DOASCC – Chapter 35.2 – Couple Quest

His wife, Yan Xiaowu, stayed on Penglai Island, where Yang Xianyun was imprisoned, she and Yang Xianyun’s villain brother confronted each other from time to time. This jade pendant was the betrothal token of love between the couple, but later this jade pendant was lost among the people.

According to the normal course of the game, this jade pendant was  an important quest prop which would be circulated in the hands of multiple players until a player has established enough contact with NPC to gain the trust of NPC. Only then would the NPC activate the hidden quest.

Naturally, the quest planner did not expect that someone would snatch the jade pendant directly from the big boss’ hands and open this side quest in advance by mistake.

Xie Ran didn’t know that the quest planner’s heart was broken at this moment, as he just looked at the quest and said unquestionably: “Then let’s continue with the quest.”

Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan teleported to Penglai Island where Yan Xianyun was located through a teleportation point. There were many wild monsters on Penglai Island, there were also many exotic flowers and herbs that could not be found elsewhere, making it a sacred place to pick medicine and cultivate. There were many players on the island.

Xie Ran guided by Meng Feixuan navigation system, smoothly came to the hut where Yan Xiaowu lived. Coincidentally, when they arrived, there were two acquaintances standing outside the hut.

Since Jian Jingsheng just agreed to the pursuit of Fu Guang, Fu Guang was full of joy and pulled him to do love quests. Yan Xiaowu was exactly the place of the quest but he did not expect to actually run into Xie Dafang and his adulterer here.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion but Jian Jingsheng always felt that since Xie Dafang escaped from the marriage, his temperament greatly changed. Now seeing him again, it was difficult to find Yin Luyan’s shadow in him.

But seeing him Jian Jingsheng was unable to control himself and paid attention to him not being able to control his own resentment.

He couldn’t swallow the thought that when he was thinking that he was using Xie Dafnag as stand-in, in the end he was also the other person’s backup.

However, even if Jian Jingsheng’s heart went through the unpredictable changes, he still suppressed his temper on the surface.

But Fu Guang was not as patient as he was, his hatred for Xie Dafang was also even greater. But at this time he was finally able to interact with the person he had liked for a long time so he inevitably felt a little smug as he sneered at Xie Dafang: “What? You are also here to do the love mission?”

Xie Ran only glanced at him briefly, not paying much attention to him as he knocked on the door of the hut.

Fu Guang could not help but be furious: “What is your attitude ……”

At this time the door of the hut opened and a middle-aged woman came out, “Who is it?” This was Yan Xiaowu.

She was also one of the strongest bosses in the game, Fu Guang afraid of offending her hurriedly stopped his next words.

Yan Xiaowu looked at several people outside the door, then her eyes fell on Xie Ran and Jian Jingsheng as she said in a familiar tone: “Jian Jingsheng, Xie Dafang,  haven’t seen you for a long time, but aren’t you already married? What’s the point of coming here today? “

Xie Ran at this moment remembered that the original body owner and Jian Jingsheng also came to see Yan Xiaowu to receive the couple’s quest. To get married you needed high enough affection points and a certain number of love quests completed.

Jing Jingsheng also remembered this, he still remembered that at that time Xie Dafang showed deep affection for him so even Yan Xiaowu was quite touched.

Jing Jingsheng became more and more unwilling to see him.

Fu Guang who was afraid that Jing Jingsheng’s love for Xie Dafang would rekindle said nervously: “No, they have broken up. Now I am with Jing Jingsheng, and we are going to get married.”

As he spoke, he took Jing Jingsheng hand and gave Xie Dafang a provocative look.

“Is that so?” Yan Xiaowu seemed very surprised so her tone was also quite regretful: ”I still remember seeing Jing Jingsheng and Xie Dafang falling in love with each other, traveling together through the phantom realm of acacia, but in the twinkling of an eye …”

Acacia realm was a very famous love quest in the Bright Moon River Lake, which was very difficult and required both sides to have strong strength and very high tacit understanding. At that time, Jing Jingsheng and Xie Dafang also appeared on the World Channel through this quest, attracting a lot of envy.

Jing Jingsheng: “…” Damn, don’t say it, everything is fake!

His feelings for Xie Dafang were fake, but Xie Dafang feelings for him were even more fake!!! In retrospect, the two of them simply relied on their acting skills to live in the illusion of love.

Fu Guang who also remembered this matter immediately felt a burst of displeasure in his heart so he said angrily: “You have been deceived by Xie Dafang, he fell in love with this adulterer and killed Jing Jingsheng.”

Anyone who took this quest knew that Yan Xiaowu was deeply in love with her husband, but she was forced to separate from him so she deeply hated those who do not cherish their feelings.

Sure enough, when Yan Xiaowu heard this, the look in her eyes when she looked at Xie Ran changed: “I did not expect you to be such a person ……”

Xie Ran didn’t react but Meng Feixuan who became dissatisfied said: “Auntie, the times have long changed. Now we are all free to fall in love so why can’t we break up either? I think you should update the concept!”

Yan Xiaowu: “…”

Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang: “…”

Yan Xiaowu become so angry that she no longer wanted to speak, turning to Jing Jingsheng and Fu Guang she looked a little more sympathetic: “Originally, one could not enter Acacia realm twice but since Jing Jingsheng suffered such misfortune I will make an exception.”… “

Fu Guang was  overjoyed when he heard her words, Acacia realm was a special quest so a person could only enter it once. That was why he was very upset to see that Jing Jingsheng had already done it once with Xie Dafang before. But now that Yan Xiaowu estimated that Xie Dafang was an adulterer she became angry enough to actually be willing to make an exception. Fu Guang hurriedly said: “Thank you, Yan Xia…”

Meng Feixuan, seeing the situation, was not willing to lag behind and raised his hand: “Then my husband and I also want to do the love quest.”

Xie Ran turned to look at him, Meng Feixuan with a clenched fist and face burning with fighting spirit said: “Sir, you can’t lose!”

Xie Ran: “…”

Yan Xiaowu with a stiff expression said coldly: “Xie Dafang changed his mind and killed his former lover. I will not let him enter the Acacia realm again…”

Before she had finished her words, she saw Meng Feixuan take out a jade pendant: “Are you sure?”

Yan Xiaowu’s face changed abruptly as she spoke in shock: “This is Yang Xianyun jade pendant.”

“Right.” Meng Feixuang nodded and threatened in a decent manner: “Say, will you issue the quest or not?”

Xie Ran had to remind him: “Don’t learn that attitude.”

“Oh.” Meng Feixuan readily accepted good advice and putting on a smile on his face he reasked politely: “Miss Yan, will you issue the quest?”

Yan Xiaowu: “…”

Others: “…”

It was the first time that Yan Xiaowu was threatened by a player, but there was nothing she could do about it. She thought about it for a while, then her expression finally relaxed and said: “”Okay, I will issue you a quest but the Acacia realm can only be opened once a day. Since I just gave it to Jing Jingsheng, I can’t open it for the second time today. How about this, you guys head to the sea mountain cliff and unlock a chess game for me and save my husband.”

Ding, system prompt sounded, player Xie Dafang received the quest – Treasured Chess Game.

Fu Guang almost laughed on the spot when he heard the words of Yan Xiaowu.

Penglai island, sea mountain cliff treasured chess game was the ultimate love quest in the Bright Moon River Lake. Solving the treasured chess game could open the imprisonment of Yang Xianyun, so that Yang Xianyun and Yan Xiaowu could have a husband and wife reunion but no one has passed it so far.

This quest was also the game company’s showpiece, it was said to be the most advanced artificial intelligence technology that designed this chess game. Many chess masters have specially registered in the game just for this chess game but in the end all failed.

Because of this, the planner was often flogged on the forum, but the game company did not change the difficulty of the task. Instead there was an announcement that the first person who could pass Treasured Chess Game in addition to getting quest reward would also receive an additional bonus of one million which was heavily publicized.

Yan Xiaowu gave Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan Treasured Chess Game quest, it was obvious that she was angry and deliberately wanted to make things difficult for them.

Xie Dafang has been playing the game for several years so Xie Ran naturally knew what it means to get the Treasure Chess Game quest.

Fu Guang looked at Xie Dafang with a smirk, waiting for him to show a look of desperation.

Jian Jingsheng also glanced coldly at him but as result Xie Dafang who could only give up the love quest felt inexplicably better.

Then they saw Xie Dafang reply indifferently: “Okay.”

His little wolf dog even laughed loudly: “Sir, I can make money again! I’ll play chess to support you!”


The author has something to say:

Mark: Sir, I stole a bike to support you!

Boss Xie: How did you steal it?

Mark: (deep in thought) First you install an autopilot system for the bike…


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