DOASCC – Chapter 32.2 – The First Master Of “Bright Moon River Lake”

They guessed correctly just now as the guards of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon suddenly led the horses out, it was indeed the owner of the sect that was going out. Only that the owner was not Fang Muhao, but …… Boss Xie.

Xie Ran in his original world was the president of Zhuzi Technology and was proficient in a variety of high-end social skills, horsemanship was one of them so at this time he casually took the reins handed over by the guard and put his foot on the stirrups before leaping up to sit on the saddle.

His beautiful movement attracted stares from people around.

Jian Jingsheng also couldn’t help but look at him, only to see Xie Dafang sitting high on his horse with straight waist he looked very indifferent and naturally showed the temperament of arrogance.

It was like he was reborn overnight.

Noticing this, Jian Jingsheng unconsciously gritted his teeth and reluctantly looked to the side, if it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of the adulterer, Xie Dafang would be now married to him.’

But after taking another look his mood became a little better. He saw that the adulterer also tried to step on the stirrup but couldn’t coordinate his hands and feet so he looked at the horse with a wretched look.

Jian Jingsheng sneered and waited to see him make a fool of himself in public.

Xie Ran who also noticed Meng Feixuan situation, asked: “You can’t ride a horde?”

“I obviously downloaded a whole set of horse riding training manuals!” Meng Feixuan said indignantly, “I’m sure my system has learned it.”

Xie Ran: “Practice and theory are two different things, and it seems that this truth is universal even for AI.”

He then paused for a moment and added: “Come to me.”

Meng Feixuan was momentarily puzzled, but then still instinctively walked over.

Xie Ran towered height above in the saddle, covering Meng Feixuan in the shadow.

The teenager looked up at him, Meng Feixuan modeling was perfect and his eyes were even more animated than the real human. His clear pupils reflected the shadow of Xie Ran game image, shining with enthusiasm and expectation.

Xie Ran thought that in the future, his system would probably have a clear image in his mind.

He slightly bent downward and with one hand reached out to the other person: “Hold me.”

“Alright.” Meng Feixuan seemed a little surprised. First he froze, then showed a big smile before grabbing Xie Ran hand and sitting behind him. Then he wrapped one hand around Xie Ran waist and pressed his chin slightly against Xie Ran shoulder: “Sir, I sit firmly.”

Xie Ran looked at the hand on his waist, the teenager’s fingers were long and slender but Xie Ran was sure that his action was not planned.

He was about to speak when Meng Feixuan suddenly became forceful. Xie Ran naturally fell into his arms, feeling it was very strange but not annoying.

Xie Ran unconsciously smiled .

This scene unobtrusively fell in the eyes of the surrounding players, everyone’s expression instantly became gossipy again. Then looked at Jian Jingsheng who tried to comfort Xie Ran before.

Everyone’s face showed the same news.

Green! So green! He wore his green hat all the way to his neck!

Seeing Jian Jingsheng looking at the scene in astonished, he only felt that the nightmare of his wedding day seemed to be repeated again.

The plot also seemed to be richer this time, before Xie Ran spurred his horse away, Meng Feixiang loudly explained to Fang Muhao: “By the way, if in the future Dynasty Smoke Pavilion members come to the mountain village to receive tasks we should charge a fee.”

Dynasty Smoke Pavilion people: ???!!!


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