his eyes were calm as if he was looking at a stranger.

Fang Huiwang had never seen him like this before, so he froze for a moment when he noticed it. He swallowed back the words of complaint, that he did not give him face in the interview.

Xie Ran’s assistant was very discerning, so he immediately said, “I’ll go first” and walked away.

After waiting for the assistant to walk far away, Fang Huiwang’s eyes fell on Xie Ran again and with a little reproach in his gentle voice, he said: “Xiao Ran, didn’t you agree to go to my house for the New Year tonight?”

Xie Ran thought for a moment before he remembered that there was such a thing.

In the memory of the original body owner, by this time, he had already decided to get back together with Fang Huiwang and promised to go to Fang Huiwang’s house to celebrate the New Year together after the performance.

Fang Huiwang carefully arranged his house in advance to give the original body owner a nice surprise, then the two of them naturally got back together.

Fang Huiwang looked at Xie Ran, his eyes brimming with tacit tenderness and expectation.

He knew that Xie Ran, who agreed to perform with him and accepted his invitation, must have decided to accept his pursuit again.

Although Xie Ran was somewhat in the wrong shape since the end of the performance, Fang Huiwang was still full of confidence in getting back together with him.

He had made full preparations in advance at home, and he would give a nice surprise to Xie Ran later. Xie Ran would definitely get back together with him.

Thinking of this, Fang Huiwang looked back with a bigger smile and even thought about what he was going to do after expressing his love.

Then he saw Xie Ran glance at him casually and say quietly: “I am not going.”

Fang Huiwang just smiled and felt that Xie Ran must be just joking, but after waiting for a while, he found that Xie Ran had no intention to explain at all.

Instead, when Xie Ran saw that he did not speak, he continued: “If it’s alright, I will be leaving.”

After saying it without slight hesitation, Fang Huiwang frowned and reached out to pull his sleeve, his voice getting slightly deeper: “Xiao Ren, what do you mean?

Xie Ran looked at him with an expression of caring for the mentally handicapped: “You don’t understand?”

Fang Huiwang’s expression was astonished, of course he understood, it was because he understood that he asked this question. He looked at Xie Ran, his eyes becoming more dangerous: “But Xiao Ran, we have already agreed.”

Xie Ran was brief and concise: “I regret it.”

His tone was so reasonable that Fang Huiwang was taken back for a while and did not know how to refute it. It took him a while to recover, his tone a little unhappy: “Xiao Ran, you can’t do this.”

“Why not?” Xie Ran looked at him inexplicably: “Have we signed the contract?”

The business elite Xie Ran who had been a business leader of industry only recognized the contract in black and white, and did not accept any verbal promises.

Fang Huiwang: “……”

Does Xie Ran speak human language?

Who would sign a contract in advance for a meeting?

Fang Huiwang felt that his head started to hurt and it took him a lot of effort to calm down and say: “Xiao Ran, what’s the matter with you? Have I done something to make you unhappy?”

Xie Ran didn’t care about Fang Huiwang’s feeling, his patience was already exhausted, so his tone was also cold: “I’m sleepy.”

His indifferent appearance made Fang Huiwang’s heart fire up, but he still suppressed his anger, smiling patiently trying to guide him: “I have prepared in advance, just waiting to spend tonight….. happily with you. Aren’t you looking forward to it?”

Originally, the arrangement at the house was intended to surprise Xie Ran, but he didn’t expect Xie Ran to change his mind so Fang Huiwang revealed it, trying to impress Xie Ran.

With Xie Ran’s character, if he let him know that he made preparations in advance, he would be too embarrassed to let him work in vain.

But Xie Ran was completely unmoved, and even a little impatient: “Not looking forward to it.”

With that, he pulled the sleeve held by Fang Huiwang, turned around and left.

This time he could no longer hold back his anger. He had been acting patiently in front of Xie Ran for a while and felt he had made enough gestures.

Xie Ran obviously wanted to get back together with him, but unexpectedly with the foot at the door, he paused again.

Fang Huiwang sneered in his heart. Despite the fact that it was always him who pursued Xie Ran, between him and Xie Ran, he had always been the leader of this relationship.

Ten years ago, he dumped Xie Ran first. Now, ten years later, with just little effort, Xie Ran dizzily agreed to share a stage with him.

Maybe he was too kind to Xie Ran during this period of time that he had the illusion that he could act willfully.

“Xiao Ran.” Fang Huiwang called in a calm voice with a very sullen tone: “Have you thought this through? It’s not easy for the two of us to get to today. I really want to get back together with you. If you leave like this today, I will be very sad and disappointed…. I don’t know if I can keep going.”

He said this in order to retreat, on the one hand, complaining that Xie Ran was not in a close relationship with him and on the other, suggesting that if Xie Ran just walked away today, he might not continue to chase after Xie Ran again.

He wanted to let Xie Ran know that his patience was also limited. Although he begged to get back together first, it could not be casually handled by Xie Ran.

If Xie Ran did not want to get rid of him completely, he must know how to let go.

Fang Huiwang said this with his eyes fixed on Xie Ran, waiting for him to panic, and then compromise.

He didn’t believe that Xie Ran would dare to risk losing him completely and continue to put on airs.

But the other party’s reaction was different from what he expected. Xie Ran did not appear to panic like he expected. He only gently pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers, looking very sleepy. His voice with a rare hint of laziness: “I know, don’t force it if you can’t stick to it.”

He sounded very relaxed.

Fang Huiwang “???”

Fang Huiwang’s heart suddenly shook.

Didn’t Xie Ran care at all? Didn’t he fear it?

For a long time, Fang Huiwang felt that he had a good grasp of Xie Ran’s character. Whether it was the former break-up or getting back together now, everything was progressing steadily according to his plan.

But at this time, looking at Xie Ran’s indifference, it suddenly gave birth to a trace of uncertainty as well as… never felt a sense of panic.

If Xie Ran really doesn’t want to get back together, what should he do?

Fang Huiwang found that he never thought of this possibility, let alone how to face it.

Because he was too stunned, Fang Huiwang forgot how to speak for a moment and only looked dully at Xie Ran, who was already walking away.

But after two steps, Xie Ran stopped, suddenly looking back at him: “Right…”

Fang Huiwang’s spirit instantly lifted.

Xe Ran already regretted it, didn’t he? In the final analysis, he also wanted to get back together.

Fang Huiwang sneered in his heart but put a serious expression on his face, intending to give Xie Ran a little lesson in turn to let him know that he was not so easy to handle.

Xie Ran then said: “Don’t ever call me Xiao Ran again.”

Fang Huiwang subconsciously asked: “What do you want me to call you?”

Xie Ran spewed two words without expression: “Boss Xie.”

Fang Huiwang: “……”

Fang Huiwang: “???”


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