DOASCC – Chapter 31.2 – Real BOSS

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He skillfully used his search system to retrieve information and immediately became furious: “Sir, the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion has the audacity to actually dare to issue a wanted order on us.”

It turned out that just now, the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion posted an announcement on the world channel, in order to avenge the murdered members of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, they issued a wanted notice for Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan in the entire “Bright Moon River Lake” and any player who would report the location of both Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan would receive a bounty. At the same time, all players were asked to avoid dealing with them as much as possible to avoid possible injuries.

The meaning of this announcement was very clear, that the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion not only would seek revenge on Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan but would also isolate them which was basically forcing them to withdraw from playing the game.

This kind of practice couldn’t be said to be uncommon in the game, but it was still really rare for such a big association like Dynasty Smoke Pavilion to send it out.

Although the reason used by the smoke pavilion sounded grand, the real reason was well known to everyone.

Meng Feixuan relayed forum comments: “Xie Dafang put on a green hat on Jian Jingsheng so if Jian Jingsheng won’t force him to come back or quit the game his head will never be washed off’.”

Xie Ran automatically blocked the forum, only saying: “Not necessarily, but I think they are trying to rationalize their behavior.”

The Dynasty Smoke Pavilion was so impatient to make a move, it was more likely due to fear of being beaten by others. Making such a big move was not just to take off the green hat.

Meng Feixuan said with some regret: “The encryption program of the server of this game is quite advanced, otherwise I would hack it and delete the data of the whole Dynasty Smoke Pavilion directly.

Of course he just said it casually, even if he hacked into it he couldn’t really do anything. Not to mention that his core ethical principles did not allow it, in case of being discovered, the consequences to Xie Ran would also be endless.

“There’s no need.” Xie Ran smiled: “There is a more reasonable solution.”

Fallen Light City Zhulu mountain Sect.

The world of “Bright Moon River Lake” had several system sects and like most games, after players leave the novice village you have to go to one of the main sects to meet NPCs to learn professions and receive game tasks. Even casual players needed to deal with these sects from time to time so the main sect had a large number of players going in and out every day.

Zhulu mountain sect was one of the largest sects in the “Bright Moon River Lake” system and it’s owner Fang Muhao was a famous hermaphrodite in the game. In the game materials this person was introduced as leader of the righteous path of the “Bright Moon River Lake” and on the surface he was highly skilled in martial arts, elegant and highly respected by all factions. But in fact, in private he was narrow-minded, calculating and very ruthless.

Spare that it was one of the largest sects in the game, there were still many players who come over to pay homage to the master every day and everyone was very careful when talking to Fang Muhao to not offend him.

Seeing Jian Jingsheng led several people from Dynasty Smoke Pavillon to the outside of Fallen Light City and rush toward Zhulu mountain Sect a stakeout came up to report: “Sect Master, you’ve finally arrived.”

Fu Guang took a look at Zhulu mountain Sect and asked, “Is it true that Xie Dafang is inside?”

“Yes.” The man nodded: “The person who broke the news said he and his adulterous husband went in yesterday and haven’t come out yet.”

Jian Jingsheng frowned slightly when he heard the words. The news came yesterday, but he was not in the game at that time, so he received the news only now. But since Xie Dafang entered Zhulu mountain Sect yesterday, why hadn’t he come out yet?

Whenever he came here to learn a skill or take up tasks, he couldn’t stay for very long.

Fu Guang hearing it laughed “haha”: “He can’t be hiding in Zhulu mountain Sect all this time, thinking we can’t deal with him here, right?”

Some players in the game temporarily hid in NPC sects when they were being chased because if they were lucky, they may attract some NPC to protect them.

If it was out of this consideration, Zhulu mountain Sect was indeed a good choice because the boss Fang Muhao was so small-minded that most players wouldn’t dare to make trouble in his territory.

But Xie Dafang was naive if he thought that he could avoid a disaster this way, although they did not dare to make a move in Zhulu mountain Sect they were a guild and not a single person. They could take turns guarding the outside of the sect and Xie Dafang couldn’t possibly stay inside Zhulu mountain Sect for the rest of his life.

But Jian Jingsheng did not have much patience, seeing the situation his eyes narrowed slightly as he looked gloomily at Zhulu mountain Sect where, as usual, it was crowded with players who came to pay homage to teachers and take quest, it was very lively.

Jian Jingsheng said: “Who in our guild is the disciple of Zhulu mountain Sect? Find them and ask them to keep a low profile as they search for Xie Dafang.”

Fu Guang  nodded: “Good.”

He was about to call out in the guild channel when suddenly a sound of horses came from the direction of the Zhulu mountain Sect, they looked at the sound and saw that the closed gate of the Zhulu mountain Sect that had been closed for thousands of years had been opened, and two NPC guards came out from the gate with two horses.

Fu Guang was so happy to see this that he said: “Could it be that Fang Muhao is going out? Great, it would be more more convenient for us to act if he is not there.”

Seeing this situation Jian Jingsheng mouth corner also couldn’t help but hook up in a cold smile. Heaven was really helping him, Xie Dafang thought hiding in the Zhulu mountain Sect would be safe but what actually happened was that Fang Muhao was going out. Without this small minded BOSS around, if they wanted to catch someone from the mountain village it would become much more easier.

Just then, the person next to him called again: “Xie Dafang is out.”

Jian Jingsheng turned around and sure enough saw a familiar figure coming out of the bustling gate.

Oddly enough, he and Xie Dafang did not see each other only for a short day but when he saw him again he suddenly had a strange feeling.

Obviously Xie Dafang looked no different from the usual, still wearing simple black clothes without any extra decoration. Even for an ordinary casual player he looked ordinary and inconspicuous.

But at this time Xie Dafang looked cold and his whole posture aloof and alienated like Jian Jingsheng has never seen before. When he walked out of the door tall and straight, he suddenly gave birth to a momentum that could not be ignored and the players around him unconsciously made way for him.

Jian Jingsheng fell into a trance as a strange feeling came over him. He was used to looking for Yin Luyan’s shadow in Xie Dafang but at this moment Xie Dafang and Yin Luyan were obviously completely unlike each other but he actually still couldn’t take his eyes from him.

But this feeling did not last long, as Jian Jingsheng’s heart was immediately filled with anger again.

Next to Xie Dafang was clearly yesterday’s adulterer, he was still holding Xie Dafang hand without the slightest intention to avoid suspicion in public.

A few people who came with them from the smoke pavilion also seemed to think of this, as they all subconsciously looked at Jian Jingsheng expression.

His green hat became even greener.

“Xie Dafang!” Fu Guang shouted first: “You finally showed up.”

Xie Ran looked up when he heard the sound but his expression did not change at all. He seemed not surprised by their sudden appearance.

Fu Guang followed by shouting: “Xie Dafang,  yesterday we were caught off guard so we just let you two run away but today you will not be so lucky.”

At this time, the surrounding players also noticed their movement, since Jian Jingsheng and Fu Guang were both celebrities in the game and behind them stood people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, so everyone took a look and guessed what was going on.

The players hurriedly moved away for fear of being affected by them, and soon, an open space was spontaneously cleared between Jian Jingsheng and Xie Ran.

The crowd was watching from afar while gossiping and whispering.

“So he is Xie Dafang ah, no wonder the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion is so excited!”

“Then he’s miserable. I heard that Dynasty Smoke Pavillon plans to kill him until he quits the game.”

“That’s perfectly normal. If I was Jian Jingsheng I also wouldn’t let him go.”

“No, if I were him, I would directly sell my account. I heard that even his game friends don’t dare to help him now. There are so many people in the Dynasty Smoke Pavillon so if they want to squeeze him to death it’s the same as squeezing an ant. What other game experience can he have?”

The Dynasty Smoke Pavilion was famous so Fu Guang was not afraid of being pointed out so seeing the situation he felt a little proud and just laughed coldly saying: “Xie Dafang, this is what you were asking for, don’t blame us for bullying people.”

He was inwardly disgusted with Xie Dafang that he stared at him waiting  for him to show a look of fear.

But Xie Ran still looked indifferent, seemingly not taking his words to heart at all.

Rather, the teenager next to him suddenly changed his expression and became… abnormal?

Fu Guang: ?

Xie Ran also noticed Meng Feixuan’s strange smile and asked: “What are you doing?”

“A wicked smile ah.” Meng Feixiang kept smiling abnormally: “I just learned it from the game’s source book, it’s the big boss exclusive expression.”

Xie Ran: “….”

His system had learned something strange again.

Fu Guang suspected that he had been mocked so he immediately became annoyed: “It seems that you don’t know how to write your last words without giving them some flavor.”

As soon as he waved his hand, the two members of the smoke pavilion immediately drew their weapons and were about to rush over.

Just then, Meng Feixuan also suddenly waved his hand and called out: “Fang Muhao, come out to work now.”

Due to his words the crowd’s faces became blurry as they saw Fang Muhao the lord of Zhulu mountain Sect and the Big boss or righteous path fly out of the sect with swish and land in front of Xie Dafang.

Immediately afterwards, Fang Muhao bowed respectfully to Xie Dafang and asked: “Boss Xie, what can I do for you?”

Players around:?

People from the Smoke Pavilion: ????

Jian Jingsheng and Fu Guang: ????!!!


The author has something to say: Mark: Evil smile.

Others: He looks so abnormal!


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